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Mobile phone contract for students under the age of 18 – What are the mobile phone tariff options??

There is hardly a teenager under the age of 18 who does not have a smartphone. Here, parents are often asked to find a suitable mobile phone tariff for their protégé. We looked at different cell phone tariff variants and the options for children / schoolchildren under 18 to get a new smartphone with a suitable cell phone tariff.

Almost every child has their own mobile phone, and it is not without reason that a cell phone is one of the most used items in everyday life. In the meantime, the cell phone is not only used for making calls, but mainly for surfing. Since adolescents are generally short on cash, it is not so easy to find a good and cheap mobile phone contract for adolescents. But with a good strategy and patience you can still make great bargains.

Until recently, the students mainly used prepaid tariffs. But since there have been cell phone contracts for schoolchildren, the trend has been moving in this direction. With all the possibilities on the mobile phone market, parents and children should sit down and talk about what the young people think of a real mobile phone contract. This will make it easier for young people to find a suitable mobile phone tariff.

The ideal cell phone contract for children and teenagers does not have to be expensive!

To find the right offer, you should first consider what the tariff should include. Is the cell phone only used for making calls? Are text messages also sent? Do I need mobile internet? These are all important questions that should be answered in advance. Another important point is cost control, because not only the telephone bill can drive up costs quickly, in-app purchases can also significantly increase costs. There are very good cell phone contracts under 20 euros a month, even with a smartphone, if you can still choose the young people options there are strong discounts!

Mobile operators usually offer special offers for young people and children. In the past, these special models were mostly not very popular because they often represented simple prepaid tariffs with additional options and overpriced prices. However, the providers have now also passed on family tariffs with additional mobile phone cards for young people and children. In addition, you can often book additional cards at existing tariffs such as a cheap AllNet flat rate. The advantage is that there is no extra tariff for the child. The disadvantage of this is that you cannot spontaneously respond to usage behavior.

Young people tariff: What parents should pay attention to when graduating?

A prepaid card is a good and popular way to start your way into the smartphone world. The parent or the young person can top up the card monthly and use the credit. Prepaid mobile phone tariffs are also very common among young people and are a good model for minors. The advantage of this option is that only the money that you have loaded in advance is used up. If the credit has expired, there are no additional costs. In addition, there are no obligations with a prepaid card. This enables parents and children to respond to their own usage behavior.

But a tariff with a contract is also a successful solution for using the smartphone. However, it is advisable to choose mobile phone contract models with a one-month contract term. This leaves flexibility, which is also necessary, because usage behavior can fluctuate greatly among young people. With younger children it is important that the device is set up correctly at the beginning. Parents should make sure that the child cannot download expensive apps. In general, parents should also make sure that only content can be seen and used that is tailored to the age of the children and students. This of course also applies to messenger and social networks: Tips for using social networks and messengers from klicksafe (the EU initiative for more security on the net).

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