The child’s educational setting was the biggest factor in how often bullying occurred. Children with Asperger syndrome tended to have the highest rates of bullying because they were more likely to usually develop peers.

The study shows that 63 percent of children with ASD have been bullied at some point in their lives. These children sometimes become deliberate "triggered in a breakdown or aggressive outbursts by colleagues".

"These survey results show that the urgent need to raise awareness, influence school policies and provide effective strategies for dealing with bullying, families and children", said Dr. Paul Law, director of the Interactive Autism Network Project at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. "We hope that this research will help fight bullying helps parents, politicians and educators understand the extent of this problem in the autism community and be willing to intervene."

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The head glows, the eyes are glassy and you suffer from chills: these are the classic signs of fever. But when do you actually speak of a fever and when is the temperature only slightly elevated?

We all know the typical symptoms of fever. But what is the cause of the increased body temperature? Fever is a typical accompanying symptom of colds and is particularly common in children. The alarm bells usually ring in adults – because fever is dangerous!

That’s not true, though. Fever is a normal defensive reaction of the body to the penetration of bacilli. If an infection occurs, the body raises the temperature to strengthen the immune system.

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In order to give needy people access to hearing medical care, the Hear the World Foundation & HearX is testing children’s hearing with an app.

One of South Africa’s biggest problems continues to be the huge gap between rich and poor and the lack of access to health care for those in need. To close this gap, the Hear the World Foundation is working closely with the HearX Group, which has developed an app that lay people can use to perform hearing screening. The aim of the project is to test 10,000 children by early 2019. Hear the World also donates hearing aids to children who have been identified as suffering from hearing loss.

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Display This post is supported by FruchtZwerge.endlich! After it actually snowed on Easter Sunday, we rang in spring on Tuesday. Suddenly it was almost 20 degrees outside, which we had to take advantage of immediately after such a long winter. Quickly we packed a few things, grabbed our bikes and drove straight on. We stopped at the edge of the forest and made ourselves comfortable with a small picnic. You can’t imagine how happy I was about the warm rays of sunshine in my face. In the hope that this was just one of many spontaneous trips this year, I have put together a list for quick snacks for children.

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The clean sandy beaches along New England’s 9,650 km coastline have always been popular with locals and visitors from all over the world. And who wouldn’t enjoy fresh lobster on a lobster shack, fried clams and homemade ice cream on a long, hot summer’s day? Once you’ve had a beach holiday in New England, you’re guaranteed to come back!


Connecticut has a lot to offer in midsummer: Beaches, bays and boats. And not to forget Lobster Shacks. Some of the state’s most beautiful beaches are in the south, not so far from New York, including East Norwalks Calf Pasture Beach, where British troops landed during the Revolution. Today it is more peaceful and relaxing. A little to the east is Westport’s Sherwood Island State Park, Connecticut’s first state park. If you’re looking for a bit of power, drive to Compo Beach in Westport. There are basketball and beach volleyball fields, but there are also picnic areas with barbecues.

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Martina Feichter studied biology in Innsbruck with an elective in pharmacy and also immersed herself in the world of medicinal plants. From there it was not far to other medical topics that fascinate her to this day. She trained as a journalist at the Axel Springer Academy in Hamburg and has been working for NetDoktor since 2007.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) is the name given to involuntary grinding and pressing of the rows of teeth together without this serving any purpose – such as chewing. Teeth grinding usually occurs during sleep. Possible cause is stress, for example. Teeth grinding can cause pain and severe tooth damage. Here you can read everything you need to know about the causes and treatment options for grinding teeth.

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Barcelona has over 80 museums. Without a doubt, there is a lot to see and discover in all of them, but I am sure that none is as much fun as the CosmoCaixa. Here everyone from young to old can learn a lot about natural sciences, try out many things for themselves and even experience a tropical rain shower. The CosmoCaixa impresses not only with its range of information and activities, but also with its size and reasonable prices. Try it out is definitely not only something for children, but an experience for the whole family.

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This holiday home is located in a location that should not exist again in Germany on the Baltic Sea, practically surrounded by water from all sides. Between Schlei, the harbour basin and the Baltic Sea…

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The cottage is situated directly (!) on the beach – this borders only 10 m from the terrace directly to the property! And also the house itself can come up with superlatives – generous 93 square meter living space on 3 floors promise a nature near vacation in first water line: The approx. 28 square meter large living, dining and kitchen area and a guest toilet in the ground floor, a bedroom with double bed, a bedroom with two single beds and the bath in the 1st upper floor as well as the studio with the large window surfaces in the 2nd upper floor offer together with a comfortable sleep couch in the living room sufficient place for up to 6 persons. The own sauna with a view of the beach and the Baltic Sea on the 2nd floor, a whirlpool in the bathroom as well as the fireplace in the studio make this exclusive holiday home usable in practically every season! Other special features such as the cosy wooden terrace on the ground floor with its own small garden, a balcony in the bedroom and especially the large roof terrace with a fantastic panoramic view from the Kieler Förde to the Danish island of Ærø (pronounced: Ärö) guarantee a very special Baltic holiday …

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When you travel with small children, you have your own special demands. You don’t need the best tips for going out, but maybe you’d rather know if you can find a taxi with a child seat, where you can spend the day with children or if there are sunshades on the beach! Here I have collected our worth knowing tips for Dubai with small children, which you simply MUST know for visiting Dubai with small children.

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