Professional teeth cleaning in the practice clinic nilius

Professional teeth cleaning in the practice clinic nilius

Parodontosis prophylaxis through professional teeth cleaning

Protect yourself from chronic gingivitis (periodontitis), which can damage the periodontium by bone loss and is often caused by deposits and deposits. Prevent an acute inflammation from breaking out again by regularly having a professional dental cleaning (PZR) done by us at Praxisklinik Nilius in Dortmund. The regular performance of a professional tooth cleaning helps to protect your teeth from diseases and is an important part of the periodontal disease prophylaxis. It supplements your daily dental care effectively and serves the tooth preservation. The PZR cleans the interdental spaces that are difficult or impossible to reach with a toothbrush or floss at home, as well as the periodontal pockets.

An estimated 80 percent of the population suffer from periodontal disease nationwide. Numerous bacteria settle in the oral cavity and cause tartar to form over time. Act against the training by preventing the development process by a professional tooth cleaning. Another positive side effect is that by loosening deposits, your teeth will shine brighter again in their natural color. Reward yourself by the regular prophylaxis with aesthetically pleasing natural shine.

Professional teeth cleaning removes deposits

At your appointment for professional teeth cleaning, we first check which type of plaque it is and to what extent it is present. Your specific oral cavity situation, such as the presence of periodontal pockets, determines our further procedure, with the help of ultrasound and hand instruments pads are dissolved and removed. For example, the so-called deep scaling method makes it possible to remove tartar below the edge of the gum line. Persistent discolorations, caused for example by caffeine or nicotine, can then be gently treated with a jet of powder consisting of water, air and a cleaning powder.

After a professional cleaning of the teeth, you immediately feel with your tongue how pleasantly smooth the tooth surfaces are, which additionally enhances your personal protection. On this structure, new deposits are difficult to fix, so finally the tooth surfaces are polished with a fluoride-containing paste applied to a rotating brush. The fluoride sealant strengthens your enamel, increases the protection of your teeth and is an effective caries and periodontal disease prophylaxis.

Regular periodontal prophylaxis by PZR

For a lasting, effective protection, we recommend having the PZR run twice a year. If your risk of periodontal disease is increased, the PZR may be performed at shorter intervals. People of advanced age should pay more attention to their dental care due to medication intake, altered metabolism and the natural decline of the gums. Check with your health insurance company if you are subsidizing the effective prophylactic measure to avoid tooth loss caused by periodontal disease. The cost of a professional teeth cleaning varies depending on the condition of your teeth and the resulting effort.

Miss Dr. and Dr. Dr. Nilius will be pleased to advise you individually about the optimal daily dental care for you, which of course remains indispensable. Together with us, you can create the ideal conditions for your beautiful and natural teeth to accompany you for as long as possible through optimal dental care.

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