Sportswear test & comparison 2020 • find product now!

Sportswear test & comparison 2020 • find product now!

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Sport is important to keep the body healthy and fit. Regardless of whether jogging in the park or tennis in a club, for many Germans, sporting activity is primarily the perfect balance to everyday life: This was the result of a survey conducted in August 2016 on the reasons for practicing sporting activities.

The most important thing in sportswear: functionality

Before you can sweat, you need the right equipment for many sports. In addition to rackets, balls and other equipment, the right clothing also plays an important role. Our editors therefore took a closer look at various types of sports and fitness clothing. You will find in our comparisons the best tracksuits, breathable socks and sports bras and the right accessories for the most common outdoor sports. You will also learn what you should pay particular attention to when buying.

No matter if you are a passionate hiker, a passionate skier or an ambitious boxer: every sport requires the right equipment. When choosing sportswear for men or women, similar criteria apply to sportswear for children: The material of the shirts, shorts and jackets should be temperature-regulating, breathable and skin-friendly.

Of course, choosing the right footwear for training is also important. We therefore recommend that you take a look at our category "Sports Shoes" to throw.

In winter, special heat protection is required – even when doing sports

A special category of sporting goods is sports clothing for winter sports. Anyone who practices outdoor fitness in winter needs warming sports fashion so as not to overcool yourself. Especially the extremities such as hands and feet freeze faster than the rest of the body and must be kept particularly warm.

If you want to enjoy your sports clothes for a long time, you often use branded sportswear and you are not wrong: men’s and women’s fitness clothing from Adidas or Nike usually does not get out of shape even after repeated washing. Even high-quality running socks from the well-known manufacturers have more convincing cushioning properties when worn in sports shoes and transport moisture better than inexpensive no-name socks.

You can find out which sports clothing is convincing in the practical test and which recommendations the Stiftung Warentest makes for the purchase of sports bras and Co. in our guides.

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