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Pediatric dentistry – prophylaxis and prevention

Children must go to the children’s dentist Dr. Burger and his team are not afraid of treatment!

Thanks to years of experience from Pediatric dentist Dr. Burger from Munich we know that prophylaxis in children is only promising if it is tailored to the individual child. Every child is different and the prophylactic assistant and the dentist must build a basis of trust for everyone. A high degree of flexibility and patience are therefore required of the little patients and the age of the child must always be taken into account. All this care around Pediatric Dentistry we can offer you in our children’s dental practice in Munich – Maxvorstadt.

The right dental care at any age

Kindergarten children enjoy learning and like to implement what they have learned in a playful way. They are particularly proud and happy when they can brush their teeth themselves. However, only schoolchildren are capable of effective dental care, the parents absolutely need to brush up.

In the second to third school year, the children are able to clean their teeth independently. A toothpaste with an increased fluoride content should be used from the age of 7, since the so-called mixed dentition is particularly susceptible to caries.

Adolescents want to be treated like adults, but are significantly more careless when it comes to cleaning their teeth. At this age, it is therefore of particular importance to the teenagers always on the need for flossing, the use of fluoridation jelly and on the right cleaning technique to point. Our pediatric dentist from Munich, Dr. Burger supports families in his practice even in these difficult times.

Pain and fear-free filling therapy

If fillings should be necessary for your children, we can provide partial pain relief in our children’s dental practice in Munich painless anesthetic a anxiety-free treatment to guarantee.

Testimonials about our children’s dental practice

Alexandra H.

My little daughter was always a bit afraid despite some children’s books about dentists. Maybe it was because I was afraid of her reaction and my nervousness affected her. But when we went to the children’s dentist Dr. Burgers were and she had the little cloth kite in her hand, she was very brave and afterwards very proud of her visit to the dentist.

Michaela E.

Our family has been going to Dr. Burger. The children in particular are treated with a lot of care and patience. I am always amazed at how warmly they are dealt with in practice. The little ones like to go to the dentist and are even looking forward to the treatment. In our opinion, Dr. Burger the best pediatric dentist in Munich.

Melanie A.

Our children have been treated by Dr. Burger looked after, our youngest was already in the practice in Munich as a baby. I think that Mr. Burger and his team take great care of the children and also provide great support for the parents. Especially when it comes to dental care for toddlers. Then when my eldest had a hole, she was treated first-class and she said it didn’t hurt at all. Keep it up!

Stefan & Sybille U.

We have detailed from Dr. Let Burger advise you on how we can motivate our children to practice daily dental hygiene. Since we followed his recommendations, our children no longer have any dental problems and we are proud that we can teach our children a healthier lifestyle.

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