Dental implant, bone augmentation, sinus lift?
Your specialist for dental implants in Munich informed.

You want surgery, dentures and dental technology from a single source?
Dr. Schmidt is your dentist for dental implants in Munich.
The modern dental practice for dental implants and bone augmentation enables
the complete implant restoration from minimally invasive maxillofacial surgery to the finished aesthetic and biologically oriented restoration. From the beginning to the finished result from a single source.

The connected operating and anesthetic center enables safe treatment in the event of major interventions or fear of the dentist, even under general anesthesia. Dr. Schmidt, dentist for dental implants in Munich.

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Dental implants Munich

So that you can bite powerfully again!

Lost teeth can now be perfectly replaced with artificial tooth roots (dental implants) and a fixed tooth crown. A bridge for which neighboring teeth bordering on the tooth gap must be ground is thus avoidable. Teeth at risk of breakage can also be relieved by neighboring dental implants. This means that they are retained for significantly longer. Placing a removable prosthesis can also be avoided by placing dental implants. The quality of life is significantly increased by the "firm bite". Dental implants ensure the same chewing behavior as natural, firm teeth. Patients who have problems with loose prostheses can get a secure bite feeling and thus significantly better quality of life with dental implants.

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Dentist fear: We offer pain-free dental treatment in Munich

The dental team around Dr. med. dent. Marc Hausamen, it is a special need that you feel comfortable and in good hands when you visit the dental practice in Arnulfpark in Munich. Many people are afraid of the dentist because, for example, they have had bad experiences. For this reason, we treat our patients very carefully. Do you suffer from fear of the dentist or tooth phobia? Contact our trained specialist staff and let us know about your feelings of fear. You can also do this by phone before your appointment. In this way, we can respond to you individually and discuss in a calm atmosphere how we can make the treatment process as pleasant as possible for you.

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Dr. Kolling, your dentist in the center of Munich

Modern dentistry at the highest level, first-class treatments and comprehensive patient service – this is what characterizes the team of dentists and the dental practice Dr. Kolling out. We make sure that you feel completely comfortable in our practice in the beautiful old hacker house in the middle of Munich’s old town. You will find our dental practice right next to Marienplatz and not far from Sendlinger Tor.

Dr. Kolling Msc. mult. practiced in Munich for over 25 years. The experienced dentist qualified after completing his dentistry studies with additional master’s degrees in the fields of periodontology, implantology and oral surgery. Dr. Kolling regularly undergoes further training at renowned national and international specialist institutes. Whatever dental topic you have – with Dr. Kolling and his colleagues are in expert hands.

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Your dentist in Munich Pasing

Dentist Dr. Lothar von Wittken in Munich Pasing Laim

Main objective of Dental practice dentist Dr. by Wittken in Munich Pasing / Laim is the long-term preservation of teeth and gums at all ages. Our motto is: "Healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime". We have been looking after you for over 30 years Dentist in Munich Pasing.

We are your contact in Munich when it comes to dentistry, Teeth and gums goes. Thanks to our many years of professional experience, we can offer you the best service and the latest methods in the field of dentistry. Not only that, we are also committed to ensuring that we can fulfill your extra wishes and respond to them. Our practice is located on the ground floor and is barrier-free. I answer all your questions about dentistry in detail in my practice on the ground floor. Together we can achieve the best for your teeth.

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Dentist Munich – smileforever

Healthy, beautiful teeth – live better!

Dr. med. dent. Martin Desmyttère M.Sc. M.Sc.
aesthetics specialist.
Master of Science in Oral
Implantology and regenerative and
plastic periodontology.
Specialist in plastic
Oral surgery.

You are looking for an experienced private dentist in Munich and would like a holistic professional dental treatment for healthy, beautiful teeth?

We are a private practice equipped with the latest technologies, which at the same time has a unique feel-good atmosphere and has been delivering top quality for over 25 years. We practice in the fields of aesthetic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, periodontal therapy, biocompatible dentures, veneers, invisalign and orthodontics.

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dental treatment for families, children and adolescents

Our children’s dentist practice in Munich

We have set up the waiting area and the treatment room in our children’s dental practice so that it is a pleasure for your child to visit the dentist.

Our dentists and dental assistants have special expertise and treatment methods in pediatric dentistry.

Our team and our child-friendly dentist practice rooms

Pediatric dentist for families, children and adolescents in Munich North

In our Kinderzahn dental practice in Munich Bogenhausen, dentist A. Aljawad treats your child very gently. The children’s dentist from Munich is supported by dental assistants specially trained for children. Our children’s dental practice is located in Munich Bogenhausen. By the way, Bogenhausen has been around since 768. Back then it was known as Pupinhusir. Our children’s dentist practice in Munich is located at the Arabellapark, the street named in 1964 after the opera Arabella by the Munich composer Richard Strauss.

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Sendling, children's dentist ▷ in Munich

Sendling, children’s dentist, Munich

opening hours

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Sunday Sun. closed
Monday Mon

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"Why are you actually called ‘International practice‘? "

Good question. And it is actually very easy to answer:
First of all, we work with people of different nationalities, with different languages ​​like German, French, Spaniards, Turks, Arabs, Russians …

Second, many of our dear little patients are originally from a wide variety of countries. By the way, what you can see well in the picture. Because these are really the children who are being treated by us.
And thirdly, we just think it’s great to see so many nationalities – and therefore a very interesting, colorful and happy hustle and bustle – in the practice to have. Because: A children’s tooth is a children’s tooth is a children’s tooth.

So then: We warmly welcome you and your child.
Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Benvenuto, Hartelijk welkom, Hos geldeniz, Välcome, Velommen, Bun venit, Boas-vindas, Mile vidziany, Dobrodosli, Tervetuloa, Mire se vini

Company description
“Why should I go with my child to pediatric dentist and not go to my own dentist? ”

You can of course have your child treated by your own dentist. No question.
But there is also the alternative of a specially trained pediatric dentist. Your child is usually looked after by a special pediatrician, because he is simply particularly familiar with the special circumstances in children. And that is comparable in dentistry.

General dentists often refer the little patients to us. Why?
All of our doctors, dental assistants and prophylactic assistants are professionally qualified and, in addition, have been specially trained in psychology to respond individually to each child to create a relaxed atmosphere in which children feel comfortable.
And since the conditions for children’s teeth and the requirements for children are of course very different from those for adults, this makes sense and is understandable.
It is also particularly important to treat children’s teeth the way they deserve – namely, to be particularly gentle and gentle.
Our practice rooms are specially designed for children. They are bright and colorful and have an atmosphere in which children simply feel very comfortable. With us they can run around and be loud, that doesn’t bother anyone here.

Come and have a look and see for yourself.

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Pediatric dentist dental practice in munich bogenhausen north

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Prophylaxis munich, dentist lentrodt, your prophylaxis specialist

Prophylaxis Munich

Professional prophylaxis

"Prevention is better than cure" – that was the saying of the doctor Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland (1762 – 1836). This also includes preventing mouth sores and other dental diseases that can lead to painful and serious health problems.

What is prophylaxis?

With the term prophylaxis we mean all measures that serve to keep the teeth healthy. And on several levels:

Collective prophylaxis can affect all residents of a state if table salt or drinking water is fluoridated across the board as protection against caries. This is not common in Germany.

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Win a Munich trip

Munich trip win

How you win in this competition & you will be able to participate. Weather ✓ Rain radar ✓ Severe weather warning ✓ Pollen level ✓ Water levels ✓ Ski weather ✓ Weather forecast for Germany ✓ – Fake competition: Nico Kovac, coach of FC Bayern Munich. Simply fill out the munich trip win entry form.Details: answer the competition questions and with a little luck you will be the lucky winner of this prize: Each viewer offers a few ostsee tickets for the film watched.

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