Presentation of the children’s dentist practice in munich

dental treatment for families, children and adolescents

Our children’s dentist practice in Munich

We have set up the waiting area and the treatment room in our children’s dental practice so that it is a pleasure for your child to visit the dentist.

Our dentists and dental assistants have special expertise and treatment methods in pediatric dentistry.

Our team and our child-friendly dentist practice rooms

Pediatric dentist for families, children and adolescents in Munich North

In our Kinderzahn dental practice in Munich Bogenhausen, dentist A. Aljawad treats your child very gently. The children’s dentist from Munich is supported by dental assistants specially trained for children. Our children’s dental practice is located in Munich Bogenhausen. By the way, Bogenhausen has been around since 768. Back then it was known as Pupinhusir. Our children’s dentist practice in Munich is located at the Arabellapark, the street named in 1964 after the opera Arabella by the Munich composer Richard Strauss.

Our little patients come from the north of Munich to our children’s dental practice, from Arabella Park and especially from the boroughs of Bogenhausen, Oberföhring, Daglfing, Denning, Englschalking, Johanneskirchen, Zamdorf and Steinhausen.

If you visit the children‘s dental practice in Munich, you need about 12 minutes by car from Oberföhring. (6.6 km) You need 7 minutes from Daglfing, 9 minutes from Denning, 5 minutes from Englschalking, 8 minutes from Johanneskirchen, 8 minutes from Zamdorf and only about 11 minutes from Steinhausen. As you can see, our Munich children’s dental practice is very centrally located in the north of Munich and therefore you only have a short journey to reach our tooth brushing school or our children’s dental practice.

About Munich Bogenhausen

Munich Bogenhausen is one of the wealthy residential areas in Munich and is also known as Munich District 13. Due to its many old beautiful villas, the Munich district of Bogenhausen has very high property prices. Bogenhausen became very well known on August 25, 1805, when the Bogenhausen Treaty between France and the Electorate of Bavaria was concluded in what is today the Federal Finance Court. What created the Kingdom of Bavaria. In 1892 Bogenhausen was incorporated into Munich and since 1950 the Federal Finance Court has been based in Fleischerschlösschen, where the contract with France was concluded at the time. Despite being incorporated into Munich, you can still see the old town center of Bogenhausen at the old parish church of St. Georg. The Prinzregentenstrasse in particular has shaped the image of Bogenhausen to this day.

Our pediatric dentist practice is located at Rosenkavalierplatz in Munich Bogenhausen. Parking on the street is possible at any time. Nearby are the Arabella skyscraper, The Westin Grand Munich Hotel, the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care, and Richard Strauss Straße, Englschalkinger Straße, Araballastraße and Denninger Straße in Munich.

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