Supplementary health insurance for your child, check24

Supplementary health insurance for your child, check24

Supplementary health insurance for your child

Supplementary health insurance for your child is recommended if you want to expand the scope of benefits provided by the statutory health insurance companies. This ensures that your child receives the best possible care in an emergency.

You can choose the areas in which you would like additional care for your child and compile the insurance cover individually as required. There are five main types of supplementary health insurance:

  • for dental treatment (supplementary dental insurance)
  • for hospital stays (supplementary hospital insurance)
  • for alternative medical treatments (alternative practitioner insurance)
  • for visual aids (supplementary glasses insurance)
  • for costs in the case of care (private supplementary care insurance)

Supplementary dental insurance for children

Supplementary dental insurance for children should primarily cover the costs of orthodontic treatments. Because many children and adolescents have a malalignment of their teeth that has to be costly corrected. However, statutory health insurance only pays for serious malpositions – and then usually only the cheapest solution. If you would like your child to have a slight malposition of the teeth removed or a modern treatment method to be used, you would have to pay for this yourself. If you have additional dental insurance, this covers up to 100 percent of the additional costs for the orthodontist.

Supplementary hospital insurance for children

If your child has to be treated as an inpatient, additional hospital insurance will provide the best possible care. Your child will be accommodated in a 1 or 2-bed room and treated in your desired hospital by a doctor of your choice – for example, by a designated specialist or the chief doctor personally.

Some tariffs also cover “rooming in”. Here, one parent is admitted to the hospital together with the child. You can then spend the night with your child in the hospital room or at least in the immediate vicinity.

Additional practitioner insurance for children

If you would like your child to be able to use alternative medicine methods in the event of health problems, a supplementary alternative practitioner insurance is available. You will receive grants for treatment by a naturopath or naturopathic doctor up to a fixed maximum rate – for example for acupuncture, homeopathy or bioenergetic procedures.

Additional glasses insurance for children

Statutory health insurance pays a fixed amount for glasses for children and adolescents up to the age of 18. However, you have to bear the additional costs for eyeglass frames, special glasses or contact lenses that are not medically necessary. Additional glasses insurance provides grants up to a fixed maximum amount.

Supplementary care insurance for children

If you want to cover your children as early as possible, you can take out private long-term care insurance for them. The advantage: Since the nursing risk only increases with age, the contributions for children are comparatively cheap. Your children can then continue the contract later and benefit from permanently low monthly fees. At the same time, the children are covered from the beginning if they need care after an illness or an accident.

Compare supplementary health insurance for children

Think about what additional health protection you would like to take out for your children. Whether dental, hospital, naturopath, glasses or long-term care insurance: You can carry out a free and non-binding comparison at CHECK24 for every type of supplementary health insurance. With our online calculator, you can compare numerous tariffs to find the optimal supplementary insurance for your children.

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