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Paws deep in the sand and off you go

The Baltic Sea offers dog owners perfect vacation spot, because it is very versatile and easily accessible by car. Whether extensive hiking tours or short walks on the beach, the beautiful landscape of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein has something to offer for everyone. The island of Rügen offers many discovery tours to the various sights such as the Jasmund National Park, where dogs have to be kept on a lead, but which promises wonderful hikes. On Usedom, the various Baltic Sea resorts are particularly attractive for sightseeing tours followed by a walk on the beach.

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Osstee vacation with child

If you are planning your next Baltic Sea vacation with a child, choose a diverse region that also offers leisure activities and excursion destinations. An ideal holiday region is in the area of ​​Rerik to Warnemünde / Rostock. Here you have beautiful sandy beaches and chic promenade areas where you can stroll. Excursion destinations such as Wismar and Rostock are easily accessible. Gently sloping sandy beaches are ideal for a Baltic Sea vacation with children. In Rerik, these are monitored during the season. Beach chairs offer sun protection and the short distances to restaurants are another advantage of the small Baltic Sea resort. Excursion boats offer tours on the Salzhaff. Rental motor boats without a license etc. are also available. All ideal conditions for a vacation with children.

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Baltic Sea apartment for the family

The entire Baltic Sea coast is lined with holiday apartments that are ideal for small and large families. Apartments offer numerous advantages for families. Because in the holiday properties traveling parents with children not only benefit from the proximity to the Baltic Sea. At the same time, family-friendly apartments are the icing on the cake of a vacation in which boys, girls, their parents or grandparents don’t have to miss anything.

A Baltic Sea vacation at your own pace

Many families in an apartment consider it an advantage not to be involved in fixed processes and times. Meal times are not determined by the hotel, but by your own family rhythm. On the contrary: you can drink and eat at any time of the day or night. But this independence – the feeling of freedom – is by no means the only plus point for family-friendly Baltic Sea holiday apartments. Numerous families see the flexibility of preparing the food themselves as a clear advantage. Each family member has their own ideas about perfect food. These wishes are of course not taken into account in hotel kitchens. Self-caterers can individually cater to the family’s culinary preferences. Nagging children about food: none!

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Children’s holiday Baltic Sea: Holidays by the sea with many options

The Baltic Sea is one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany – especially for families with children. With over 2,200 hours of sunshine a year, the Baltic Sea is predestined for a beach holiday, and there are also plenty of leisure activities in the holiday region with which children and their parents can get their money’s worth.

Enjoy wonderful days on the Baltic Sea – for swimming in summer or exploring the surrounding area all year round. A children’s holiday on the Baltic Sea is recommended for families with children of all ages and ensures relaxed and eventful days that are guaranteed to be unforgettable. Look forward to variety and relaxation, unlimited leisure time fun and a pleasant climate: our hotels and packages for yours Children’s vacation on the Baltic Sea are tailored to a wide variety of requirements and ideas.

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Family hotels in the far north

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Enjoy a relaxing break on the North and Baltic Seas

Summer on the coast! Enjoy the fresh breeze around your nose and the maritime flair on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Both the North and Baltic Sea coasts and the islands such as Rügen, Usedom, Langeoog or Borkum can be reached quickly and easily by car. The beach, nature, the surrounding towns and cities as well as many family-friendly excursion destinations make for an all-round package for family holidays!

Discover the Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea, Germany DORFHOTEL Boltenhagen

Holiday fun on the Baltic Sea in the DORFHOTEL Boltenhagen!

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Apartments & cottages
on the Baltic Sea

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Vacation regions on the Baltic Sea

Things worth knowing about a holiday on the Baltic Sea: variety, weather and culinary delights from the popular travel destination of the Germans.

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Whitsun celebrates the sending of the Holy Spirit and in many German regions Pentecost customs are celebrated, such as the erection of maypoles.

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Apartments on the Baltic Sea: family vacation

Energy-giving sunshine, a fine sandy beach and the sea with a gentle breeze on your doorstep are the most important ingredients for a carefree holiday with your loved ones. In this regard, the mostly calm Baltic Sea with its health-promoting climate can be a great destination for a holiday in Germany with the whole family: whether on the mainland near a large Hanseatic city such as Rostock, Lübeck or Kiel or on a relaxing island like Rügen or Usedom, the Baltic Sea coast offers attractive vacation options for “big and small” vacation types and their wishes.

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Vacation in a holiday home on the Baltic Sea

Pack your swimming trunks. And then it’s off to the Baltic Sea – the ideal travel destination for a holiday in Germany in every season. Germans prefer to spend their holidays here in their homeland: on the coasts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein, where you prefer the soft waves to the rough tide – splashing instead of tides, seaside resorts instead of Halligen, collecting amber instead of mudflats, Rügen instead of Sylt. Numerous NOVASOL Apartments and holiday homes on the Baltic Sea waiting for you! But where should the trip go to a holiday home or apartment on the Baltic Sea? The selection of attractive travel destinations in the German Baltic Sea is huge. Let yourself be inspired and discover your very personal favorite destination for a holiday home Baltic Sea:

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Family vacation on the Baltic Sea 2019

Families with children are in good hands on the Baltic Sea in 2019: the beach and the sea invite you to have fun bathing, the varied landscape is ideal for bike tours and picnics, numerous amusement parks, museums and other attractions ensure fun and adventure. The family-friendly region makes the vacation together an unforgettable experience.

More Baltic Sea family vacation 2019

Well-equipped accommodations

There are numerous family-friendly accommodations on the Baltic Sea that are perfectly adapted to the needs of parents and children. Be it a family hotel with childcare and wellness offers, a cozy apartment or holiday home, a holiday park or even a holiday on a real North German farm – dedicated service and a varied leisure program offer relaxation for the grown-ups and lots of fun for the little ones. Many providers protect the family wallet with inexpensive family discounts.

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Family vacation on the Baltic Sea

As one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany, the German Baltic Sea coast is very popular due to its family friendliness. Spend a relaxing and eventful vacation on the Baltic Sea together with your children!

Long white sandy beaches, natural beaches, steep coasts, guarded bathing beaches in summer, only slowly deepening water, healthy low pollen sea air – the Baltic Sea is a great holiday destination in every season. The little ones love the beach sand of the "giant digging box", the big ones are looking forward to romping and bathing, everyone wants to go to the beach and of course to and into the sea.
A long stroll through the Baltic Sea resorts and Hanseatic cities is also worthwhile: small fishing villages with thatched houses exude tranquility and tranquility, modern seaside resorts and coastal towns await you with a wide range of cultural attractions, many sights and exciting excursion destinations.

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