Teen mothers – when children have children, sagamedia

Teen mothers – When children have children!

They love make-up instead of school, want to celebrate, chill out and try out – and then the shock: pregnant. Almost 16,000 teenagers under the age of 20 become parents in Germany every year. When teenagers have children, it turns their lives upside down …

Teen Mothers Season 7

Episode 77 (Wedding Special, November 9, 2016)

We have been accompanying Silvana (23) and Dominik (25) with the camera for six years. The two are real "repeat offenders" – namely already triple parents, namely by their daughters Angelie (6), Gina (4) and Jenna (2). All pregnancies were unplanned. The last few years have been correspondingly turbulent – and as if that weren’t enough, it will be the next few months … because: Silvana and Dominik are getting married! Shortly after the birth of their first daughter Angelie, the teen parents had married in a civil registry office, but that was not enough for the spirited casino employee Silvana. She dreams of an emotional church wedding, a lavish party, and a wedding dress in which she doesn’t look like a princess, but like a true queen. And all with a budget of 3000 euros – of which more than half has been spent on the honeymoon. Saving is particularly easy for temporary workers Dominik: he just wears the suit from last time. If he fits and he finds the color-matching shirt for Silvana’s hair. They are currently fiery red. It is not just the question of clothing that wears the nerves of the newlyweds. Silvana and Dominik organize everything themselves: food and drinks, decoration, music, dishes and cutlery for 80 guests and and and. Clear that this does not work smoothly. Even the wedding day that is supposed to be the most beautiful in her life does not start without a breakdown. Already at 5:00 a.m. he starts for Silvana at the hairdresser. As soon as she got there, the tiara disappeared … Will it appear in time? And why doesn’t the bride lose her composure in front of the altar, but at the ceremony? And howls an entire family in the face of wonderful honeymoons?

Episode 78 (Wedding Special Part 2, Nov 16, 2016)

Silvana (23) and Dominik (25) have just had the best moment of their lives: they said "yes". But why doesn’t the bride lose her composure in front of the altar, but at the ceremony? And does an entire family howl in the face of wonderful honeymoons? We accompany the triple parents Silvana and Dominik at their wedding celebration, which brings not only surprises but also some tears. At the end of the evening, all the stress is forgotten thanks to beer and schnapps, but the hangover is already there the morning after. After five hours of sleep and with a thick humming skull, the newlyweds had to get rid of the remains of the festival themselves and clean up and clean the ballroom alone. From the helpers: no trace… Just a few hours later, there is reason for tears again: the bride and groom leave for the airport. And starts the first vacation together – without children. For both of them, the first flight, for the first time together abroad, for the first time to dieg Turkey … and a big question: will you finally find the romance here that you both miss in your everyday marriage and family life? Events also roll over at Verena (18) in Berlin. A week before the expected due date, Verena starts to go into labor in the middle of the night. She and friend Mike (19) take a taxi to the clinic. And just three hours later, son Ben-Louis is born. A violent birth for the young teen mom and her boyfriend – but both are happy that their son is healthy. But a few weeks after birth, dark clouds appear. The living situation of the young family is catastrophic: a tiny room for three people in Mike’s father’s apartment. Verena misses her family in the Spreewald. Mike drops out of retail sales training. Both doubt whether Berlin is the right place to live for them and contact Mike’s mother in Dortmund …

Episode 79 (Nov 23, 2016)

Jennifer is six months pregnant – but not for the first time. The 19-year-old already has a son, Justen-Luces, who is a good year old. The father of the two children is Jens – and he had just digested the shock of the first pregnancy and birth when Jenny again confessed to him: You are going to have another child. Since she was in the 4th month. The 20-year-old has thrown a cooking apprenticeship and is now looking for a training position as a warehouse logistics specialist, but is unable to find a job. Unemployment and money worries are bothering him. He wants to offer his children a carefree future – they don’t have them under these conditions. Jenny’s other worries. Justen-Luces was born via Kaierschnitt. This time the 19 year old yearns for a natural birth. Jenny’s mother Karin, herself a mother of 5 children, does not believe that Jenny can bear the birth pains. A week before the birth, Jenny thinks she is in labor and goes to the hospital. Is it a false alarm or are you already having labor pains? Natalie (19) is already a mother of two and now pregnant with her third child, in the eighth month. With her husband Kevin (27) and their two daughters Emely (just under 3) and Leonie (just under 2), she has been living in Kettelstorf, a 69-person community in Lower Saxony, for two months. Soon the 19-year-old will have to take care of three baby children on her own. Because husband Kevin will complete further training as a welder after the birth. For this, Natalie has given up a secure apprenticeship as a retail clerk. She stays at home with the children. A decision that was very difficult for her. Four weeks before the delivery date, everything revolves around the upcoming birth. Emely and Leonie’s birth began with Natalie. This time the young mother wants her child to determine when it is born. For the first time, she is packing a hospital bag as a precaution. And then the long wait begins. It will soon become clear whether the baby is actually born without an introduction.

Episode 80 (Feb 1, 2017)

Angelina (15) is unplanned pregnant. Together with child father Joel (16), the school dropout decided to keep the child. Not everyone is happy about that. Angelina’s mother gets into a serious argument with Joel, which culminates in Angelina fleeing and temporarily moving in with Joel. Together, the two teenagers now have to think about how their life should go on. For Angelina, one thing is certain: living with Joel cannot be a permanent solution. The expectant father, on the other hand, cannot imagine anything better. The youth welfare office advises Angelina to move to a mother-child facility. No solution for Joel. He wants to see his unborn daughter every day in the future. The compromise: a father-mother-child facility. A few days later, Joel is brought down to earth. He has to realize that there is no such facility. The two teenagers are desperate. You are looking for advice from a pregnancy advice center. How will Angelina choose? Will she move to a mother-child facility without Joel? Jennifer (19) is four months pregnant when child father Jens finds out about it. The young father is shocked because the two already have a child, Justen – Luces (1.5). The young couple lives in Apolda, a small town in Thuringia – both are without a job. The 20-year-old Jens is looking for a training position as a warehouse logistician. So far without success. A few days ago, the parents, who soon became two, moved, but the new apartment is still almost empty. The couple cannot afford new furniture. But they get help from Jenny five siblings. They help the family’s little baby if necessary. Brother Marcel lives in the same house and has manual skills. He is involved in the remodeling of the kitchen. Because before the baby is born, it should become homely despite the empty cash register. For Jenny, the birth is a delicate topic. Justen-Luces was born by Caesarean section because he was lying across. Your second son should absolutely be born naturally, the young mother’s most dear wish. A preliminary examination in the hospital will show how good the chances are.

Episode 81 (02/08/2017)

Ashley (17) from Cologne has been the mother of little Vivien for six weeks. She still lives with her boyfriend Justin (19) with her parents, seven of them on almost 70 square meters. Finding your own apartment is more than difficult. After all, both Ashley’s guardian and her baby’s guardian agreed to move out. And: the young parents have a residence permit, but: the rental space in Cologne is scarce. Shortly after her 18th birthday, Ashley’s dream of her own apartment finally came within reach: the young couple actually found new four walls. However, the two have no idea how many hurdles they still have to face before the actual move. In addition: Justin has now found a job through a temporary employment agency. He works every day from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ashley spends most of her time alone with her daughter. Nevertheless, the young parents are financially difficult to make ends meet. How is it going to be when you live in your own four walls? Jaqueline (18) from Lauingen will also be a mother for the second time in a few weeks. The teen mother’s longest wish: this time everything should get better! At just 15 years old, Jaqueline had her son Patrick. She moved to a mother-child facility, wanted to create school, child and education – and failed. Her three-year-old son has not lived with her for a year, but with his father. Jacqueline usually sees him every other weekend and very much wishes that he would move back to her someday. Jacqueline lives with her mother Alexandra in Lauingen. The new pregnancy was planned, the desire for a healthy family was great. However, the child’s father left Jacqueline during pregnancy, even breaking off contact. Will he still stand by his child after birth – or will her second son grow up without a father?

Episode 82 (Feb 15th, 2017)

Vanessa (19) from Frankfurt gave birth to her daughter Sophia-Emilia six months ago. She is pregnant again just three months later. She has been with her friend Alexander (25) for four years. Both wished for a family early on and at least two children. However, the young parents did not expect Vanessa to get pregnant again so quickly. Vanessa’s mother Tanja and her grandma Monika are anything but enthusiastic. They had hoped that the junior high school would start training after the birth of their first daughter. The family is growing and there is a new problem: so far Vanessa lives with her daughter with her mother and two small siblings in a 90 square meter four-room apartment. Now you urgently need your own apartment. Vanessa firmly believes that she can move into a nearby apartment long before the second child is born. The 19-year-old has already ordered furniture. But the dream of owning an apartment near the mother suddenly bursts. Vanessa is desperate. Should she now put two children in her little nursery? We have been accompanying teen mother Angela from Cologne for one and a half years. She was 16 years old when she gave birth to son Luca. The two now live in a mother-child home in Dortmund. But today she is visiting her family in Cologne because there is a reason to celebrate: she is finally turning 18. And that means more to the young mother than just the age of majority. Because she also gets sole custody of her son, who previously had a guardian at the youth welfare office. And there’s another piece of news: Angela is freshly in love. When she gets the news that she can move from the mother-child home to her own apartment, her luck seems perfect. But when it comes to looking for a flat, the teen realizes that the step into self-employment is much more difficult than expected. School, childcare, moving – she will be able to handle this alone?


Episode 65

Tatjana (18) and Martin (31) from Ludwigshafen got to know each other only a year ago, but both are certain: it is the love of their life. However, it wasn’t really planned that they would become parents of a child in just a few weeks. Pregnancy is also anything but easy: premature labor, even an accident, strain the nerves of the expectant parents. Tatjana’s daughter Saphira (2.5) is also very lively and calls for Tatjana’s full attention. And Martin also causes excitement: even before the birth he wants to marry Tatiana, who is then very pregnant … She says yes – but will she and the baby cope really well with the exciting weeks? The Leipzig girl Jessie (19) gets pregnant at the age of 18 – planned, but single parent, because she separates from the child father at the beginning of the pregnancy. Her child of choice is also worried: Jessie has interim bleeding in her early pregnancy, fearing that she will lose her child. But everything is going well – until a few minutes after the birth. The teen mother learns that her baby Mariella has a cleft palate. Your palate has not grown quite together. Every year, 1 in 1500 babies in Germany are born with an isolated cleft palate. In general, the cleft lip and palate is the most common of all malformations in newborns. Jessie struggles with the news – and with the aftermath. Little Mariella doesn’t drink well, loses a lot of weight ominously. Jessie runs out of strength some nights.

Episode 66

With Jasmin (24), an old friend returns to the teenage mothers. Jasmin let herself in when she gave birth to her first son five Accompanying us for years. Together with son Finn, the young mother emigrated to England eight months ago – because of love. She met 19-year-old Kurtis from Sheffield on the Internet. Jasmin became pregnant after four months in England. But the three of them living together was too much for the young couple, the relationship didn’t last long. The parents still want to take care of the baby together. The 5-year-old Finn has now started school in Sheffield. But that is anything but easy. The boy is hyperactive, is unable to cope in school, and has been diagnosed with ADHD. Another diagnosis is still pending: Aspberger, a form of autism. Finn is currently a full-time job for Jasmin. She has to accompany her son to school and cannot otherwise leave him alone. But when the second child comes, it cannot go on like this. Melanie, called, Melly (16) lives with mother Ennie in a small village in the Bavarian Upper Palatinate. The school dropout is pregnant in the 27th week – with twins! The relationship with the child’s father did not last long. Her new friend Tobi wants to be a good father substitute for that. They’ve only been together for two months – does the 23-year-old bricklayer really know what’s coming? In the 30th week Melli has premature labor and is admitted to the hospital, which she should not leave until the birth. But the 16-year-old has her own head and quickly lets herself go home. Labor blockers are said to delay childbirth as long as possible. But then she suddenly goes into labor, goes to the hospital … Premature birth threatens – if the twins come two months early?

Episode 67

Tatjana (17) from Braunschweig has her second child in a few days. We got to know her in season 5 – when she found out that she had to move to a mother-child home before she was born if she wanted to keep her baby. Her first daughter already lives in a foster family, Tatjana herself grew up with her grandmother. The teen mother was very afraid of the move. She had been to such a facility before, could not get along there, fled headlong. How is she doing now in the mother-child home? In addition: her friend Tobias, who is also the father of her second child, lives more than 100 kilometers away and is only allowed to visit her rarely. Will he be able to give birth in time? “Tobi has to drive 2.5 hours and the train only runs every 2 hours. I doubt that he can really do it… ”But: the 17-year-old wishes very much… Because she doesn’t want to go into the delivery room on her own. Melly (16) from Bavaria has already had exciting weeks. In the 30th week, the twin mother-to-be has premature labor. First they can be stopped with medication – but two weeks later the time has come: the babies want to be born. It would still be eight weeks until the calculated date of birth. Because the twins are too small and weak for a normal birth, they are fetched by caesarean section. Tobias, Melly’s new friend, doesn’t leave her side, Mama Enni is waiting at the door. All three are very relieved that the two girls are born healthy. But Lucy weighs just 1350 grams, Mia only 1800 grams – babies who are born at the time of birth weigh around 3 kilos, almost twice as much. In addition, premature babies can breathe alone, but cannot swallow, and are artificially fed. And: they have to lie in an incubator, incubator, most of the time because they cannot yet keep the body heat alone … Melly is allowed to go home a few days after the operation. But your babies stay in the premature ward. Anxious weeks begin for the young teen mother. How will the girls develop? And when are they finally allowed to go home??

Episode 68

We already accompanied Vanessa (20) and her friend Armin (20) from Cologne in the past season. In March 2015 the two became parents for the second time. Her first son Mike was just one year old at the time. After the birth, the young family lived with Armin’s parents in the former children’s room. An unsustainable situation. With a little luck, the small family will find a three-room apartment in Cologne-Chorweiler, which the job center will finance for them. Finally standing on your own two feet, this is a great dream come true for Vanessa and Armin. But furnishing the new apartment puts the relationship between the two to the test. Quarrels are common. Vanessa feels left alone by Armin, with the children and the household. Three weeks later, Vanessa and Armin split up. The youth welfare office intervenes. Her two sons are in a short-term foster family. To get her children back, Vanessa moves to a mother-child home – without Armin. Nevertheless, both dream of a healthy family. Will they be able to save their relationship and be there for their children together? Tatjana from Ludwigshafen (19) becomes a mother for the second time. A great wish came true for her three weeks before the birth: she married Martin (31), the father of her second child. A few days later, the young happiness is really mixed up. Tatjana is only in the 34th week of pregnancy, but has had two premature contractions. She was allowed to leave the hospital. But: the cervix is ​​shortened, the cervix slightly opened. If the 19-year-old does not adhere to strict bed rest, her baby is born prematurely. In addition to his full-time job at a fast food chain, husband Martin also takes on all household chores and looking after the two and a half year old Saphira. An unsustainable condition. The 31-year-old is exhausted and doesn’t know how long he will be able to hold out …

Episode 69

Jasmin (24) was accompanied for the show “Teen Mothers” five years ago when her first son was born. Now the young mother is pregnant again. She has been living in England with her son Finn for eight months. The 5-year-old has ADHD and has recently started taking medication for it. British doctors start treatment with a low dose, which has no effect on Finn. But the dosage is increasing week by week, and Jasmin hopes that Finn will soon need less attention and can go back to school as normal. Only then could she take care of the baby during the day. Jasmin is in the sixth month – there is not much time left. Jasmin suffered from depression for a long time in Germany, but she feels liberated in her new home Sheffield. Jasmin is not homesick – but she misses her German friends, especially Finn’s godmother Sarah. Surprises have a long tradition among friends and so Jasmin has no idea that she will see her best friend again soon … Nina (15) from Remscheid is 7 months pregnant. The child’s father is her 21-year-old friend Thomas. When the two get to know each other, their everyday life looks like this: parties, drugs and alcohol. She skipped school, didn’t show up for days, fled home several times. But everything changed with the relationship with Thomas, she says: she calmed down and refrained from partying and false friends – and became pregnant. Nina sees the baby as THE chance for a new life, together with Thomas. The two even go so far as to plan to buy a condominium. But the teen mother must quickly learn that all of this is not as easy as she imagines: because financing is very complicated and neither her mother nor the youth welfare office approves moving out …

Episode 70

We still know Angela (17) from Cologne from the previous season. The feelings of the then 16-year-olds were roller coasters shortly before birth. On January 29, after a long, exhausting birth, she had a healthy son, Luca. But: her father was dying at the same time. Her longing for him to get to know his grandson should no longer be fulfilled. For this, Luca was born into a loving family: father Ronny (26) and Angela’s mother Cecilia, with whom they live, adore their little son and grandson, and support Angela with the baby. Now, 10 months later, everything is different: Angela has separated from her friend, who is 9 years older, and lives in a mother-child home. Nina’s birth is due in 6 weeks. The 15-year-old from Remscheid can’t really imagine being a mother soon – a delivery room tour should bring her closer to the topic. The teenage boy has to master a whole different conceptual construction site: her boyfriend Tomasz is looking forward to the child – and yet after the birth he wants to use a paternity test to determine whether he is really the producer. A huge breach of trust for the expectant teenage mother. A joint photo shoot is intended to strengthen the affiliation of the expectant parents and to clear any doubts …

Episode 71

It’s a special day for Angela (17) from Cologne – her son Luca is celebrating his first child’s birthday. But before the celebration can start, there is a big argument with mother Cecilia. What about Ronny? Will he come to celebrate his son? Natalie (19) is already pregnant with her third child – unplanned. With her husband Kevin and their two daughters Emily and Leonie, she lives in Bad Bevensen and tries to get children and household under control. The teenage life mostly falls by the wayside. She has other worries than partying and hanging out with friends: a new apartment is needed. The three-room apartment is too small for the family of five. Natalie’s husband Kevin also wants to finally be able to feed his family again and is looking for a job. It is still not clear whether Natalie really stays with the one baby …

Episode 72

Ashley (17) from Cologne actually thought that she could not get pregnant due to endomitriosis. That’s why she didn’t take contraception with her boyfriend Justin (19) very precisely. The two teenagers have been a couple for almost a year, but they have known each other for much longer. They used to be best friends, hanging out, skipping school and smoking pot. Nevertheless, both graduated from secondary school. When Ashley held the positive pregnancy test in her hand a few months ago, they both decided that her life had to change. They stopped smoking pot and Justin took a job through a temporary employment agency in a warehouse. The expectant parents hope that the drugs have not harmed their baby. Ashley and Justin want to offer their daughter a nicer childhood than they have experienced. From the age of eight to 15, Ashley took turns living with her mother in Bergheim, with an aunt in the Eifel or in youth welfare organizations. Nowhere did the teenager stand long. Two years ago, her father Walter took her in Cologne. Ashley lives here with her stepmother Angelika and her two stepbrothers in a three-room apartment. Shortly before the birth, they will move to a larger apartment. Even if Ashley reaches the age of three months after the birth of her baby, she is not yet allowed to decide on her own life. Because she has a guardian from the youth welfare office with whom she has to coordinate every decision. It remains to be seen whether Papa Walter will have custody of his granddaughter. There have been too many problems in Ashley’s life in recent years … We are accompanying Tatjana from Ludwigshafen (19) for the third time this season. Marriage, an accident and impending premature birth, strict bed rest, a move a few days before the birth – the 19-year-old has already turbulent weeks behind her when she became a mother a second time a few days ago. After initial problems, the birth goes faster than expected, and Dorothea is a small but completely healthy baby. But the next shock just two days later: the 19-year-old has a life-threatening bowel obstruction and needs to be operated on. Tatjana is allowed to leave the hospital five days after the operation, but should continue to take care of herself. Not an easy task, with an infant and an almost three-year-old daughter who also demands attention. Husband Martin helps where he can, but the family needs additional help from a family midwife and an initiative for young mothers. One big worry remains: Did little Doro inherit her mother’s genetic defect? Tatjana wants to find out as soon as possible …

Episode 73

Ashley (17) from Cologne actually thought that she could not get pregnant due to endomitriosis. That’s why she didn’t take contraception with her boyfriend Justin (19) very precisely. The two teenagers have been a couple for almost a year, but they have known each other for much longer. They used to be best friends, hanging out, skipping school and smoking pot. Nevertheless, both graduated from secondary school. When Ashley held the positive pregnancy test in her hand a few months ago, they both decided that her life had to change. They stopped smoking pot and Justin took a job through a temporary employment agency in a warehouse. The expectant parents hope that the drugs have not harmed their baby. Justin would like to be able to take care of his family himself in the future. But the job through the temporary employment agency is not what the 19-year-old imagines. It is used too irregularly and makes too little money. The father-to-be actually dreams of tweaking cars and working in the motor vehicle business. It should prove itself in a trial run in a car paint shop. Ashley hopes that her boyfriend will do the job well. The 17-year-old knows Justin needs a strict boss to drive him on. At the end of the trial day, Justin gets the chance to do a four-week internship. Will the 19-year-old take up the job? One month before the calculated date of delivery, Ashley suddenly suspects pregnancy poisoning. In the Evangelical Hospital in Cologne-Kalk, where she would like to give birth, senior physician Dr. Martin Dambowy further investigations. A big issue here is Ashley’s fear of childbirth. The expectant teen mom wants a caesarean. But this is only done for valid medical reasons. How will Ashley choose? Nina (15) from Remscheid is 7 months pregnant. The child’s father is her 21-year-old friend Thomas. When the two get to know each other, their everyday life looks like this: parties, drugs and alcohol. She skipped school, didn’t show up for days, fled home several times. But everything changed with the relationship with Thomas, she says: she calmed down and refrained from partying and false friends – and became pregnant. Nina sees the baby as THE chance for a new life, together with Thomas. Because Nina is still a minor at the time of birth, her baby needs a guardian. This could also be done by Thomas, but Nina’s mother has doubts. What if the young parents split up? The expectant grandma and daughter Nina get advice from donum vitae. But they are running out of time, because there are only two weeks left until the calculated delivery date. Shortly before the birth, Nina looks at the delivery room in the Helios Clinic in Schwelm. Here she wants to give birth to her child, naturally.

Episode 74

Ashley (17) from Cologne and her boyfriend Justin (19) have their baby in a few weeks. It’s not the first child for Justin. However, his son from a different relationship lives in a foster family. The 19-year-old dreams of bringing him to him and living in a real family with him, Ashley and the baby. To do this, however, he needs a real job and a sufficiently large apartment – neither is in sight at the moment. Ashley was able to get used to this idea for a long time. But the closer the date of birth approaches, the more doubts spread – and jealousy: Justin cares more about his son than she does. How will that develop after birth? Four weeks before the birth then even more stress, mail comes from the district court. Because Ashley is 17 years old at birth, she is not allowed to take custody of her baby. Her father Walter wanted to do this and requested it. But the court refused. What to do? Katharina (19) is already expecting her second child. Only nine months ago, her daughter Tessa was born and turned the teenager’s life upside down. She had an "on / off relationship" with the child’s father – and this gave birth to Katharina’s second, unborn child. The trained farmer hoped that renewed pregnancy would also give her a serious partnership a chance – but the plan failed. Now the 19-year-old is soon a single mother of two children – not a nice idea. Together with her friend Janina, she goes online to find a partner. Can you find the dream man there who takes Katharina with 2 children? Ideally one who not only loves children, but also horses, farm and country life just like them?

Episode 75

We have been accompanying Jasmin (24) for five years. At that time, she gave birth to Finn at the age of 19. Finn now has a brother, in England. The single parent emigrated there almost a year ago, to her new love Kurtis. Jasmin hopes for a new start in Sheffield. But the path is rocky. Finn comes to school at 5 as usual in England, but is very noticeable there. He is diagnosed with ADHD, and the Asperger, a form of autism, is only suspected to be able to attend school for an hour. He will be treated medically – but will he really be able to go to school when the second baby is born? Jasmin cannot expect much help from the father of her second child. He is also autistic, the everyday life of the two is too different for them to be able to live together. The two live – at least – spatially separated. Then, 17 days earlier than expected, Jasmin’s second son sets off: Viktor Kian. Jasmin’s friend Kurtis takes her to the hospital and becomes a father for the first time at the age of 19 … how does he and Jasmin’s son Finn react to the baby’s arrival? Verena (18) actually comes from the tranquil Spreewald. She met Mike online nine months ago – and this new love turns everything upside down. The first real friend, the first time – and Verena is pregnant! The 19-year-old breaks off her training as a social assistant and moves into the big city with Mike. There they live in a tiny room in Mike’s father Milan’s apartment. 65 square meters for soon 4 people – it is more than narrow. Mike is training to become a retail salesman. His salary: around 300 euros. They cannot make big leaps with it. But the young parents-to-be don’t just worry about money …

Episode 76

Natalie (19) is already pregnant with her third child – unplanned. She and husband Kevin (26) are currently preparing to move. The couple moves with their two daughters Emily (2) and Leonie (1) to the 59 soul community of Kettelstorf. The family of five is looking forward to the quiet and child-friendly country life. Another decision makes life difficult for them. Natalie got the chance to start training as an office clerk a few weeks after the birth. That would mean for unemployed Kevin: he stays at home and looks after three children. Gritting his teeth, he resigns to his new role as a house man. The tide changed a few weeks later. Kevin has a new job. Initially only as temporary help, hoping for a permanent job. Who stays at home with the children now? Natalie is in a quandary … Nina (16) gives birth to a healthy son in a tiring birth of 22 hours. Everyday life with a baby seems to be going well at first, the teen fully adapts to the change and lovingly cares for her son. Because Nina is not yet of legal age, her baby has a guardian. In addition, she and her baby are looked after by a family midwife and a pediatric nurse, who provides the youth welfare office. But the situation changed three months later. There is always stress between Nina, her mother and friend Tomasz. The 16-year-old misses appointments with the youth welfare office or is late. The office’s employees threaten consequences if Nina does not improve …


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