Moovon download

Moovon download

MoovOn Download

Whether you’re on foot or on the train, a new concept rewards you for every kilometer covered. Simply collect points via MoovOn app and trade them for rewards. This can be free drinks, chocolate bars but also cinema vouchers or discounts. What the MoovOn app offers you read below.

Video: MoovOn – that’s how it works

MoovOn Download: The Principle

After the MoovOn download, it depends on every kilometer covered. You do not need to register and you can collect directly. Because on your covered track you collect in the bonus program “MoovCoins”. These can be exchanged with participating partners for MoovOn premiums. You get that for your tours:

  • Partner Rewards
  • Discounts at participating stores
  • Participation in sweepstakes
  • Ranking of MoovOn users – so you see who has reached the most kilometers

Within a month, you can collect a maximum of 3 x 1,000 MoovCoins. You can redeem these within the specified validity period. If you do not make it on time, your MoovCoins will expire and you start collecting again.

Of course, if you want to transform your MoovCoins, you will also be shown the MoovOn locations of the participating stores in the app where you can redeem your “success” in MoovOn. You can visit the MoovOn app partners both by foot, as well as on the Internet for online shopping.

MoovOn Download: Collect rewards through MoovCoins – how it works

MoovCoins is available for any type of movement and other tricks:

  • Installing the App (200 MoovCoins).
  • Just walk a stretch on foot, by car, train or plane.
  • There are also MoovCoins for each visit to the MoovOn partners.
  • MoovCoins will also be credited to you for regularly turning on the app (5 MoocCoins).
  • Redeeming the Bonus (33 MoovCoins).
  • If you can recommend MoovOn, you will also be rewarded with MoovCoins (10 MoovCoins).
  • A maximum of 1,000 MoovCoins can be collected daily.

Of course, the app also shows you all MoovOn locations of stores participating in the Rewards program. In order for your kilometers to be counted, mobile networks or WLAN as well as GPS must be switched on. The app does not need to be open in the foreground to collect MoovCoins. The kilometers covered will also be credited to you if you have the application open in the background.

MoovOn-Partner: Here you can redeem your rewards

For example, if you want to redeem MoovOn points, bonuses are waiting for:

  • Spotify (music streaming)
  • MoovOn tank and rest (rest stops and filling stations on highways)
  • Cinemas (also online coupons for cinema performances)

MoovOn Download: Experiences

With the app and the concept of the MoovOn App Partner, the provider Cittadino Digital GmbH has thrown an interesting idea into App Store and the Google Play Store. Anyone who travels a lot as a sales representative can quickly enjoy the rewards. Especially in cities, there are many ways to redeem the awards. Those who are not necessarily traveling 1,000 km per month for work or for private purposes will find it rather difficult to dust off a Snickers or a drink of 0.5 liters.

Anyone reading the MoovOn reviews in stores will notice that more choice is desirable in terms of reward providers. And the employees in the shop do not always know what to do with the app if you want to pick up the rewards, but the level of awareness is constantly growing and the app is also becoming ever more stable. If you want to know more about MoovOn, visit the official MoovOn Facebook page or the YouTube channel.

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