Walks for children

Walks for children

For hiking with children

Hiking trails for children
Hiking with children can be particularly enjoyable – if you take children’s needs into account. This primarily depends on the age of the children and their hiking experience. As soon as children can sit, they can be taken along for hiking. There are so-called from different manufacturers "Kraxen". This is a kind of backpack that adults can carry on their backs. What is usually the big luggage compartment in a hiking backpack is specially processed as a seat for children in the Kraxen. The little ones can sit well padded until they are three years old. From 2 years of age it becomes very tiring for the wearer due to the weight and the hikes do not last that long. – Because of the required condition, but also because of the health of the child. The little ones should not sit in the kaxx continuously for more than one to one and a half hours. The blood circulation is not perfect, especially in the legs. When walking with the Kraxe, it should be noted that the children are attracted to the temperature. Since they don’t move in the back of the child carrier like we hikers, it quickly becomes a lot colder for them than for us. The cold wind has a double effect. A summer hike can be done with ease, in the colder autumn days or spring days a Kraxe is to be used with special care during a spring hike or autumn hike.

When can children start hiking??
From the age of three at the latest, children should learn to discover nature while hiking, not just on the back of their parents. On the one hand, it is equally interesting to run yourself than just sitting in the back, on the other hand it is somehow no longer possible anyway in terms of weight. Streams in the mountains quickly become an adventure playground when you can throw in small pieces of wood or pine cones. These are also the moments when the children themselves quickly learn to appreciate nature and thus hiking. Anyone who goes on long mountain tours with the children, ideally still on barren forest roads, is not doing himself or the children any good. Then with increasing age the children will quickly lose their desire to hike and start discussing the meaningfulness from 5 years before each hike.
However, if there are small hikes on interesting hiking trails to start with, you would like to go up to the mountain pasture where there is a limo. Mountain lakes can also be motivating for children, as is often the case for us adults. And of course animals are also worth an adventure trip on the hiking trail. What is a chamois? Where does the ibex live? Children would like to know that. If you can experience this yourself on a hiking trail, hiking is no longer a problem. Themed hiking trails can also help children to enjoy hiking with us parents. We just have to be considerate and the children like it.
As soon as the little ones like it, we are also satisfied and the hiking is relaxing. There are also special hiking accommodations for hiking holidays, which also specialize in families. There you can borrow baby carriers in addition to hiking sticks for the adults, so that you don’t have to transport everything in the car and there are tips for suitable hiking trails with children. Guided hikes with children are also sometimes offered.

Below you will find our favorites for hikes with children on this page. Have fun with the family-friendly hikes.

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