Wet wipes test – comparison 2019 – the best models in comparison

Wet wipes test & Comparison – The best models of 2018

Why wet wipes?

wipes make a very practical alternative to flannel With the help of these miracle cloths, you can quickly get your baby’s soft bottom very clean without having to do any extra laundry.
But not only for the babypo are the cloths! They are rather an all-round talent. You can use them on the way, or at the playground, to wash your hands, wipe them to the tables or chairs or brush them to the mouth. But even with the purchase of wet wipes there is a lot to consider.

Our current wet wipes recommendations

# preview product price
1 Pampers Aqua Pure Wet Wipes, with 99% Pure Water, Dermatologically Tested, 18 Pack (18 x 48. look at
2 Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Sensitive Baby Wet Wipes – 15 Pack (840 Sheets) look at
3 Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Fresh Baby Wet Wipes – 15 Pack (840 Cloths) look at
4 WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes, 720 Wipes look at
5 Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Ultra Sensitive Baby – Wet Wipes – 12 Pack (720 Tissues – 100%. look at
6 Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Soft Baby Wet Wipes – 15 Pack (840 Cloths) look at
7 WaterWipes Baby Wet Wipes Sensitive Skin, 99.9% Purified Water, 9 x 60 Wipes (540. look at
8th WaterWipes Baby Wet Wipes Sensitive Skin, 99.9% Purified Water, 4 x 60 Wipes (240. look at
9 Huggies Pure Baby Wipes, Pack of 10 (10x 56 pieces) look at
10 Naty by Nature Babycare Eco Wet Wipes Unperfumed, pack of 12 (12 x 56 pieces) look at

Wet wipes test – reviews summarized

Below we have one Wet wipes test wanted for you. There are some dubious providers on the Internet who suggest an alleged test, but this has never happened. Accordingly, it is important for us to receive reviews from reputable providers Stiftung Warentest and Eco test summarize and present for you.

consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest Eco test
Wet wipes test found? "41 baby wipes in the test"
To the test
Review report issue 01/2018

Different types of wet wipes

Wet wipes are incredibly handy, but when you buy you are spoiled for choice. There are perfumed, unperfumed, sensitive, oily and much more.

once washcloth

The disposable washcloth is usually intended to wash the baby completely and is therefore multi-layered. Since it is dry, you will definitely need additional water to use it. If you want to save on garbage, this is certainly not the right article for you.

oil cloths

In contrast to the usual towels, which consist of a care lotion made of water, oil cloths are soaked in oil. Oil has particularly nourishing properties and provides good protection for the delicate baby skin, if it comes from organic farming.


Of great importance are certainly the various ingredients of the wet wipes. Essentially cloths are made of water, but there is a body lotion with aloe vera, chamomile, fats and oils. Critical ingredients, such as parabens, are left out by most manufacturers, but they are very difficult to dispense with chemical ingredients designed to prevent the ingress of none. Since there are some babies that have very sensitive skin and especially sore quickly, or even have certain allergies, you should look carefully at the selection of wipes on the ingredients.

Many parents are of the opinion that the baby should smell sweet after being wrapped. Perfumed wipes, however, are only partially suitable for the butt of your baby. The ingredients of the perfumed tissues often cause itching and redness, as well as allergic reactions. You should prefer non-perfumed wipes to do something good for your baby and protect it from allergies.

If you have a particularly sensitive baby, it may also respond to perfume-free wipes over the skin. For this case, there are extra sensitive wipes, which have no additives and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

The environmental aspect: Not in the toilet

The environmental aspect is not to be underestimated in our time. Wet wipes are used several times a day and then thrown away in, for example, diaper pail. In this way a lot of garbage is created. Under no circumstances should towels be flushed down the toilet. Towels decompose only very slowly and burden the sewage system. There have been cases of blockage in sewage treatment plants due to towels.

Make wet wipes yourself

You want to save money, then make yourself your cloths yourself. To do so, use disposable washcloths and pour over 200 ml of boiled water. For this I give a teaspoon of coconut oil. All this you put in a waterproof box. The homemade towels last for two days. The coconut oil has an antibacterial and nourishes the skin, without any other ingredients. The washcloths can be washed afterwards at 60 ° C and are then ready for use again. This protects the environment and the wallet.

Various brands of wet wipes

Pampers Fresh Clean Wet Wipes

Pampers Fresh Clean have a unique formula that does not damage the skin’s natural pH but moisturizes and nourishes it at the same time. Its application exudes a refreshing scent and cleanses the skin, while the soft GRIP texture makes it particularly soft and tender.
A package with enough towels for two months costs about 9 €.

Penaten ultra sensitive wet wipes

Penaten is guided by the practical experience of its customers and by the results of science and research. The company attaches great importance to dermatologically compatible products. Accordingly, they pay attention to the selection of ingredients and are subject to strict purity controls.
Penaten ultra sensitive is a product for newborns and therefore dispenses with alcohol and fragrances. Because of this, this product, as confirmed by the German allergy man and asthma, is suitable for allergy sufferers.
The wipes are practically packaged and stay fresh for a long time, even on the go, thanks to the fresh closure.
Here the price is about 8 € for 12 × 56 shawls.

Hipp Babysanft wet wipes

The cloths by Hipp have a particularly mild form of cleansing due to the organic almond extract. The wipes have been specially made for sensitive skin and should avoid the risk of allergies, as confirmed by the German Allergy Man and Asthma Bitch. Hipp therefore pays attention to quality and dispenses with harmful parabens. The price is 10.50 € for 4 × 52 towels.

Which wet wipes from which manufacturer you want to buy is up to you. Whether with almond oil, chamomile or aloe vera, follow your personal preference. However, make sure when buying that no harmful ingredients are included. It is certainly of advantage, even for healthy babies, if the product is suitable for allergy sufferers and has been tested. Do not use perfumes. And if you do not like a product, do it the old way, with water, or make your own cloths as described above.

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