20 Small dog breeds that are suitable for children, dear paws

20 small dog breeds that are suitable for children

Dogs teach us many important things, first of all that love can be unconditional! If you forget to feed your dog in one day, he will still love you. If you are busy all day and do not spend enough time with him, he will be sad, yes, but at least he will still love you. Dogs are never underhanded and vengeful; a perfect example of living here and now. They are not linked to the past or the future. If you yell at your dog and then play with him a few minutes later, he has already forgotten and forgiven all of that. The dog is always there to comfort you when you feel uneasy. You are always in the first place for him. If you and your dog are injured, they will lick your wounds first, believing it will bring you relief. He also stays clingy and loyal when you lose your fortune, face and reputation.

The dogs love, care, forgive, forget, are selfless and faithful and also expect to be fed at least once a day. You are the best friend anyone could ever want, and if you have the privilege of having a dog as a friend in your life, consider it a true blessing! These creatures never stop surprising you. It’s incredible how much they can teach you without saying a single word! Teach your child a dog, and half of his education is already taken care of. It is really the best gift you can give your child. When choosing a suitable dog for children, a number of factors must be kept in mind. People who let themselves be guided through the optics of the animal should bear in mind that the appearance can be deceptive, just as a nice, innocent-looking dog could be aggressive, but a strong, strict-looking dog could prove very docile. Therefore, it is always important to choose a dog based on its temperament and not its appearance. However, you should not choose a dog purely based on its breed, because there are always exceptions. The temperament of a breed can differ somewhat from dog to dog.

Another factor when choosing a breed is the temperament of the child. If the child is impetuous, the dog should be lively, robust and patient, so that it could accept abnormal behavior from the child. If the child has a calm nature, a gentle, calm and tender dog would fit. Whippets, bulldogs and Vizslas are ideal dog breeds for calm, good-natured children.

It is also good to have a dog that is easy to train so that it can be learned to handle children properly. Then the child remains safe with the dog. However, leaving a small child alone with the dog is not a good idea.

Top 20 child-friendly dog ​​breeds
Below is a list of small dog breeds that are suitable for children because of their gentle nature. However, as mentioned earlier, there are always exceptions within a breed and each dog should be judged on its individual behavior.

Boston terrier

Terriers are excellent pets. They are kind, loving and gentle. The Boston Terrier is very affectionate and protective, especially towards children. It is playful and robust, which makes it the perfect playmate for active children.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are playful, fun-loving, friendly, open-minded, gentle. They make excellent guard dogs. Your training is not difficult. This is an ideal pet for children because it is not very hairy and is not aggressive.


These dogs like children. They are gentle and love everyone in the family including other pets. They have a lot of stamina and enjoy walking around outdoors. However, they should not be left outside the house because they would also like to dig in the neighbor’s vegetable patch!


Pugs are loving, sensitive and loyal. They are attached to human society. For this reason, they are suitable for dealing with small children.


Chihuahuas are divided into two types: long-haired and short-haired. They are resolute and confident, gentle and good-natured, and enjoy sitting on their laps and being petted. It should be noted that chihuahuas have a delicate bone structure and are therefore suitable for dealing with older children.

English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is also a small dog that can get along well with children. The dogs are intelligent and sensitive and enjoy human company. They are loving and happy, licking their owner’s face and excitedly wagging their tail when they see it. They like to play outdoors and children are welcome playmates.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These little dogs are very good with small children because they are cheerful and patient. They are very robust despite their small size, love to cuddle, cuddle and follow their owner everywhere. The dogs also get on very well with other pets, including cats! But because of their friendly nature, they are not very good guard dogs.


There are three types of dachshunds – long-haired, shaggy and smooth-haired. They are very energetic and tough and can sometimes be quite wild. When playing with children, they are cheeky and active.


Papillons are active and lively, but at the same time calm, gentle and also sensitive. Thanks to their patience and obedience, they keep children in excellent company. You can train the dogs without any problems; The four-legged friends learn new tasks quickly. You have to be aware that these sensitive dogs are not ideal for small children.

Shih Tzu

These are playful and fun-loving dogs. They love to be around people and are very affectionate. Affection in the form of cuddling and cuddling is always there with them. Shih Tzus are gentle and calm lap dogs.

Welsh Corgi cardigan

The corgis are affectionate and protective, also extremely fond of children and are therefore ideal companions for small children. Their reliability and responsibility make them good watchdogs. They are also happy, enthusiastic and learn new tricks quickly.

Bichon frize

These dogs are very sociable, lively, happy and make wonderful companions. They don’t like to stay outside very much and prefer to be with a family member, especially a child. They have no aggressive behavior at all.

Lhasa Apso

These dogs are attached to their owners. They are playful and impish, but need to be treated kindly and gently because they don’t like rough treatment in any way.


These intelligent dogs love to perform various tricks and be in the center of attention. They are really fond of children and like to play with children. The Havanese should be treated carefully because of their gentle and tender nature; Too loud words or too much severity often make the dog react with stubbornness. They are robust dogs and are ideal for impetuous children.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers are very playful dogs and ideal companions for children. They are also very loving, kind and intelligent. Your ability to learn makes training easier.


You can easily call them family dogs. They are gentle, tender, extremely affectionate, protective, playful and very friendly! This breed is incredibly lively. She loves to stay with her master all the time. Her soothing and very loving nature makes her perfect pets for children.


Bulldogs are very family oriented. They’d rather stay indoors than play outside. Gentle and friendly, they get along well with other pets. The bulldogs score somewhat low on the intelligence scale, which they balance with their skills in other areas. The dogs are loving, protective, loyal and great companions for children.


The Whippets are athletically built and medium-sized dogs. Their calm, patient and gentle nature makes them excellent pets for children. The dogs can be kept in an apartment without any problems. They are very loving, protective and make pleasant companions for children. Despite their social nature and bubbly activity, the Whippets prefer to stay indoors rather than running around outdoors. They love to be cuddled and caressed. The problem with this breed is that it barks too much.

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