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The interdental brush – an important care tool

Use an interdental brush correctly

Latin among us should be immediately clear what function has an interdental brush. Because the word interdental means translated as “between the teeth“. Consequently, an interdental brush is a care tool that cleans the interdental spaces. In particular, one brushes in places that are not easily reached with a conventional toothbrush. An interdental brush thus fulfills the same function as dental floss. In the following, the practice cooperation Dr. Thomas Petersen gives a brief overview of why using an interdental brush is beneficial and how to use an interdental brush correctly. If you have any questions, your dentist in Bonn will be pleased to help and advise you.

Interdental brushes

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What are the reasons for using an interdental brush??

Even if you brush teeth several times a day and pay attention to proper dental hygiene, there are areas in the mouth that you can not easily reach with a regular toothbrush. The interdental spaces are to be mentioned in the first place. Equally affected are wearers of solid braces whose wires are also difficult to clean. If this is the case, or if the interdental spaces are only insufficiently cleaned, bacteria remain, which form, for example, from leftovers. As a result, plaque forms – which can lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease and worst case – if not treated by the dentist – to the loss of the tooth. An interdental brush helps prophylactically to prevent this.

How exactly should I use an interdental brush??

Generally speaking, an interdental brush is an effective tool to round out daily dental hygiene by preventing the formation of plaque. Of course, this only applies if you also use the interdental brush correctly.

First of all, you should choose the right model of an interdental brush, because there are different manufacturers, sizes and shapes. The decision for or against a particular interdental brush is dependent not least on the individual condition of the respective mouth or the size of your interdental spaces. Your practice cooperation Of course, Thomas Petersen will advise you on the selection of the best interdental brush for you.

The actual use of an interdental brush requires the existence of sufficiently large interdental spaces and a cautious approach, otherwise it can lead to bleeding, which are associated with pain. Ideally, the use of the interdental brush at least once a day, for example, after the actual cleaning of the teeth with a conventional or electric toothbrush, for example, go to bed. If you use the interdental brush, you will not need toothpaste. Simply move the interdental brush back and forth between the interdental spaces, then rinse your mouth with water.

Care of interdental brushes

It is important that you clean the interdental brush after daily use. It is also important to replace the interdental brush at regular intervals – at least every two weeks or earlier, when you see that it has worn off.

If you have any questions about the use of the interdental brush, please contact the Thomas Petersen – your dentist in Bonn – very happy to help.

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