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Remove all balls by targeting groups of 2 with balls of the same color. Bubble Shooter is also available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

These bubbles move quickly towards the bottom of the screen. Very fast! Can you pop them before it’s too late in this nerve-wracking bubble shooting game?

Remove all balls by aiming at groups of 2 with balls of the same color

These bubbles move quickly towards the bottom of the screen. Very fast! Can you pop them before it’s too late in this nerve-wracking bubble shooting game?

Now head to this mystical Egyptian temple where many exciting challenges await you! Combine the colored balls as quickly as possible before too many accumulate in this great puzzle game.

Bubble Shooter makes you addicted from the first bullet you shoot. The game is a timeless classic that remains challenging at all times. Although it may seem easy, players of all ages have this game firmly in their hearts. The goal of the game is to remove all the bubbles from the screen by aiming your own ball and resolving a group of three or more balls of the same color. Customize your winning strategies in every game! The more bubbles you resolve with one shot, the more points you get and the closer you get to becoming the bubble shooter grand master!

Can you crack the high score in this online bubble shooting game? Take control of the cannon and shoot the colorful bubbles as fast as you can!

Help Anna and Eva reveal the secrets of the Guardian Bubbles! Aim and shoot 3 or more bubbles of the same color to remove them and reveal the secrets of each level in this mysterious match 3 bubble shooter.

Aim and shoot the colored bubble at the same-colored bubbles to remove a series of three or more. Make as much space on your screen as possible to prevent the bubbles from touching the bottom line. Shoot as many festive bubbles as you can in this fun new Christmas edition.

How far do you get with this bubbly puzzle game?

Strange and dangerous bubbles suddenly appear in this magical forest. The brave squirrel must avert the danger and shoot the bubbles! Help him use the cannon and shoot all the bubbles in this bubble shooter!

Deep inside this dragon’s cave are a series of enchanted eggs filled with dangerous magic. Can you destroy them all in this bubble shooting game??

How long do you need to properly combine all the sweets on this spinning wheel? Combine them into groups of three or more in this totally cute bubble shooter game. Play as fast as you can to get a big bonus and lots of points!

Show what you can do and how well you blow bubbles. And this traditional version of the classic puzzle game comes in handy. Let it pop and as quickly as possible.

Can you shoot bubbles like a pro? If so, you can prove it in this challenging bubble shooting game! Your performance will be assessed in each of the exciting levels!

Pop mystical jewels in this match 3 game from ancient India.

Use the cannon and pop as many Christmas bubbles as you can.

This squirrel wants to free his friends from the enchanted bubbles! Can you help him in this bubble shooting game? He has to combine his friends into groups of three or more.

Nothing is sweeter than this family-friendly bubble shooter, Candy Bubble! Aim and shoot the right colors to make them go away and earn lots of points. However, you don’t have to be a sweet tooth to master this game!

In this great bubble shooting game you can show how well you can solve puzzles. Combine the bubbles by color and make them burst.

Here is a sweet bubble shooting game! Can you burst all the cute bubbles before they get out of hand? You have to play as fast as you can!

Tons of pearls fill this area of ​​the ocean and the situation is slowly getting out of control. Can you combine them by color in this fun and challenging puzzle game? This is the only way to make everyone disappear.

Go on a magical journey and burst these colored bubbles. Get ready and test your targeting skills in this brand new and totally fun shooter, Bubble Shooter Saga 2!

Are you ready for a challenge that may never end? Yes? Then play this fascinating classic bubble shooter. Control the cannon and combine the colorful bubbles as fast as you can.

These colorful balls can really get you in trouble because they are slowly but surely moving downwards. Control the cannon and destroy it! Can you clear them all in this unique match 3 game?

"Halloween chain" is a match 3 game that is the puzzle game "Zuma" similar. There are 3 progressive levels and rows, and your goal is to combine as many pumpkin balls of the same color to remove them. Do not let the pumpkin chain reach the mouth of the giant pumpkin at the end of the path. Do not be afraid, just aim carefully and quickly.

There are tons of jewels just waiting to be picked up by you! The only problem is that they are stuck between colorful bubbles! You have to aim and shoot well to combine and clear them. And the glittering treasure is yours!

Take control of the cannon in this classic bubble shooter. How quickly can you burst the colorful bubbles? Decide quickly and be smart before you fire them.

Want to pop a few bubbles? It’s always fun!

Experience a world full of bursting bubbles on this pirate ship! Aim and shoot bubbles of the same color with your cannon to pop them! In this puzzle game in the style of "Bubble shooter" you will receive additional golden coins as a reward. Everyone on board, captain? Experience bubble space pirate fun now.

Make colorful bubbles burst so that the pirate ship doesn’t sink in the 3rd sequel to the popular game "Sea bubble pirates"! Destroy at least 3 connected bubbles as quickly as possible and earn bonus points by destroying bubble clusters with just one shot! Unlock achievements, boosts and combos, but the bubbles must not touch the bottom of the screen.

Destroy as many festive balloons as you can before the time runs out.

Can you free each one of these mice from the bubbles before time runs out? They’d really appreciate it.

Borb Bay’s idyll is disrupted by an invasion of nasty rags. Only you can drive away the intruders and prevent a catastrophe in this entertaining match 3 bubble shooter!

Experience all the excitement of the World Cup in this bubble shooting game! Take control of the cannon and shoot the bubbles from the field as fast as you can.

Immerse yourself in this classic bubble shooting game. How quickly can you destroy the colorful bubbles in this exciting puzzle game?

Shooting games do not have to be violent. In this category you can definitely put your skills to the test. Instead of shooting at people or other living beings, you can aim at an infinite number of bubbles or other flying objects! Choose a graphic style or your favorite color scheme and get started! Or shoot furry woobies, jewels, candy and nuts, monster heads or totems instead of bubbles. How about some bubble trouble as a witch or magician. Play in jungle or island environments, or very cute as a little mouse. Or celebrate Halloween with the great "Bubbleween", in which the "bubbles" are the heads of vampires, pumpkin heads, bats and more. Or shoot Christmas decorations with a candy cane. There are even bubble games that combine sport with bubble shooting and allow you to shoot soccer balls or throw basketballs, for example. You can even play in the world of some of your favorite movie characters, like the Big Hero 6 team. Find your favorite bubble game and save it in your profile. Then you will find it again quickly if you want to continue playing later. And remember to come back here frequently to find the latest games that are added regularly!

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