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Now it’s getting colorful!

This colorful advent calendar is an absolute eye-catcher in every home! The lace bags are very easy to make yourself and offer space for many small gifts. The colorful bags are lined with delicate tissue paper. Combine the colors according to your mood! for me wishes a lot of fun with the handicrafts.

Simply huge – the Advent Tower

This advent calendar goes high. All you need for the Advent Tower are different sized chip boxes, which you fill with gifts and stack on top of one another according to the pyramid principle. With its Christmassy painting and a glued star on the top jar, this Advent calendar is reminiscent of a modern Christmas tree.

Christmas ice skating

Enthusiastic ice princesses will be delighted with this advent calendar: A special eye-catcher is a pair of ice skates, on the runners of which many small gifts dangle in organza bags. Cut the plywood skates so that the calendar is particularly stable.

Advent with action: the hide-and-seek game

It doesn’t always have to be the advent calendar on the wall: why not organize a fun hide-and-seek game during Advent! Children in particular will enjoy it. Hide a gift for every day in the house, e.g. B. under the sofa, in the cutlery drawer or after getting up under the pillow. Before the kids go to school, they go on a search – plan about ten minutes extra in the morning. When searching, give tips like "hot" or "cold", so that the little adventurers can get to their treasure faster.

Tricky December: The daily Advent puzzle

Children love to solve small tasks. Surprise your child this year with an exciting Advent puzzle! Every morning it answers a question or solves a task and receives a gift as a reward. The more atmospheric you design this puzzle ritual, the more your child will look forward to it. For example, write the 24 puzzles on small pieces of paper, roll them up and tie them together with a ribbon or a thread. Store the rolls in a bowl or tin decorated for Christmas.

In order for your child to have fun with the Advent puzzle, it must be age-appropriate. Enclosed you will find suggestions for 24 Christmas questions and tasks for kindergarten children and elementary school students.

Decorative advent calendars: something for everyone

What would be the anticipation for Christmas without the advent calendar? Homemade calendars have a particularly individual touch. The book shows smart ideas for DIY "Decorative advent calendar" by Sigrid Heinzmann. Whether an oriental city, a romantic Christmas mail or a noble box with gold and silver – this book offers numerous suggestions to give your loved ones a very personal joy. And bet that the recipient will still rave about his original advent calendar years later?

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