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wearing jackets

Wear with wear in wind and weather!

  • keeps you warm
  • protects against wind and weather
  • various functions available

Adapt to the weather

The weather does not have to stand in the way of carrying. Optimal wear protects against cold and wet and gives the right clothes for every season and weather conditions.

General information about wearing clothes:

Anyone who started wearing in the summer did not have to deal with wearing clothes, as the baby carrier or sling is simply worn over the summer clothing. In September, when autumn approaches, baby-wearers can be advised on comfortable wearing clothes that have become an integral part of the first colder days.

What makes wearing clothes?

Wearing clothes will about of the Sluggish or worn the sling. An insert allows a comfortable and easy carrying experience for mother and child, since the Head outside the wearing clothes, but the rest of the body is under the warm clothes.

When do I need wearing clothes?

Usually, wearing clothes on colder autumn- and spring days as well as in the winter used, because it donates a lot of heat.

How should I wear my child??

Under the baby clothes should be the child Not especially warm be attracted, because the body heat ensures a good temperature. Body parts that are outside the jacket, however, need additional protection e.g. a cap to protect the head and ears from the cold.

Do I have to pay attention to something??

If you wear with wearing clothes, there is always a lot of heat in the game. There are a few things to keep in mind so you can enjoy wearing them all without exception:

  • Wear proper clothes underneath: You should not wear too thick winter jacket when wearing. Down jackets cause excessive heat and this could be uncomfortable for the wearer and the baby. Of course, you should also pay attention to what you wear under the jacket – child and parent should not wear too much fabric, as the human body provides extra warmth.
  • Can the child breathe well?? The baby should not be completely fixed so that it can still move and there is normal breathing. Also, the child‘s head should not be completely covered by fabric. Therefore you should wear turtlenecks instead of scarves.

What is a wearing jacket?

A wearing jacket is a jacket, in which a carrying aid is integrated. That is, a normal winter or rain jacket that can be converted into a mother-and-child jacket in a snap with a special use. The jackets are so versatile because you can use them as a pregnancy jacket during pregnancy. Once your baby has outgrown, the jacket becomes a regular jacket that you can wear everyday.

Most jackets are suitable for all carrying systems, whether sling, baby carriers or ring slings.

What is a wearing cover??

Carrying covers are the right weather protection for rain and cold – made of fleece or waterproof polyester. Carrying cover simply pull over your child, who sits in the sling, ring sling or the carrying aid and fix it.

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