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Children’s swivel chair comparison 2020

The 9 best children’s swivel chairs at a glance.

From school at the latest, every child needs a suitable desk chair to be able to do their homework, paint and do handicrafts. Most children’s swivel chairs are Can be used from the age of about 5 years and grow with your offspring over several years.

Pay particular attention when looking at our table Armrests and an adjustable backrest. They make it easier for the child to sit upright and ergonomically. In practical tests, so-called double safety castors also prove to be important: They prevent the chair from accidentally rolling away when you sit down and thus protect against accidents.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Children’s swivel chair comparison
Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model TOPSTAR 71487 S05 Titan Junior FineBuy Samy Racing children’s desk chair TOPSTAR 70570BB10 High S’cool IDIMEX COOL TOPSTAR 71430S07 Open Art Junior HJH Office KIDDY GTI-2 Caro furniture studio SixBros. H-2408F / 1408 SixBros. H-298F / 1412
on Amazon
189 reviews 20 reviews 560 reviews 165 ratings 160 reviews 318 reviews 119 reviews 205 ratings 970 reviews
Recommended age from 5 years from 8 years from age 6 from 8 years from 5 years from 8 years from age 6 from 8 years from 8 years
seat height 37-51 cm 44-54 cm 39-51 cm 47-59 cm 36-48 cm 40-55 cm 42-53 cm 41-53 cm 43-55 cm
Width x depth
44 x 36 cm 42 x 42 cm 43 x 39 cm 48 x 46 cm 44 x 46 cm 45 x 42 cm 44 x 40 cm 43 x 40 cm 42 x 44 cm
Backrest height 47 cm 48 cm 43 cm 46 cm 58 cm 46 cm 43 cm 37 cm 43 cm
Material cover Polyester-cotton blend
breathable, elastic
Polyurethane, polyamide
easy care
soft, durable
soft, durable
Polyester-cotton blend
breathable, elastic
soft, durable
robust, hard
soft, durable
soft, durable
Material frame metal plastic Plastic, metal plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic
Stability Swivel chairs made from robust and resilient materials such as metal and molded wood do not wear out as quickly and last longer than plastic models. In addition, stable materials are a safety-relevant factor in our comparison. We therefore have this in the assessment of stability Material of the base, the Number of legs and the load-bearing capacity allow the chair to flow in as a whole.
Safety double castors They are also called castors that are braked depending on the load and prevent the chair from rolling away when the chair is seated. They serve to avoid accidents. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Supplied roles for soft floors for all floors for soft floors for soft floors for soft floors for soft floors for soft floors for all floors for all floors
adjustable back
armrests optional
Available colors Pink, blue, green, purple, red, black, white Blue, green, red Pink, orange, yellow, red, black, white, blue, green Pink, blue, gray, red Pink, blue, purple, orange, black Black-red, black-blue, black-gray Pink, blue, gray, green, red, black, black and white Orange, blue, green, pink, black Pink, orange, green, blue, black
  • GS seal (security in the living area)
  • ergonomic seat
  • Seat height adjustment with special children’s gas spring (triggers from 20 kg)
  • breathable backrest cover
  • ergonomic seat
  • ergonomic backrest
  • comfortable armrests
  • GS seal (security in the living area)
  • ergonomic seat
  • ergonomic backrest
  • height-adjustable lumbar support
  • breathable backrest cover
  • Rocker mechanism for active sitting
  • comfortable armrests
  • GS seal (security in the living area)
  • breathable backrest cover
  • ergonomic seat
  • ergonomic backrest
  • optionally available: hard floor casters
  • breathable backrest cover
  • comfortable armrests
  • breathable backrest cover
  • Armrests optionally available
  • Armrests optionally available
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about TOPSTAR 71487 S05 Titan Junior Questions and answers about FineBuy Samy Racing children’s desk chair Questions and answers about TOPSTAR 70570BB10 High S’cool Questions and answers about IDIMEX COOL Questions and answers about TOPSTAR 71430S07 Open Art Junior Questions and answers about HJH Office KIDDY GTI-2 Questions and answers about Caro-Möbel Studio Questions and answers about SixBros. H-2408F / 1408 Questions and answers about SixBros. H-298F / 1412
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  • A children’s swivel chair is part of the basic equipment in every child’s room and becomes an important companion for the little ones when learning and also when playing. So take enough time to choose the right model, paying particular attention to safety and ergonomic standards.
  • Not all children can sit still for a long time – there are swivel chairs for especially active kids who do not restrict their urge to move. The best children’s swivel chair is the one that fits your child’s needs.
  • The right attitude counts. Children’s and youth swivel chairs should be able to grow with their users and be child’s play to adapt to changing body sizes. When buying, pay attention to the adjustability of the seat and backrest so that your child does not grow out of the desk chair again in no time.

At school, everyone is sitting in the same way – even though school beginners are physically very different, there are standardized chairs and tables in the classroom that cannot simultaneously meet the ergonomic requirements of all children. An ergonomic children’s chair for the children’s room at home is all the more important to prevent bad posture when sitting. In our children’s swivel chair comparison you will find out what is important when choosing the right children’s office chair and which is the best children’s swivel chair for your offspring.

1. Healthy sitting for the little ones

Protect your parquet

Most children’s swivel chairs come with hard plastic castors that leave unsightly marks on your parquet floor. If necessary, simply replace them with special hard floor casters that can be ordered online.

Just like a swivel chair for adults, a children’s swivel chair should promote a healthy and relaxed sitting position at the desk. Thanks to resilient seats and flexible backrests, good desk chairs take part in all of the child’s movements when doing homework, painting, handicrafts and playing. The base of the children’s office chair, which is usually equipped with casters, allows even more freedom of movement when sitting. Thanks to a gas pressure spring, the seat of the desk chair is height adjustable. This is a necessary quality, especially for children who are still growing.

2. What types of children’s swivel chairs are there??

The small version of the classic office chair for adults, i.e. the swivel chair with backrest, is very common. It is available with or without armrests. Swivel chairs in the "without backrest" category, i.e. the swivel stool, are still relatively new and popular with both adults and children. Find out in our children’s swivel chair comparison 2019/2020 which model best suits your child.

2.1. Children’s swivel chair with backrest

Desk chairs that have a backrest also offer elementary school students relief when they do their homework at their desk every day. Many manufacturers do not use armrests for children’s and youth swivel chairs, as these restrict the chair’s ability to grow with it in width. Variable armrests, which can be adjusted in height, inclination and also in their distance from each other or even completely removed, are a useful addition to the swivel armchair with backrest – especially for older children. Rotating desk chairs with backrests are available in a wide variety of variants. In our children’s swivel chair comparison 2019/2020 we present the best models.

2.2. Swivel stool for children

The Swoppster comes from a completely different perspective. This swivel stool on wheels by AERIS has no backrest. Especially for the little ones from 4 years old, this vertically swinging model, available in bright colors, is almost more of an adventure toy than a seat. From the start, the kids learn to sit straight on this swivel stool and at the same time train their back muscles. The AERIS Swoppster is also suitable for cramped children’s rooms because it can be stowed away under the desk to save space.

At this point we summarize the advantages of chairs with a backrest over swivel stools:

relieves the spine and arms
Available in many different versions promote active sitting
save space
Swivel chair with backrest Swivel stool
The swivel stool is particularly suitable for very active children who can fully express their urge to move on this seat. For the slightly larger children who already spend a few hours a day at the desk, a spine-relieving children’s swivel chair with armrest and backrest is recommended.

3. Buying advice for children’s swivel chairs: safety and ergonomics are the be-all and end-all

3.1. safety

The most important criterion when choosing furniture for children’s rooms is security. In our children’s swivel chair comparison, we paid particular attention to the following safety-related aspects:

robust base Safety double castors load-bearing capacity
A metal base offers greater stability than plastic bases, where the gas spring sometimes sags to the floor after prolonged use. Modern office chairs should also have at least 5, ideally even 6 legs to ensure the necessary stability. We have incorporated these criteria into the stability assessment of the products. The desk chair for children should be placed on castors that are braked depending on the load. These rollers prevent the chair from rolling away just before you sit down and help prevent accidents. In our children’s swivel chair comparison, we explicitly point out models equipped with double safety castors. Although some manufacturers state the maximum weight the chair can be loaded with, it can happen that an adult sits on it carelessly. In such cases, the chair should preferably not collapse immediately. In our children’s swivel chair comparison, we therefore pay attention to a high resilience under the aspect of product stability.
Even if things are a bit more turbulent in the children’s room, a stable and resilient children’s swivel chair with safety double castors ensures safety.

3.2. ergonomics

Lounging is healthy

"Lounging" is considered the optimal posture for a spinal disc-sparing sitting, ie a slight upper body inclination to the back. A backrest that can be tilted back can partially absorb the strain on the spine and prevents back problems.

If you want to support the development of the children’s muscles and prevent tension and back pain in your child, pay special attention to their ergonomics when buying a children’s desk chair. The following setting options have a positive effect on the sitting posture:

  • seat height
  • Backrest height
  • Height and inclination of the armrests
  • if available, also the height of the pelvic support (also called lumbar support)

An ergonomically shaped upholstery and a special rocking mechanism, which is included in many high-quality children’s swivel chairs, also support healthy, active sitting behavior.

3.3. Processing and longevity

Many children’s swivel armchairs captivate with their child-friendly look, with colorfully printed covers in blue, green, pink, orange, purple and red, as well as with a modern design with mesh and 3D effects. And most of the available models are made of easy-to-process plastic. But that often has an impact on the life of the product. Upholstery and mesh fabrics made of polyester are difficult to clean and often look worn out after a few years. Plastic bases also show signs of fatigue faster than metal bases. If you want your child to enjoy his new desk chair for a long time, choose a product made of metal and wood instead of plastic. A suitable model in this case would be the "Woody" from Moll.

Below we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of a seat including backrest made of molded wood:

  • high stability
  • less wear and tear than plastic or upholstery
  • easy care
  • natural and low-pollutant material
  • odorless
  • less comfort (hard seat)
  • less ergonomic adjustments possible

If you are skilled in craftsmanship, you can increase the comfort of the wooden seat with the help of a home-made seat cushion. Instructions can be found in the following video:

4. Care and cleaning tips

Tip: The bright color of your swivel chair cover will last longer if you clean it regularly, protect it from direct sunlight and do not place the chair directly next to the heater.

If something goes wrong while painting, the swivel chair upholstery becomes like new again with the help of a special cleaner.

In principle, every office chair – including the chairs in the children’s room – should be cleaned at least once a year. For this you use a foam cleaner or a special upholstery cleaner. First of all, dust and dry dirt are removed superficially using a vacuum cleaner. In the case of heavy soiling, a root brush can also be used to loosen stubborn deposits. Only after this rough cleaning is the foam or upholstery cleaner distributed on the seat and, if necessary, on the backrest and rubbed in with a sponge. As soon as the cleaning agent has dried completely, the chair must be carefully worked on again with the vacuum cleaner. Finally, the last traces of the upholstery cleaner can be removed with the root brush.

Tip: Be careful when cleaning leather covers. Not all cleaning agents are suitable for leather covers. It is best to use only a damp cloth.

5. Manufacturers and brands

  • minor
  • Topstar
  • Kettler
  • HJH Office
  • Idimex
  • rovo
  • link
  • SixBros.
  • Carat
  • Mayer
  • 5 star
  • Lampert
  • Ikea

6. Questions and answers about children’s swivel chairs

6.1. How do I properly adjust my desk chair??

For a comfortable and back-friendly seat, not only office chairs for adults, but also all desk chairs for children, a professional adjustment of the entire workplace to the body shape of the user is necessary. First set the correct seat height for the new swivel chair. Lock the seat at about the height of your child’s knee and make sure that it does not squeeze in the back of the knee. Let your child sit flat on the floor while sitting. In this position, the upper and lower leg should be at least 90 ° to each other.

Then adjust the height of the children’s desk to the seating position. While your child hangs the upper arms relaxed while sitting, lock the student desk at elbow height. When the forearm rests on the desk, it should be at a 90 ° angle to the upper arm.

For growing children, the seat and desk setting should be checked about twice a year and corrected if necessary.

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