Children’s World Journey – i

Children's World Journey - i


Illegal is something that violates the law. The opposite is true "legal", legally allowed.

If you immigrate to another country without permission, it is illegal. The word means "non-legally" or"against the law". If you live illegally in another country, you usually have to hide. Adults can not find work, children can not go to school.

Illyrians, Illyrians, Illyrian

Illyria is a landscape in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. Here lived in ancient times the people of the Illyrians. Today one uses the term synonymous with that of the southern Slavs. These are, for example, Bosniaks, Bulgarians, Croats, Macedonians, Serbs and Slovenes.

ILO, International Labor Organization

With ILO the International Labor Organization abbreviated. In German, the International Labor Organization. This organization is subordinate to the United Nations and takes care of labor and human rights. The ILO has 187 member states.

An imam is the religious-political head of the Muslims, with each grouping having its own imam. But even the individual leader of a mosque is an imam. Imam is also an honorary title.

Houses, buildings and land are sold at an overpriced price, although this price does not correspond to the actual value. People get money borrowed from a bank. More and more people then want to buy a house (a property) and prices rise even more. This creates a real estate bubble. When prices suddenly fall, the bubble bursts.

Import means importing goods from another country. States import goods from abroad into their own country in order to sell these goods on their own market. For example, Germany imports bananas because they do not grow with us. The opposite is the export, the export.

indigenous peoples

Indigenous means translated "indigenous". Indigenous people are descendants of peoples who have always lived in certain regions. They are the original inhabitants of these areas. These include, for example, the Indians who live in the rainforest of the Amazon, but also the Maori in New Zealand.

Indians are called the indigenous peoples of South America, the people who lived here first. They are distinguished into the peoples of the lowlands and the peoples of the Andes. A more neutral term is "indigenous peoples of South America". These include, for example, Quechua, Tupi and Mapuche.

"Indirect Rule" is English and means translated "Indirect rule". This is how a certain form of rule of the colonial powers is called. Power is exercised over local representatives of the colonial rulers. The old power structures remained, at least in part. Especially in the British colonies this form of rule was exercised, for example in Nigeria.

The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world. It is located south of India and between Africa and Australia. Oceans are the largest seas on earth.

Indo-European, Indo-European, Indo-Aryan

The Indo-Europeans (also: Indo-Europeans) lived 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, probably in the Black Sea and Southern Russia. They spoke Indo-European. The Indo-Europeans immigrated to Europe, but also to Iran, India and Turkey. The Indo-Aryans are the Indian branch of Indo-Europeans. The Indo-Germanic developed many languages, including German and English.

The transition from a peasant society to a society in which more and more goods are manufactured in factories is called industrialization. So industry is increasing and agricultural production is declining.

Industrialized countries are states whose development is already very far above all in terms of technical development. That’s why there‘s a lot of industry here. The opposite is a country where agriculture predominates – an agricultural state.

Inflation means devaluation. Goods and goods are becoming more and more expensive, purchasing power and thus the value of money are falling.

The infrastructure includes roads, rails and waterways, but also hospitals and schools – in fact, everything that belongs to the basic equipment of a country. Countries with a good infrastructure are usually better off financially. In order to improve infrastructure development, residents have to pay, which is taxes.

The inclusion of adolescents of primitive peoples in the adult population is called initiation. Usually a party is celebrated to confirm this recording. Certain rituals and symbols are often an initiation.

Inquisition is the term used to describe a trial in the Middle Ages and the early modern period which, on behalf of the Catholic Church, detected and condemned dissenters. Often it was very cruel.

An insecticide is a chemical that kills or sells insects. Insecticides are mainly used in agriculture. Most of them are poisons, which in the worst case damage the plant and the environment or even the person who takes the plant.

Investor, investment, invest

An investor can be a person or a company. She spends money on a project to earn her own money in the end. That’s what you call it "invest", it is an investment.

Islam is one of the world’s major religions. The followers of Islam are called Muslims. They believe in Allah, their Prophet is Mohammed. The holy book of Islam, which contains the revelations of the Prophet Muhammad, is called Koran. There are several faiths in Islam. The largest group are the Sunnis, followed by the Shiites.

Islamic State, IS

The so-called Islamic State (IS) is an Islamist, terrorist organization. It was founded in 2003 and it uses force to try to form its own state. At the same time, she does not shrink from the murder of people and attacks. Above all, ISIS controls areas in Syria and Iraq that are fiercely contested.

As an Islamist is originally called someone who is committed to the spread of Islam. Often the term is used today for anti-violence supporters of Islam. Islamist terrorists are making serious attacks and are not afraid to kill people.

Isolated means lonely and alone or without contact.

An isthmus is the narrowest point of a strip of land connecting two land areas otherwise separated by the sea. In the past, channels were preferably built here to connect the two seas, and so did the Panama Canal.

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