Clutch – relocated – markthalle hamburg

Clutch - relocated - markthalle hamburg

Clutch – MOVED


Clutch – MOVED

Due to the great demand, the concert was moved by Clutch on 29.11.15 in the Große Freiheit 36!
Already purchased tickets remain valid.

Presented by Metal Hammer,, guitar, and Kulturnews

The bluesy side of Stoner Rock

For over two decades, the US quartet Clutch is on an exciting musical expedition. Their goal, to combine the oppressive heaviness of the Stoner Rock with the edgy originality of the Blues, always remained in focus. At the same time, the band from Germantown / Maryland has consistently developed. Her numerous releases – including ten studio and five live albums – have always met with considerable success in the rock world. Even more important, however, is their global fan base, which has fallen prey to them cultically, as their completely sold-out Germany tour last year showed. Her album “Earth Rocker”, which was released in 2013, was also extremely euphoric. With her 15th place in the US Billboard charts and numerous “Album of the Year” entries in international publications, “Earth Rocker” has become her most successful work so far. Currently, the band is working on the successor, which is announced for the fall. Clutch will then come to Germany between November 28 and December 6 for four concerts in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Clutch’s debut album “Transnational Speedway League” burst in 1993 in the middle of the first hysteria surrounding the newly created grunge. Clutch also used some grunge elements on their first album. Even more at the center of their work were the powerful grooves of the Stoner Rock, which successfully and repeatedly coupled them with the feeling and the songwriting comprehension of the blues. On average, the band released a new album every other year with growing success: “The Elephant Riders” (1998), “Pure Rock Fury” (2001) and “Blast Tyrant” (2004) all made it into the top 5 US Heatseekers charts.

In the course of their endless world tours – Clutch often play more than 100 concerts a year – they were able to win over an international fanbase, who follows every step of the band with great enthusiasm. Many of these fans follow them on tour, because every concert night is different. How brilliantly they act as a live band, prove all five live CDs: each one presents a separate section in the career of Clutch.

As much as they have remained true to their style, but also the desire for further development is striking. Neil Fallon (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Tim Sult (guitar), Dan Maines (bass) and Jean-Paul Gaster (drums) integrated on the albums “Robot Hive / Exodus” (2005) and “From Beale Street To Oblivion” (2007) the keyboarder Mick Schauer in the line-up to expand their sound cosmos. The four members also pursue significantly more experimental approaches in the formation The Bakerton Group, where they develop instrumental jamrock with an identical cast.

For several years, Clutch have established their completely autonomous work platform with their own studio and label. In 2011, they regained the licenses for their albums, which they re-published piece by piece with a variety of bonus tracks and rarities. Around the last tour a special limited vinyl edition of their most successful album “Earth Rocker” was released, on which one finds not only the studio material but also all songs in live presented alternatives, which differ in aesthetics and joy of playing clearly from the studio versions. Once again, Clutch proved what an extraordinary band they are. Accordingly, the fans may be excited about the upcoming album.

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