Killerpilze – still young – tour – markthalle hamburg

Killerpilze - still young - tour - markthalle hamburg

Killerpilze – “Still Young” Tour Support: Barrenstein


Killerpilze – “Still Young” Tour Support: Barrenstein

The Killerpilze continue the tour of their chart album HIGH in 2017 for the 15th anniversary of the band’s anniversary (!) And bring their energetic live show to the stage with a fresh coat of paint. Casual self-confident indie rock / Pop’n’Roll at its best!

Venue Deichbrand Festival, Open Flair Festival or Tollwood Festival in the summer of 2016. The game is always the same: the encore calls do not stop. Sweat-soaked people in front of and on stage. The KILLERPILZE have just shown once more why they rightfully belong to the most resounding live bands in the German-speaking world: sweaty rock’n’roll energy, casual, thoughtful lyrics, dance-ready pop-refrains and a sense of not just capturing the audience but also 2 hours does not let go and excited. With their new album, the Killerpilze have surprised critics and fans alike: eclectic rock music between great guitar pop refrains, seasoned modern-time blues and a casual self-conscious pose. The band around frontman and lyricist Jo Halbig makes it to HIGH to pack the big themes Major Love, excessive nights, sex and the meaning of life between backstage rooms and journeys into driving songs.

“Irresistibly self-confident and yes … exciting music.” A statement that comes not from an exuberant supporter from within, but from the Süddeutsche Zeitung after the show at the Tollwood Festival.

What a year! With their current album HIGH, the Drei 2016 not only jumped back into the charts for the first time in years, but also turned their hand from TV studio to TV studio and festival stage to festival stage: sold-out spring tour, performances at Circus Halligalli, Tagesschau or in various situation night shows, 20 festivals over the summer and in the second half of 2016 another 30 concerts in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. A labor-intensive year lies behind the three Munichers, but the trio is far from enough: “2017 is a special year for us.15 years of killer mushrooms! An anniversary to a band history that no other band can show. We have to celebrate this! Playing live and having a great time with the people is the most important thing for us. “And there Jo (27), Fabi (23) and Mäx (28) can be sure.
KILLERPILZE concerts are events. This has not only convinced the festival visitors of major festivals such as Rock Am Ring, Nova Rock, Deichbrand, the Frequency Festival, Open Flair, or Big Day Out in recent years, but also fans in France and Russia (!), As well the ladies and gentlemen of Jennifer Rostock & Madsen, who summarily summoned the three mid-twenties to their tours for a few dates.

2017 is now all about the 15th anniversary of the band. 15 years of KILLERPILZE mean a highly entertaining journey of a real band through pop history with numerous encounters, ups and downs and an unrestrained will to conquer the stages of the world. The unique documentary “Still Young”, which describes the career of the band and will be released in 2017, visualizes the development of Germany’s once youngest rock band to the big teen hype, the fall after and the way back to the top league of the German-speaking music landscape own label and hundreds of live concerts. Followers, bands, celebrities, friends, business partners and the boys themselves provide an insight into the world of musicians and people Jo, Fabi and Mäx. For some, this becomes a deja vu – but for all a great reason to get the old records off the shelf, to memorize the new songs and to convince yourself live that the killer mushrooms are among the best German live bands and also in Help shape the year 15 on the pulse of the times.

Three types – guitar, bass, drums. Barrenstein press the red button,
Explosion. So a rock band with clever German lyrics actually
sound? So much Wow was long gone.
Hey, nothing against lush big bands in rock – but in the end, nothing beats three
Musician. Three, the smallest conceivable rock band unit, the nirvana principle. So that
works, the band must (not only) understand live blind – and burn like
Petrol. Barren stone in flames. Sounds energetic? Is it too.
The reference to Nirvana has a blur that does not really help this one
To track down the band. You should be much more the video to> phone <
look at it, then you will automatically on more appropriate tracks, see you
reminiscent of The Jam and their over-classic> Goin ‘Underground <. And come like that
at least the panorama that opens this story here, a little closer. Singer Max
Must Grin When Biting a Band Info’s Notorious Crosshunt
should throw and says: “Barrenstein sounds maybe … like a mix from the kinks,
Motörhead and Tocotronic «. What seems like shot from the hip, but is everything
other than an embarrassment statement. Popping riffs stand for the music of the kinks,
Motörhead possess this dry toughness as well as the singing bassist and
Tocotronic in German somewhere somewhere between phantasm and precision – all that
you can also find Barrenstein again, no one has to search long.
Barrenstein is already two years old, but now things are getting serious. The first EP
> Undercover in Moscow Undercover in
Moscow <- you have to be awake to puzzle together, what about
has the title song on it. Homosexuality in totalitarian circumstances? Of the
Conclusion is obvious, you have to pull this and others but even more.
The irresistible current single> Foto and magical thinking, when she breathlessly shouts to the other person, “What you need
and what you are missing is my photo in your purse! «- and where other bands are in
Barring the high strings in the middle section, Barrenstein will break and build
around her version of a guitar solo a dramaturgy that actually made the song
can push further up, the anti-fade-out, so to speak.
The piece> New German Loneliness To confuse platitudes knows, after all, the three are not about the new
German uniqueness. Barrenstein whirl up the dust, but nobody is going forward
fact, the band is just too smart for that.
The lyrics are the thing Max, the pieces brings the band to his ideas
together in form. Oh, and Max’s last name is … Barrenstein. But
this is not supposed to be the wrong track, Barrenstein is just the sonorous name, the
It’s not a solo thing, it’s a band band band.
And like the really good bands, it is more than just the sum of them
individual parts.

This EP with its handful of live recorded songs now opens the story. It is
a publication that sounds in its urgency that there is much more
seething. Exactly the same is true then: Barrenstein sit on glowing coals
in the form of a whole series of other pieces. An album will not be too long
wait for a while, but first the tour bus will be played sore.
Here and now something starts. Something you should not miss.
My well-intentioned advice to an incredible band.

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