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functional therapy

Treatment of children, including treatment of chalk teeth

Time is a precious commodity.

We often have too little of it. The annual visit to the dentist: a chore to fill the bonus book. Long waiting times, treatment according to scheme F, possibly accompanied by fear of pain?

Do your previous appointments at the dentist look like this? Together with you, Dr. Cornelia Franz and her team will do better in the future.

We take time for you and your concerns, especially when you are worried about fears. We will inform you in detail and make the decision together with you which treatment is best for you.

We want to create trust. For all of our patients, including the little ones. So that there are no fears. Because nothing is more beautiful than a healthy smile. For your fellow human beings as well as for your own well-being.

That is why we do everything in our dental practice to achieve the best for your teeth and to keep them permanently healthy – trustingly and with the necessary sensitivity. So-called anxiety patients are in good hands with us.

See for yourself how we can help you!

About practice

Our competent team relies on state-of-the-art technology and friendly service to treat you in the best possible and most comprehensive way. Learn more about our practice!

We have set up a meeting room for you so that you can B. Consultations in one `Non-dental chair environment` receive. We work digitized. I.e. You benefit from the latest information technology medium for X-rays, appointments, service recording and documentation.

The entire team is qualified in all areas and is characterized by many professional years.

We have a practice manager, a quality management officer, a dental consultant, experienced assistants, hygiene officers, two specially trained, qualified prophylactic assistants and we also enjoy external coaching. And all this so that we can treat you, dear patient, comprehensively as best as possible and that our work is structured and fun!

We demonstrate psychological skills, especially in anxiety patients.

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