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Winter vacation with small children – it’s worth it?

Experience report: winter vacation with small children – is it worth it? We give hints and some tips on what to do with children apart from skiing.

In the winter in the mountains or in the sun? Many families whose parents are enthusiastic skiers or snowboarders will surely ask themselves these questions.

Winter vacation in the mountains?

The Alps are of course popular areas for winter holidays. No matter whether in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France or Italy – suitable ski areas for families are now everywhere. A big difference is usually the travel time required. Because once almost across the Alps to Italy takes much longer than if you are looking for a ski area in Germany or Austria.

Otherwise, an essential aspect of winter vacation is what the family is up to. For many it would be more like "skiing for a week" – instead of a winter vacation. Because if you stand on the boards from morning to afternoon, there is not much time left for a real vacation. But of course it’s understandable, because a winter vacation in the mountains is expensive. The long journey, overpriced hotels or apartments as well as the maps for the ski area (for the lifts). You can understand that if you want to enjoy the short time skiing. But with the relaxation that a vacation actually suggests, it’s over of course.

And when the children are still in the ski school, additional stress arises. Because the start is usually on time at 10 a.m. At 12 o’clock there is usually a 2 hour lunch break until the mountain climbs again from 2 to 4 p.m. Then it’s time to pick up the children – instead of après ski.

And since the days are fully clocked, there is hardly any time left for vacation. But you should take it. Especially as an experience for the kids.

Tips for a vacation in winter

So here are some simple tips on how, despite the ski program, a vacation in the mountains is not neglected.

Ski instructor demonstration: There is usually a demonstration of the ski schools in one ski area in one evening. Great tricks, breathtaking rides and great entertainment make for a nice change.

Sledging: In the meantime, many ski areas have also set up sledding. Toboggan runs with a length of several kilometers are therefore no longer uncommon. And don’t worry, of course you can go up with the lift.

swimming pool: A visit to the swimming pool is usually a highlight for the children. No matter whether it is the thermal bath with sauna, bathing area with slides or just a simple swimming pool – the tired bones of the parents also get going again.

Sleigh ride: A great experience for the whole family is definitely a horse-drawn sleigh ride. It is murmured thickly through a wonderful winter landscape.

winter hike: The ski gear can be left on right away. With proper winter shoes and off you go. Either a piece through the forest or through the village. It’s best to watch another day when it’s snowing.

to build a snowman: You can do this almost anywhere. But it is best if you live in a holiday home and have a small meadow directly in front of the window – so the children can see the snowman every day and enjoy it.

Winter landscape with the sun

Conclusion: Is the winter vacation suitable for families?

As you can see, these recommendations are not time-consuming day trips or activities to keep you from skiing or the ski school. Nevertheless, make your winter vacation a family vacation that you will happily remember. It is therefore up to you whether your winter vacation will be family-friendly. Anyway, it was ours.

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