Who has experience with nitrous oxide sedation? (Dentist, anesthetic)

Who has experience with nitrous oxide sedation?

who has experience with nitrous oxide sedation at the dentist? Do you still get local anesthesia on the tooth to be treated? What about side effects? Do you have to pay anything for this sedation?

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A few additions and corrections to the previously registered items:

Laughing gas is an anesthetic that has an analgesic effect, but is hardly asleep, so it does not raise consciousness to the extent that is necessary and customary for general anesthesia. The effects are dose dependent. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen. A 25% share of nitrous oxide loosens, relaxes, tingles in the body, 50% has a pain-relieving and even more mood-enhancing effect, sometimes to the point of euphoria and enthusiasm, the concentration is increased, dream experiences can occur, but it can also lead to that the memory is completely gone, like a sedation with Dormicum.

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Pictures Photos Hamburg

* Pictures from Hamburg, photos from Hamburg

Tips Experience Hamburg for free with children

Hamburg is one of the most popular and most visited destinations for city trips in Germany. And the Hanseatic city rightly enjoys its good reputation. Because it attracts visitors all year round with an extensive art and culture program, a variety of sights and tourist attractions, a varied range of sports and leisure activities, a colorful nightlife, international gastronomy and a well-filled calendar of events. The metropolis on the Elbe is worth a trip in every season.

But the Hanseatic city is an expensive place. A short vacation in Hamburg is not always available at a low price and is therefore not necessarily suitable for a small travel budget. This is especially true for families with children. For example, a long weekend in the Elbe metropolis with a musical visit and a trip to the Miniatur Wunderland can quickly cost several hundred euros for a family of several.

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South Africa family tours

Our tours through South Africa are suggestions from us that you can book in the same way or flexibly to yours Adjust wishes can. For example, if you would like to stay one day longer or shorter in one place, we will be happy to adapt the tour to your ideas. Transport, overnight stays and many excursions are already included. The international flight or domestic flight is exclusive. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or give us a call. If you prefer to plan your route yourself, you can use our modules to put together your individual South Africa family trip.

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Hamburg in 3 days

Experience three days in Hamburg – tips for things to do

Here are some tips to make your stay in the Hanseatic city worth experiencing. To fully experience Hamburg as a tourist, 3 days are not enough. But also during this time you have the opportunity to discover a lot of sights.

It is also useful if you are in Hamburg for 1, 2 or 3 days and want to experience something, to have a ticket for various activities in your pocket. Get the Hamburg City Pass and put it together as you need it for your stay in Hamburg. Here you will find mine Saving tip for tourists.

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My adventure vacation - the experience can come

My adventure vacation

The experience and the vacation can come

At and you will find the best travel destinations and tours for your next adventure. The time has come and the experience can come.

Finding the ideal destination for your next action or adventure vacation can sometimes be tedious and tiring. Therefore, we have made it our mission to be the best adventure holidays to carry together and present here.

The holiday list for the holidays

Everyone wants to go on vacation once a year.
Families, couples, singles.
It doesn’t matter what life situation you are in, the main thing is that you can be a vacationer once a year.
But where should it go??
What about arrival, accommodation options?
Should it be one winter holidays be relaxing in the mountain hut?
Or a bike tour in the mountains of Germany?
No matter what! The main thing is that it is a adventure holidays.

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Experience Leipzig with children –
Family activities in any weather

Leipzig is considered a cosmopolitan and very happy city. The city has a lot to offer, especially for families. Whether in Leipzig Zoo or at the Sterntaler puppet theater – children can discover a lot and have a lot of fun in Leipzig. The city is ideal for a relaxed and eventful family vacation!

Leipzig with children in summer and spring: the top outdoor activities

First to the meerkats or to the Huracan roller coaster? Leipzig offers a wide range of excursion destinations that will delight children and adults alike.

1. Leipzig Zoo

Families can go on an exciting tour of discovery at Leipzig Zoo. Amur leopards, kangaroos and many other animals can be observed close to nature. You can do our combo tour here zoo & sightseeing tour online booking.

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Escape rooms for children - experience adventure and have fun together!

Escape rooms for children – experience adventure and have fun together!

How you can make your children happy too!

Do you want to surprise your child / him with a unique activity and make him / her a real joy? Adventure, entertainment, fun and puzzles sounds as if your child would enjoy it? Are you looking for a job that your offspring can pursue together with friends and have a wonderful time? Then you are exactly right with us in the Labyrintoom Berlin!

With us, your offspring can puzzle, have fun and immerse themselves in one of our three wonderful worlds, each of which has different, difficult and challenging puzzles to solve. Whether together with friends, schoolmates or siblings and other family members – Escape Games are an excellent way to teach your child (s) teamwork, logical thinking, as well as creativity and other extremely valuable skills.

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Winter vacation with small children – it’s worth it?

Experience report: winter vacation with small children – is it worth it? We give hints and some tips on what to do with children apart from skiing.

In the winter in the mountains or in the sun? Many families whose parents are enthusiastic skiers or snowboarders will surely ask themselves these questions.

Winter vacation in the mountains?

The Alps are of course popular areas for winter holidays. No matter whether in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France or Italy – suitable ski areas for families are now everywhere. A big difference is usually the travel time required. Because once almost across the Alps to Italy takes much longer than if you are looking for a ski area in Germany or Austria.

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Experience report: Vacation in a motorhome with children

Experience report: Do you want to go on vacation with the family and the children with a motorhome? Here you will find our experiences about a tour in a motorhome with small children.

A great aspect of the vacation is the anticipation. And for me especially the vacation planning in advance. And after a long back and forth we decided to spend our summer vacation with the kids in the mobile home in the mountains.

This experience report is about traveling in a motorhome and not about our travel route. We have written a separate article for this:
Motorhome tour of the Alps with children – travel report for Austria / Tyrol
In another article, we looked in detail at the cost of vacationing with a motorhome.

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What’s in the Balea Advent Calendar 2019 My experience with the test!

As in 2017 and 2018, this December you can again enjoy the large selection of advent calendars. You can hardly enter a shop or on the Internet via one Christmas Calendar to stumble. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find the right one with the offer. Above all, prices vary so much that many buyers are afraid to a lot of Spending money or just cheap To receive gifts.

Therefore, you will find many articles about various copies on various pages. So you can be perfect about the gifts and their quality inform. So you don’t have any surprises more, but this way you are on the safe side and can safely purchase or order an advent calendar.

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