Futuredent in munich: congress for career start

Futuredent in munich: congress for career start

Congress for the start of the career

What comes after studying dentistry? The congress “FutureDent”, which takes place for the first time in Munich on October 27, 2018, aims to provide dentistry students and graduates orientation for the beginning of their careers. The congress is organized by the German Medical Association in cooperation with the Bavarian Dental Association, the Dental Association of Bavaria and the Federation of Implantology Dentists in Europe e.V. (BDIZ EDI).

In lectures and workshops prospective dentists can get information about various career opportunities at the FutureDent Congress © Eventfotograf.in

Anyone who has the license to practice medicine or at least already at the end of his studies has many questions about the start of his career. The congress “FutureDent” provides the answers: In lectures and workshops, everything that is important for young dentists is discussed. The first half of the lecture program focuses on the founding of one’s own dental practice: What do I have to take into account in legal, tax and business management terms if I want to establish myself as a self-employed dentist? How do I find good employees and how do I connect them to my practice? Which insurance is important? What role does privacy play? And which pitfalls exist in everyday practice?

In the second part of the lecture program, experienced professionals will present different dental specializations in the afternoon – including, for example, the disciplines of surgery, aesthetic dentistry and periodontics. And how does working in the digital workflow actually work? This is also discussed in a lecture. At the same time, workshops deepen the individual aspects of starting a business. Those who would like to further their professional education can try the professional learning platform Dental Online College for free.

Networking on site

A good network also helps when starting a career – that’s why the FutureDent Congress offers many opportunities to make new contacts. Potential employers, associations and companies present themselves in the accompanying career fair and invite to talks. A job board provides information about current job offers and practical fees. This is also where the practice exchange, in which the young congress participants get to know acquaintance practice owners, helps. Anyone who has individual questions about career planning can also seek advice from an expert in a one-on-one interview – also for starting a business.

And because the first impression often decides, there is a free photo shoot on site – the professional pictures can be used, for example, for job applications, job platforms or the future practice website. Interested parties can secure an appointment in advance online.


When? October 27, 2018, registration from 9:00 am

Where? Munich, Westin Grand Hotel, Arabella Street 6

Admission and meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks are free.

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