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Greece landmarks

Greece landmarks with children

What sights in Greece are worth with children?
Greece was the perfect destination for a family vacation for us, on the one hand to spend free time on the beach bathing and on the other hand to look at the many historical sites. We were with the children in Greece and report here what is worth with children. The most beautiful sandy beaches for children, where is island hopping in Greece and which sights are worthwhile with children.

Athens with children and what else?

For us, the capital Athens is at the top of the list of interesting cultural excursions with children. That’s why we went there. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Acropolis is interesting for the whole family – but very expensive. Other lively and free places like the Monasteraki Square with the historic Agora offer a variety of impressions for children. Here you will find everything that is interesting in Athens with children.

Outside of Athens there are other historical places like Delfi or Epidauros. We saved that and are from Athens to the islands in the Cyclades. It works well by speedboat.

Greek islands with children

Island hopping in Greece

The islands in Greece are very popular as excursion destinations. With so many, the offer seems endless. On closer inspection – and checking the ship connections – many islands fall out due to difficult accessibility and long travel times. We visited some Cyclades islands from the port of Piraeus. There are good connections with ships to the islands of Paros, Naxos and Santorini.

The Cyclades

Between the smaller neighboring islands of Sifnos, Milos and Serifos, the amount of connections is thinning out. Depending on your budget, there are also speed boats, the travel time here is sometimes shortened to around half the normal journey time by ferry. If you want to translate to the islands by car, you are bound to the ferries. Only passengers are taken on the speed boats. We found beautiful sandy beaches on the islands – mostly without a lot of visitors. More on this below.

Sandy beach Greece and excursion destinations

Our insider tips for Greece with children
We have traveled to some islands in Greece with children. From the family hotel we visited sights and destinations, beaches, coasts and cliffs. We present the most beautiful excursion destinations with children in Greece here. Below this text are listed in the pink boxes. Just so much: We were in a marble tunnel on the island of Paros, the children liked the Cyclades Miniature Museum. Of course we were in the Butterfly Valley and the sandy beaches were wonderful.

Sarakiniko beach is a destination in itself – chalk cliffs, sand and turquoise-blue water for family holidays in Greece

Paros and Milos with children
We also found great excursion destinations on the neighboring island of Milos: the children found the most beautiful the Paliochori beach, where hot springs IN THE SEA warm the water. Wonderful. There are also family-friendly sights and excursion destinations for all ages. We deliberately avoided the “dry” museums for children, which can be used to pull the mood down on family vacations.

OUR TIP: If you want to book a holiday in Greece with children, whether with a family hotel or a holiday apartment – we know a good and large travel agency. It specializes in trips to Greece, knows its way around and is relatively cheap. We are happy to help, but in the high season you can expect 3000 euros per week …

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