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The organisation aims to enable children and young people in need to have a childhood and youth that is suitable for them and to accompany them through the transition to self-sufficiency and independence. Children and adolescents can stay temporarily in the organisation’s premises or simply join in during the day for homework supervision and various workshops. In the long term, the organisation would like to support the children and young people in catching up on part of their school education, reintegrating into their family or building up their own lives.

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Holiday offers 2 persons – Use the wellness offers of these 248 holiday apartments & holiday houses

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  2. Holiday offers 2 persons – Use the wellness offers of these 248 holiday apartments & holiday houses

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Holiday offers South Tyrol

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Ten important values

How does my child become a good person?

03/23/2019, 10:49 a.m. | rev, t-online.com

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If your own child has beaten, lied or stolen another child, the parents are worried. They fear that they will fail in their upbringing, that they will not succeed in conveying the right values. But how does this work and which values are particularly important? We give tips.

Our society demands a large number of values. Some are values that compete with each other. For example, quite different values are often demanded in professional life than in the family. Does it make any sense at all to convey certain ideals of human behaviour to children? In any case! Scientists have found that children in whose family certain values apply are happier. They experience more cordiality in their lives, are more resilient to problems and failures and usually also have a more optimistic attitude.

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Are you still looking for an original gift for your offspring? Even small children have a lot of fun looking at themselves and their loved ones in pictures, so you can give them a treat with a photo book. We have looked around for you, which variants are available for the little ones.

Special children’s photo books are a particularly pretty variation. A photo box, for example, offers a combination of a classic picture book with your own photos. The story of “Pidi the Penguin” told in the text is individually tailored to the child.

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From Josefine Janert

Father Andreas Knapp works in Leipzig with refugees of all religions. But again and again he encounters problems which Christian refugees from the Middle East have here – due to mobbing by Muslim fellow refugees.

Andreas Knapp: “Hello!”

Andreas Knapp: “What are you looking for? Ah! But that’s very bad. You need a liberation. Exemption from the radio licence fee. You have to go to the job centre. “

Wednesday afternoon in Leipzig’s Grünau prefabricated district: Andreas Knapp looks at the letter that an agitated woman holds out to him. The 58-year-old priest often meets people who spontaneously ask him for help. Knapp has founded an initiative with neighbours and members of the Catholic student community. They take care of refugees on a voluntary basis, regardless of their religion. They help children with their homework and their parents with everyday things.

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Wild ravines are popular destinations of excursions with children

The perfect family trip

Successful family excursions are not a matter of course. Parents and children often have quite different ideas about a great excursion program, and when the interests of siblings of different ages have to be taken into account, it gets really complicated. Nevertheless, it is possible to meet the expectations of all family members. Fortunately there is no lack of possibilities in the Allgäu. The region, which is certainly one of the most beautiful in Germany, is ideal for families. Here it does not lack really not at appropriate offers, rather it applies to select some favorites. And you will quickly notice: Who has the choice, has the agony…”

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This awaits you in three minutes reading time on this page. First you will get some ideas about what we have done with children in Bavaria. Maybe you already have one or the other picture in your head after that, as you like to do it during your family holiday. Below the article you will find the links to our experience reports on how we visited the individual family holiday destinations in addition to my tips.

What to do with children on holiday in Bavaria?

This is what Bavaria with children has to offerWhat makes Bavaria so special when it comes to family holidays? Few regions in Germany can offer such a great variety as the holiday destination Bavaria: When on holiday on a farm, look over the shoulder of the farmer in the Bavarian forest, scramble in the climbing garden of Garmisch Partenkirchen or visit the high ropes course in Oberaudorf, hike with your parents to the summit cross in the Allgäu, shake hands with giant figures in the amusement park or walk down a very large mountain made only of sand in the Upper Palatinate until your feet burn. Here even world championships in sand skiing and sand boarding take place!

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