Oderteich in Harz: an old marvel of technology

Harz: Oh, how beautiful it is at the Oder pond

The resin is a water wonder. Everywhere there are dams and reservoirs, which is especially wonderful in summer. One of my favorite lakes in the Harz is the Oderteich.

Okertalsperre, Odertalsperre, Sösestausee – if you look at the map of the Western Harz, you quickly realize that it is teeming with reservoirs. After all, the Harz is the most water-rich region in Northern Germany and our most important drinking water reservoir. Many of the reservoirs in the Harz Mountains are impressively large and just at the Okertalsperre I find the different water levels always fascinating.

But actually I do not like it so bombastic big and opened, so my favorite lake in the Harz is the Oderteich. It is relatively easy to reach on the road from St. Andreasberg to Torfhaus and, like many lakes around Harz, did not originate naturally. In 1715, work began on this dam, because the large conveyor wheels of the mines in St. Andreasberg should not dry up. It took water, regardless of rainfall, and so the miners finally lifted this pond. It was built solidly and is still preserved today in its original form and part of the World Heritage Upper Harz Water Regale.

From the east, the Oder flows into the granite basin, which was built so beautifully that it looks almost natural today. Only the small masonry dam on which the road runs today shows that the water is dammed here.

I like this place a lot and stop there for a little trip almost every time I’m in the area. It is a nice walk, whether in summer or winter, along the Oderteich to discover nature. The huge, round stones that lie on the water‘s edge or to admire the landscape that has formed around the pond and sometimes almost looks like a Baltic Sea with pine, heath and sand. Some of the spruces on the bank of the pond are among the oldest of their kind in the Harz Mountains. There is also a circular walk. It measures 4.5 kilometers, it takes about one and a half hours for it.

You can find my collected tips for the Harz here.

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