Rundwanderweg kleiner arbersee – excursion area arber

Rundwanderweg Kleiner Arbersee

The small Arbersee with its swinging lawns

Rundwanderweg Kleiner Arbersee

The Kleine Arbersee is one of the natural gems of the region. The main spring stream of the White Rain rises in the Karsee on the northern flank of the Arber massif. When it was dammed in 1880, three vibrating turfs dissolved, which have since drifted as islands on the surface.

Hiking map on the Arbersee

Let’s start at the Reißbrücke

The trail parking lot tear bridge A at the end of the publicly accessible section of Arberseestraße, which leads up from the climatic health resort of Lohberg, is also the stop point of the Kleine Arberseebahn, an electric Bimmmelbahn Schnauferl that connects the Bayerwald animal park in Lohberghütte and the Kleiner Arbersee daily from May to October. From the parking lot leads the car-free transport route in the forest uphill, accompanied by the roar of the lively over Seebach pouring block, as the top source stream of the White Rain is called. Also mountain bikers and cyclists are on the way, they follow the signs of the bike path »green roof«.

Along the source streams to the Kleiner Arbersee

Soon the trail crosses the Seebach and strives towards the source in the eastern slope of the valley. Exactly considered, the Seebach in this area has dozens of small sources: Everywhere trickle the source streams through the slopes and unite in the valley bottom to Seebach. From the left turn with the Moss metallurgical branch 1 (0:50 hrs), it is not far to the finish: The forest opens and in front of us is the Small Arbersee 2 (1:00 hrs) in all its beauty, horseshoe-shaped encircled by steeply rising cliffs. We follow the Uferrundweg in a clockwise direction at the foot of the sea walls around the lake. Over the millennia, the lake was up to 10 meters deep; When it was dammed up in 1880 for timber drifting, three vibrating turfs detached themselves from the wet ground and have been floating on the water surface ever since. Streams also trickle through the sea walls, and at the time of the snowmelt, they shoot up to the lake as thunderous waterfalls.

Rare plants in the nature reserve Kleiner Arbersee

Botanical treasures in the nature reserve of the Small Arber Lake are the Blue Iron Hat, the parts of which are all highly toxic, regardless of the beauty of the medicinal and ornamental plant, and the spotted orchid, an orch >3 (1:20 hrs.) On the east bank. There, vigorous hikers make their way through the sea wall and climb the Großer Arber, from where you can see the floating moor carpet of the Kleiner Arbersee from a bird’s eye view. From Seehäusl continue on the Seerundweg and on the same forest path as on the way back to Moss metallurgical branch 1 (1:30 hrs.): There the signs right up to the Berghotel Mooshütte 4 (1:50 hours).

Over the Seerundweg to Mooshütte

The Mooshütte is a well-visited excursion inn halfway between Klein Arbersee and Brennes. Here is a wonderful view at the top of the forest. Behind the buildings of the mountain inn opens the >5 (2:00 hrs). Here you will find the trail LO3 descending from the Brennes saddle and descend to the left towards Lohberg. Initially, it leads through an area with so many swell branches, that one can almost speak of an undulating wetland. In the slope of the Fuchsriegels the trail descends in the forest down to the valley and swings lower right into the small district of Lohberger Ebensäge. Now it is not far and we are back in the valley of the Seebach: On the left is the starting point tear bridge E (2:50 hrs).

The Arbersee hike leads around the Kleiner Arbersee

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