Beach hotels: cheap holidays by the sea

Go on a beach vacation with sonnenklar.TV and explore the most beautiful beaches around the world. Spend your vacation in an attractive hotel by the sea and enjoy the sun, beach and sea to the fullest. Compare the best offers at beach hotels in the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean or the wonderful coast of Thailand.

The most popular beach vacation destinations

No matter how long you can enjoy your heavenly beautiful beach vacation – look forward to glorious hours of sunshine, a wonderful ambience and wonderful moments that also enrich everyday life, which may be a bit long in coming.

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Checklist for the beach vacation: for water rats, lifeguards & surfer

Travel checklist for a beach vacation

Traveling spontaneously is a nice thing. Simply strip off everyday life, start your vacation from now on or at least start a short relaxing weekend away from the normal routine. This is certainly uncomplicated for a short trip, a mini vacation or a weekend trip and can be accomplished with little effort, because it does not require much preparation. However, when it comes to the big vacation, the relaxing vacation in the middle of the year, a little planning helps to reduce the stress before departure. In this way, the vacation can begin before you head towards your vacation destination.

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Hamburg with children

What is worthwhile in Hamburg with children?

Planning a family vacation with children in Hamburg
“The gateway to the world” as Hamburg Tourismus calls the world city of Hamburg, has many family-friendly sights and leisure options for a family vacation away from the Reeperbahn. We have been to the famous city on the Alster twice and explored Hamburg with children. Here you can get our insider tips and experiences.

It was great in the harbor at the jetties. Of course we also visited the famous miniature museum – a must with children in Hamburg. The greatest attraction will probably be the miniature wonder world for children and parents. Betting? But there are also great playgrounds and the city’s new attraction – the Hafencity with the Elbphilharmonie. Here are our tips for a family vacation or a trip with children in Hamburg. For us the short vacation in Hamburg was very varied. A nice city trip in Germany with children!

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Family vacation in Spain

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Spain at a glance

Fantastic beach vacation

Spain is the most popular summer destination for Germans and has been for decades! No wonder, after all, some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe are on Spanish soil, as are excellent hotels and club complexes. Many hotels in Spain are located directly on the sea and offer you a perfect place to switch off. You can also spend your time in Spain in a private atmosphere and simply rent a holiday home or a beautiful finca typical of Spain. In both cases you spend a wonderful beach holiday in Spain with your children and only have to choose one coast. What should it be for you – Atlantic or Mediterranean coast?

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Family vacation by the sea

Beach vacation with children and family vacation by the sea

Family vacation by the sea – where to go to the beach with children?
For many families, a summer vacation with children by the sea is mandatory. Best on a wide beach with lots of sand, not too cold water and other children. Depending on where you live, there are various destinations that are ideal for family holidays by the sea and that keep travel times as short as possible.

Family vacation by the sea in Germany

Beach vacation with children on the Baltic Sea and North Sea in Germany
Those who live in the north of Germany are more likely to orientate themselves towards family vacations on the Baltic or North Sea. Especially on the Baltic Sea, in the last few years some hotels have focused very much on family holidays and have established themselves as family hotels. We have also been to family holidays on the Baltic Sea several times. We stayed in hotels on the beach and apartments. Here are our experiences for planning a family vacation on the Baltic Sea.

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