Family vacation by the sea – here on a beach vacation with children!

Family vacation by the sea

Beach vacation with children and family vacation by the sea

Family vacation by the sea – where to go to the beach with children?
For many families, a summer vacation with children by the sea is mandatory. Best on a wide beach with lots of sand, not too cold water and other children. Depending on where you live, there are various destinations that are ideal for family holidays by the sea and that keep travel times as short as possible.

Family vacation by the sea in Germany

Beach vacation with children on the Baltic Sea and North Sea in Germany
Those who live in the north of Germany are more likely to orientate themselves towards family vacations on the Baltic or North Sea. Especially on the Baltic Sea, in the last few years some hotels have focused very much on family holidays and have established themselves as family hotels. We have also been to family holidays on the Baltic Sea several times. We stayed in hotels on the beach and apartments. Here are our experiences for planning a family vacation on the Baltic Sea.

We have fond memories of the two Baltic islands of Rügen and Usedom. We discovered them on a beach vacation with children, while island hopping in the Baltic Sea. First we were in Usedom on the miles of sandy beaches, then on the island of Rügen. There we admired the chalk cliffs. You can read everything here, along with many great pictures.

-> Usedom with children

-> Rügen with children

  • Family vacation by the sea in Usedom

  • Family vacation by the sea Rügen

  • Family vacation by the sea – on the Baltic Sea

Family vacation by the sea in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

Family vacation on the beaches of Northern Europe
Also not to be eaten: family vacation even further north, e.g. in Sweden, Denmark or Norway, where there are many places directly on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. For example, on family vacations in Sweden next to the sea, the vastness of nature and, in many cases, the pristine nature. Perhaps useful when planning a family vacation by car: There is a car train between Hamburg and Munich that can cover a large part of the distance from north to south overnight.

Beach vacation with children in Holland

Sandy beach in Holland?
In the middle is the family holiday destination Holland, where there are also access to the sea for swimming with children. The most popular destination for a beach holiday with children is probably the region around Zeeland. There are also sandy beaches here, where children can build beautiful sand castles and teenagers can learn to surf.

Beach vacation with children in the warmth

With children to the beaches in the south
The "warm" destinations for family vacations by the sea in Italy, Croatia or Greece are the classic destinations for family beach vacations in summer. The Adriatic Sea can be reached more quickly by car from the south of Germany and offers a family holiday with a Mediterranean flair. It is Mediterranean there, while on the North Sea or Baltic Sea it is rather Nordic reserved.

Beach vacation with children in Croatia

Family vacation in Croatia
Croatia as a destination with children has grown significantly in importance in recent years. Larger hotels in particular have emerged that are also fully geared towards families. The quality of these family hotels in Croatia is very high. If you want to travel by car, you will find beautiful beaches and hotels nearby in the north of Croatia. We have tested some destinations for family vacations on the beach, we really liked the island of Losinj. There is a wonderful children’s hotel and great bays for swimming. A day trip to the neighboring Adriatic islands can be undertaken with an excursion boat.

Family vacation by the sea in Greece

On the island vacation to Greece with children
The family vacation in Greece was very varied for the children. In addition to the well-known travel destination of mass tourism, there are also some smaller regions that are particularly suitable for families due to the tranquility and individuality. The Cyclades in front of the capital Athens are to be mentioned first. The well-known Naxos and Santorini also belong to this group of islands. Insider tips for a beach holiday with children: The islands of Paros and Milos have dozens of sandy beaches, so that you can go to a different beautiful beach every day. The sandy beaches there are not yet built in and there is plenty of room to play.

In terms of price, a good holiday in Greece on the islands will quickly put you at a few thousand euros! Freedom on the Greek islands far from the castles has its price, also because of the arrival by plane and ship.

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