Family vacation on the baltic sea: with children to the baltic sea coast

Family vacation on the Baltic Sea

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Great bathing fun & Small – on a family vacation on the Baltic Sea

Why on the Baltic Sea coast with the family?

Spending the holidays in Germany is particularly attractive for families. The journey to the Baltic Sea is both price and time easy to do with the little ones and so every year numerous families with children are drawn to the coast in summer.

    beautiful landscape Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holsteincomfortable climatic conditionsvaried sports opportunities in and by the seaversatile and child-friendly excursion destinations for the whole family

These are just a few of the good reasons for family vacations on the Baltic Sea. It is not for nothing that the region is one of them most popular holiday destinations in Germany. Mother-child cures are also proven at fresh and clean sea air as particularly effective for the regeneration and prevention of diseases. And who just all around Relax and enjoy would like to find in one of the numerous family hotels on the Baltic Sea next to the Wellness program also an entertainment and care program for the children. For a little more privacy on vacation, the numerous family-friendly accommodations in the form of spacious apartments and holiday homes on the islands and the mainland.

Our favorite regions for family vacations

Depending on the parents’ intention and vacation ideas, almost all locations along the Baltic Sea coast are suitable for a stay with children. The most popular vacation destinations for family vacations can be found quickly and easily using our pre-selection.
An overview of the Baltic Sea beaches we tested tells you which beach might be the right one for you.

Especially on the island of Usedom:
    very gently sloping beaches many cheap accommodations >

Especially on the island of Rügen:
    different regions many excursion destinations for K > >

Especially on the Bay of Lübeck:
    numerous leisure activities close to different places & cities >

Especially at Kühlungsborn:
    many offers directly in one of the longest beach promenade in Germany >

Cheaper travel in the low season

If you are not yet dependent on the school holidays, you should in particular the low season for time out with the family, because the Prices are often significantly lower are and offers can also be found for last minute holidays on the Baltic Sea. Autumn on the coast in particular reveals all kinds of attractions for young and old. to collect chestnuts in the deciduous forests, fly a kite on the Baltic Sea beach and at Carriage and truck rides Discovering the natural idyll are just a few of the options that an autumn holiday has in store for the family.
Winter on the Baltic Sea coast invites small and large guests to cozy Stroll around the Christmas markets one or how about one Snowball fight on the beach? Subsequently, in one Accommodation with a fireplace and / or sauna be warmed up again.

Should it be summer you should search for suitable accommodation early. Many hosts offer one Early bird discount on and especially Accommodation for several people is already scarce in spring.

Different needs

Not only in the accommodation, but also in employment have children of different ages different ideas from a successful day on family vacation. You can find both in one, especially in the holiday parks on the Baltic Sea, which usually offer a wide range for children of all ages to offer a program.
Small children can otherwise z. For example, in the dinosaur country on Rügen, you can hardly get enough of the many life-size dinosaurs, while kids from around 6 years of age can enjoy themselves Climbing and high ropes courses or at trampolining have fun on one of the adventure playgrounds on the coast. The adventure pools on the Baltic Sea are the ones Savior of the bad weather days.

Our tip for families:

The most popular topics for family vacations

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