Ubud: there is something to discover in the city of art

Ubud: There is something to discover in the artist’s city

When we came back to Bali from Lombok, we really just wanted to stay in Ubud for a week. But we liked the city so much that we stayed there for over three weeks. In this article, I’ll take you into the streets of the city and into the wonderful surroundings. Let yourself be surprised what is there to discover!

Ubud radiates the most for me, which makes Bali so adorable. You can breathe in the culture of the Balinese here every day. Green rice fields, impressive temples and a lively artistic life characterize the cityscape. But let’s start in the center of the city.

Mysterious architecture: palace and temple

The cityscape of Ubud is determined by countless temples and the palace. The artful Balinese architecture and the many small statues characterize the charm of the city.

Of the Palace of Ubud is partly inhabited by the local royal family. North closes the Marajan Agung Temple which is only used by the royal family. There is also the public main temple Desa Ubud and the Taman Saraswati. Unfortunately, the temples are often closed, so you’ll probably only catch a glimpse from the outside.

monkey forest

The Monkey Forest (Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary) is a great place if you are looking for peace and quiet from the bustle of the city. As the name promises, there are plenty of monkeys to see and of course there is no lack of a temple. But most of all, I found the small temple occupied by the jungle, hidden behind hundreds of lianas. There is a beautiful bridge on the tree from which the lianas hang.

Entry: 30,000 Rupiah | Opening hours: 8:30 -18: 00 | Park is possible for free


The surrounding area of ​​Ubud invites you to wonderful walks. It is really worthwhile to combine the two most popular hikes from the Lonely Planet in one day. At the Campuan Ridge Walk You walk through some villages in the area and past rice fields and many artists’ studios. This hike is quite easy and takes about four hours. Even better is the hike along the river Sungai Ayung. My absolute highlight in this hike were the Sayan rice terraces. There are some stretches of scrub through this scrub and in some places you have to climb a bit. This should not be a problem unless you have physical limitations.

If you combine both hikes in one day, you will need about five to six hours for the hike. Bina has written a detailed report on this hike.


Of course, Ubud, as an artists’ center, has a handful of museums to offer. Since we are not the biggest art lovers, we did not look at any of the museums.

The Puri Lukisan is the largest museum. Actually we wanted to look at it, but we were there too late and were not let in anymore. The Puri Lukisan closes at 17 o’clock and you have to budget for about 2.5 hours, according to the cashier.

Other museums are Agung Rai Museum of Art (short ARMA), the Neka Art Museum, the Rudana Museum and the Blanco Renaissance Museum.

Experience Indonesia authentically

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Strolling the streets

To soak up the atmosphere of the city, you can just stroll through the streets of the city. In the streets you will discover fun souvenirs, artist galleries and excellent restaurants and cafés. Just let yourself drift and enjoy the atmosphere. Maybe you want to try a Kopi Luwak coffee or buy an artful souvenir. We can especially recommend for strolling Jl. Goutama and the Jl. Dewi Sita.

Traditional dances

There are a number of traditional dances in Bali. Ubud, with its ornate buildings, is a great place to see these dances. We have the us Legong- and the Barong Dance viewed on an evening in the palace (ticket: 80,000 rupiah). Both dances are only performed together on Fridays. What dances the remaining days of the week are shown, you will learn locally.

day trips

Not only in Ubud, but also in the area many beautiful spots waiting for you! It is best to rent a scooter and drive independently through the region. Here are some suggestions for day trips:

  1. Tegalalang rice terraces and Tirtha Empul
  2. Denpasaar and Tegenungan waterfall
  3. Goa Lawah and Tirtha Gangga
  4. Nungung waterfall and jatiluwih rice terraces
  5. Taman-Ayun and Tenah-Lot

Over the day trips with a scooter you will find in the coming days here even a separate article with more detailed information.

Accommodation in Ubud

There are countless accommodations in Ubud. On the Jl. Kajeng There are many cheap and simple rooms. The location is good and if you follow the road for a while, you have beautiful rice fields in front of your nose. Another good starting point for homestays is the Jl. Hanoman.

After a few nights we moved into a super equipped D’Semanggi house in the middle of paddy fields just outside of Ubud where we had a really nice room with our own kitchen. This is a bit more expensive. But since we were able to provide for ourselves (for the first time on our trip around the world), we saved a lot in total. With the scooter you are in a few minutes in the center of Ubud. We can highly recommend these rooms. Take a look at it here!

Our conclusion to Ubud

Ubud is rightly popular with many tourists. This is already too much excitement for some travelers. The traffic is often stressful, because the city is not designed for the large rush of tourists. Nevertheless, we were enthusiastic about Ubud. In addition to the sights, the city has excellent supermarkets, which we have previously greatly missed in other places. In addition, the city was a perfect starting point for us for the many exciting attractions in Bali. And if Ubud itself is too stressful for you, then just move into one of the surrounding villages like us.

What are you waiting for? When do you visit Ubud? Or were you there already? What are your tips for Ubud?

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