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Help for poor children, orphans in Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma), school, education, accommodation

Annual report 2019

I was on a project visit to Myanmar and Burma for three months. I’ve seen a lot of poverty everywhere, but I’ve also seen so many happy faces. So here is the report:

The students at the Sankt Aloysius Gonzaga Institute

Education – the central issue, especially in developing countries.

Future for children of the world e. V. attaches great importance to the well-founded education of the children we support. Meanwhile, more and more are graduating from high school. But what’s next? In Myanmar, the study places are regulated by the state. Most students study the specified subject at the distance learning university, because either the final results or the costs do not allow a regular study at the university. There they have to study full-time at the relevant university for two months each year (October and November). They spend the remaining 10 months at home or, with luck, find a low-paying job. After their studies, they are generally there as before, unemployed.

Christina Cherry


Now Todd Phillips’ "joker" also in German cinemas. You may have seen the movie before, but do you remember the villain’s early days? Here are 10 questions that only a real fan can answer.

Cartoons – information and backgrounds

"The world" offers you the latest news, pictures and reviews of new cartoon and animated films.

They take the viewer into another wonderful world and shaped the childhood of countless people – cartoons.

Originally, the classic animated film was painstakingly made with paper and pencil – one of the most important pioneers for today’s cinema productions was the US entrepreneur Walt Disney. With full-length animated films like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1938), "Bambi" (1940) and "Peter Pan" (1953) his company laid the foundation for the genre’s success in cinema.

Christina Cherry
Where are the best dentists in the world? (Medicine, doctor, pain)

Where are the best dentists in the world?

I just read that German dentists have a bad reputation internationally. Probably like to pull healthy canines and such.

But which country has the best dentists?

The result is based on 2 votes

5 answers

it is probably not the country that is decisive, but the competence of the dentist concerned. you can rivet anywhere or find luminaries .

I also think that the United States dentists are not necessarily the best. they like to make crowns quickly and wherever fillings are still used in europe

I think you can never say that exactly. Every country has surely good dentists, after all a dentist is studying his area of ​​expertise. But I think that the best dentists in the USA are celebrity dentists who serve the rich and beautiful.

Christina Cherry

Christmas worldwide

How do people in other countries around the world or in other religions actually celebrate Christmas time? Click your way through and be amazed at the traditions and other festivals that still exist at Christmas time!

We flew around the world with the reindeer and made a couple of stops. We learned a lot of interesting things there.

Milk rice for the Nissers – Christmas in Denmark

“Glædelig jul” means Merry Christmas in Danish. We have collected for you which traditions are very typical at Christmas in Denmark.

Christmas in Peru – summer and cribs

Christmas is very important in Peru because many people are very Catholic. Nativity scenes are very popular and can be found everywhere on the streets and in apartments.

Christina Cherry

Attention, assassinate pirates have occupied our island, we have to take them back as soon as possible. The treasure for which you get points is distributed in different places.

  • 1 game = 1 token

  • 1 trip = 2 tokens

Embark on a discovery mission through the Pandora planet with your special cosmic spaceship and protect yourself from prehistoric predators and possible dangers.

  • 1 trip = 2 tokens
  • Maximum weight: 60 kg

  • Baby’s Beach is free!
  • For children under 12 years old only!
  • Maximum weight: 40 kg

For small builders, we have excavators where they can show off their ability.

  • 1 game = 1 token
  • Maximum weight: 40 kg

In Merlin’s Children’s World you will also find cannons with foam balls – try out how often you hit your opponent on the other side.

Christina Cherry

Project week - we are children of one world - 2018 - elementary school griffin

Project week “We are children of one world” 2018

More than twenty project courses are offered within the project days "We are children of one world" at the Greif primary school. The pupils can not only participate in projects of the teachers. Special thanks go to Mr. Au (guitar), Mr. Zweckel (cajon) and Ms. Engel (growing together), Ms. Müller and Mr. Zeufack (water in Africa), who took over their own projects for the little griffins.

Our student reporters visited many project groups. Here’s what they found out:

In the "Rainforest" project, the children made a trip through the rainforest. They got to know the animals and plants of the forest and designed many trees they made themselves.

Christina Cherry

Prices & Subscriptions

Since we got scoyo, Finn has been volunteering for school! A great way to combine games and learning.

Ann K., mother of Finn

With scoyo, Pia can repeat everything that happened at school. Calmly. I think that’s really great.

Henrike D., mother of Pia

Since we have scoyo, learning has been a pastime. I hear sentences like: ‘Mommy, can I play scoyo?’

Sigried S., mother of Eleni

Do you have several children who would like to learn with scoyo? Then take advantage of our sibling discount: We grant you for every additional child you register with scoyo, 50% discount on the current standard price.

Christina Cherry

My lost Australian paradise

DW reporter Chloe Lyneman witnessed the Australian bushfires up close. She and her family had to flee twice from the approaching flames. An oppressive report.

Smoke over Broulee Beach near Batemans Bay, the Lyneham family’s favorite vacation spot

On December 30, my family and I were eating spaghetti in a small village south of Batemans Bay in New South Wales when my mother called. A huge fire is racing down Clyde Mountain towards us, she said. The authorities had asked people to leave the area, otherwise they risk being caught in the flames.

Christina Cherry

No children's photos on the social web - shows the world to the children, not the children of the world

No, it’s not about nude photos, abuse, and evil strangers.

What is it about and what is not …

Small children

This is about photos of babies and young children who are still completely under the protection of us big ones.

Children’s rights

It is about the perception and respect of the rights and privacy of children, especially by the parents.

Babies want that?

The point here is that the interests of children are always confused with those of parents.

Do you feel ashamed?

The point is that the little ones, like the big ones, are often ashamed when the camera wants to catch us.

Big kids and teenagers

This is not about photos of older children and teenagers, who at best can and may decide for themselves what is good for them.

Christina Cherry

I posted the finished cake today in my WhatsApp status and was totally surprised at how many of my contacts reacted to it. I hope you like it too and someone bakes it so that you can tell me how it tastes to you :) The recipe for the creams is a slightly modified version of the children’s Bueno Mousse that has been here before. But let’s start with a chocolate biscuit.

For the biscuit dough (26 cm) you need:

  • 6 eggs
  • 120g sugar
  • 120g flour
  • 80g starch
  • 25g baked cocoa
  • 1 packet of baking soda

At the beginning you preheat the oven to 170 ° C (circulating air) and line your springform pan on the bottom with baking paper.
Then you separate the eggs and beat the egg whites with about 80g of the sugar until a firm meringue is formed. In another bowl, whip up the egg yolks with a little water and the remaining sugar, the mass should become light and increase in volume. Now carefully pull the egg yolk mixture under the meringue mixture and then sieve the flour together with the starch, the cocoa and the baking powder. Fold in carefully and for approx. 30 min to bake.

Christina Cherry