The 5 best and afternoon snacks for kids, i’m a mother

The 5 best snacks in the afternoon

When the little ones come home from school with bellied bellies, they need a tasty, healthy snack.

Here you can find out more about the five best afternoons-snacks for children.

Sometimes it is difficult not to use fast food, as it is a quick fix for hungry children and stressed parents. But there are many healthy ones snack-Options that kids really like.

Don’t underestimate the importance of healthy snacks. Good nutrition is important for children’s growth. An after-school snack gives them just the right amount of energy for a tumultuous afternoon of homework and games.

A long day at school can be physically and mentally demanding. Eating in the afternoon is a good way for children to regain their energy and to continue until dinner.

Why is it important that children eat snacks??

  • growth: Your children grow and develop. They need energy and the right nutrients to help them do it.
  • digestive system: Longer periods without eating are not good for your body. Children have to eat smaller portions more often.
  • weight control: Eating more often means that the children do not become so hungry that they have to stuff themselves for dinner. That’s why the right snacks can help your child maintain a healthy weight.
  • energy: Children are physically and mentally active. They spend the whole day at school, running around and training their brains. In order to recharge their batteries and keep up with their hectic everyday life, they need food.

Snack rules for children

  1. Keep an eye on the time of day. If you bring a snack to school, you should eat it during the break. After school, make sure they have their afternoon snack, after digesting their lunch. But it shouldn’t be just before dinner.
  2. Pay attention to how much they eat. Don’t forget that a snack should be easy to keep going until the next meal. Excessive snacking can interfere with other meals, if your child still feels full at dinner.
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The 5 best snacks for kids

These ideas for children’s snacks can be a good place to start. Don’t be afraid of new products: use your imagination.

Why don’t you ask your kids about their ideas? Together you could create something new, tasty and healthy.

  • sandwiches: A classic. When making sandwiches, think about the size that is suitable for your child and the level of activities, but also about the filling. Cold meat like ham is a great option and provides lots of protein. You can also try sweet sandwiches, with bananas or chocolate spread: they provide energy and your kids will love them for sure.
  • Fruit pops: Make a fruit puree and freeze it in an ice mold. This is a healthy snack that can be easily prepared in advance and is perfect for summer afternoons.
  • yogurt: Yogurt gives your child a perfect portion of milk, with calcium and proteins. Mix it with additives like fruit, cereal, and nuts. Take plain yogurt or check the label for extra sugar.
  • smoothies: Choose seasonal fruits to make a smoothie you’ll love. You can also add a serving of milk. Add grains or unsalted nuts. This drink covers three food groups in one.
  • A glass of milk and a piece of homemade cake: When it comes to cakes and baked goods, home-made is best. This way you can ensure which ingredients and how much of them are included. It’s a perfect afternoon for your kids. Why don’t you take a piece of cake too??

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to prepare a healthy snack every day. It is okay to use prepared products from time to time.

The key to a healthy diet is balance: a little indulgence from time to time does no harm.

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