Vacation with the toddler

Vacation with the toddler

Vacation with the toddler

Finally vacation – time to relax, get out of the daily grind, recharge the battery and enjoy the days off together with the family. This is often not easy at home. The ironing is calling, the basement wants to be cleared out and the dirty windows are already looking reproachfully.

To really switch off, you need a change of location. You can also spend a relaxing holiday with small children. However, you should plan it according to your needs.

Everyone has to feel comfortable

Not only the tastes, also the holiday ideas are different. While two weeks on the beach are perfect for relaxation, the same vacation would be unthinkable for others because he doesn’t like the heat, prefers to see and experience something or doesn’t like to have a lot of people around him. So you should first clarify what is good for the individual family members or what they definitely do not want.

Children just want to spend time with mom and dad, discover and explore the little things around them, have fun and just live the day. They don’t care where it is, whether the sun is shining and what the accommodation is like. They also find it nice to cuddle up in the rain somewhere in Germany and listen to a story.

However, it is extremely important, especially for young children, that they can rest when they are tired. While a one-year-old child can still sleep well in a stroller, a toddler two or three years old should be able to sleep in a comfortable bed in a quiet place. The parents can then use this time to have a cup of coffee or read a book in peace.

Round trip

Getting there and home is stressful and often stressful. Therefore, the time from home to the vacation accommodation should not be unnecessarily long.

If you still want to visit places that are far away from home, you can take a cruise, for example. The journey to the starting port should be as short and unproblematic as possible. Once you have arrived on the cruise ship, everything you need to keep young children happy is available. The cabin is suitable as a retreat and space for an afternoon nap, baby cots, high chairs and changing pads can usually be borrowed free of charge.

An entertainment program for children of all ages is also offered on board many cruise ships. While the family is enjoying the stay on the cruise ship, it will sail to the nearest port, where there is the possibility of taking shore excursions. Some of the excursions offered are also suitable for children and toddlers. A vacation on the cruise ship is a great experience for young and old, but it is also expensive. Those who book early enough often have the chance to make substantial savings. When planning the trip, you should compare providers, because with a little luck you can take advantage of discounts such as a TUI Cruises discount. While the price for adults is often quite high, children and toddlers can often travel for free or for a small price.

Every means of transport has its advantages and disadvantages. You can simply load everything you need into your own car, regardless of whether it fits in the suitcase. And there is a lot going on with a toddler. It is also possible to take a break at any time.

When traveling by train or plane, you have to plan your luggage well and store and distribute everything well thought out. Since the travel cot and child seat must remain at home due to lack of space, it is important to have these things available at the holiday location. Seat reservation is recommended for both modes of transport – at a table on the train, preferably in the front row on an airplane.

With the motorhome you are very flexible and always have everything at hand. However, it should be noted that the occupants must travel strapped to their seats while driving. So even with the rolling home, the travel time should not be too long.

What has to go with?

So that the hectic and chaos do not break out shortly before the start of the trip, you should start packing in good time. A travel checklist helps to keep an overview. A child’s passport is required for travel abroad. You can usually buy diapers at the resort. But you can also take it with you and be happy that packing is easier for the journey home and there is still space in the case for one or the other souvenir or souvenir.

A travel pharmacy with the most important things for all cases is very important.

Game ideas for the trip

Small children can be distracted by finger games while driving and keep them happy. Larger children play the classics with passion "I can see what you can not see" and "I am packing my suitcase".

Holiday toys should be space-saving and versatile. To make the toy that comes with you more interesting, you should pack it away a few weeks before the start of the trip. Stacking cups are practical, for example. They take up little space when nested, but they can be used in many different ways – to build towers, play in the sandpit or to splash around with or in the water.

What should not be missing are a ball, drawing materials, a book with stories to read aloud and the favorite cuddly toy.

For the slightly larger children, our dice games for printing and coloring are a good activity idea.

Switch off by switching off

Vacation time is valuable and should not be wasted. It is not necessary to keep those at home constantly informed about what you are doing and to provide them with the latest photo material. Simply switch off your cell phone, be unavailable and enjoy life with the family. Have lots of fun with it!

Travel advisor: fly with baby and toddler

The guide is aimed at parents who want to fly with their baby or toddler. The book is clearly structured as a reference work. Broken down according to the phases of a flight, common questions from parents are answered: from flight booking and check-in to security check and taking a child’s car seat to changing diapers in the plane and dealing with tantrums. There are many recommendations, checklists, addresses and links.

Traveling with babies and toddlers – an intense time in which you can relax and unwind, but also have to face many adventures in an unfamiliar environment. With numerous expert interviews and tips, the book helps with travel planning and packing suitcases and reveals how to keep children happy in the car, train or plane. Inka Schmeling also reports on her own parental leave trip on the legendary Silk Road and lets mothers and fathers have their say who have taken small and large trips with their toddlers during or after parental leave.

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