Where to go with children in vienna? 16 eventful activities

Where to go with children in Vienna? 16 eventful activities

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Where to go with children in Vienna? We have numerous ideas for adventurous activities. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) nadezhda1906

When painting with crayons or building with Lego is bland and even the TV becomes uninteresting, it’s time to leave the house with the kids. Especially on weekends or during the holidays, it is good to occasionally escape the madness of everyday life. But where to go with children in Vienna? We have 16 exciting activities in Vienna in rainy weather and in sunshine.

Where to go with children in Vienna when it rains?

For children’s dancing in Vienna

Dancing promotes motor skills, social skills and creativity. But more importantly, it’s a lot of fun. Children can dance through the air as easily as a feather, trudge through the room as dinosaurs or show off their best hip-hop moves.

In the children’s studio in Vienna in the 15th district there is once a month On Sunday one Dance morning. The whole family is invited to dance and make music. If the little ones are enthusiastic about the course, you can also book a children’s dance course throughout the semester. You can find more information about dance studios for children in the article "Creative children’s dancing in Vienna".

In an art workshop in Vienna

Where to go with children in Vienna? Paint, tinker and glue in mumok! Photo: art studio in mumok, (c) Niko Havranek

Take the fight to the cloudy weather and the gray rain clouds with colorful pictures! Vienna has a huge offer for small artists. For example, the children can paint cups in Made by You, try out a variety of artistic techniques in the Sunday studio in MUMOK, or combine painting with music and singing in the Caren Dingens Adventure Workshop. Many museums also offer numerous children’s art workshops for children on weekends. You can find them in the article "Creative Children: Art Workshops and Art Studios in Vienna".

In a child-friendly restaurant in Vienna

If mom and dad have absolutely no desire to take the wooden spoon in hand, a restaurant is the perfect alternative. Of course, it shouldn’t be just any restaurant, it has to be Children’s menus, play areas and child-friendly waiters to have. So the children do not get bored while waiting for the food and you do not get angry looks when the children get a little louder. You just feel comfortable.

The Jungle Cafe in the Museum Quarter with dishes for young and old is very popular with families. Many associate lunch with a visit to the theater in the children’s theater next door. The beautiful pearl in the 2nd district and Kolarik’s Praterfee also warmly welcome children. There are more child-friendly restaurants in the article "Child-friendly restaurants in Vienna".

To the children’s museum in Vienna

What to do with children in Vienna For example, visit the eye-opening tour in the Technical Museum Vienna. Photo: (c) Daniel Zupanc

What did the trams look like 50 years ago? Which spider is the most dangerous? Where does chocolate come from? You can find answers to these questions in the coach house, in the Natural History Museum and in the Chocolate Museum. Many museums also offer guided tours for children and workshops in which children can research and try out for themselves.

For example, there is a tour in the Technical Museum where children learn what electricity is using practical examples. In the Leopold Museum, children learn exciting stories about different artists and can then get creative themselves. More information about children’s museums in Vienna can be found in the article "Educational and entertaining children’s museums in Vienna".

In the children’s bookstore in Vienna

Rainy weather is perfect for you leisurely afternoon reading with hot cocoa. In order to get out of the house a little bit, you can head to a children’s bookstore and look there for new reading. Take enough time to read different books and enjoy the calming atmosphere of the bookstore. For example, in the children’s bookstore Kunterbuch in the first district you will be advised by friendly staff over a cup of tea. You can find more children’s bookstores in the article "Children’s Bookstores in Vienna".

In the indoor playground in Vienna

Where to go with children in Vienna in rainy weather? Let’s go to the indoor playground! Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) WavebreakmediaMicro

Even if the rain or snow has taken over the playgrounds in Vienna, this is by no means a reason to stay at home. Fortunately, Vienna not only has outdoor playgrounds, but there are also plenty of opportunities for children to let off steam in Vienna. Children can jump, climb, slide and play in the indoor playgrounds as they please.

The Family-Fun indoor playground in the Danube city delights with a climbing garden, a wave slide, a ball pool and a children’s disco. Boredom is guaranteed not to arise here. An overview of all indoor playgrounds throughout Austria can be found in the article "Indoor playgrounds and fun parks in Austria".

To the children’s theater in Vienna

It’s raining? Then off to the theater! Whether musical, puppet show or puppet show – with the wide variety of children’s theaters in Vienna there is something for everyone. Theaters have a magical influence on children. During the performance, they sit in front of the stage with wide eyes and cheer with the characters. In Urania, the little ones can follow the Kasperl on his adventures, in the Lilarium they immerse themselves in current stories of the figure theater and in the Heuschreck theater, the children sing along with the songs. More information about children’s theaters can be found in the article "The Top 10 Children’s Theaters in Vienna".

The sun is shining! Where to go with kids in Vienna?

Nice weather must of course be used, because Vienna has so much more to offer than the park around the corner. The following outdoor activities guarantee fun for the whole family, enough exercise and tired children in the evening.

Outdoor trips

Vienna has numerous green spots that are ideal for a family outing. Put on your sturdy shoes, pack your snack bread and ball and start exploring nature! The Lobau in the Donau-Auen National Park is a real paradise for little naturalists. It is home to more than 800 plants, 30 species of mammals and 100 species of birds. For exciting adventures there are adventure hikes, bike paths and a national park boat in the Lobau. They are also green oases in Vienna Hirschstetten flower gardens, the Danube Island, the Botanic Garden and the Viennese forest. The Leopoldsberg and the Kahlenberg are particularly popular.

Lower Austria also has wonderful excursion destinations, which you can read about in the article "Hiking with children in Lower Austria". For particularly hot days, a trip to the Myra waterfalls is recommended, which ensure a pleasant cooling.

To the outdoor pool in Vienna

When summer is here and the thermometer is above 30 degrees, there is only one option: off to the outdoor pool! Here, too, you are spoiled for choice in Vienna. Large outdoor pools with one Family and children’s area are the Krapfenwaldbad, the Laaerbergbad and the Höpflerbad. The children’s outdoor pool in the Augarten is particularly popular with children and is very centrally located.

If the weather is not completely stable, a trip to a thermal bath in or around Vienna is the perfect alternative.

In the Vienna Prater

The Vienna Prater is a dream for all children: there is a lot to see and do here between ghost trains and air castles, for the whole family. Very young children can explore the realm of dwarves and fairies in the Alt Wiener Grottenbahn or slide down the 30-meter slide with mom or grandpa. Even older children can marvel at the view in Austria’s highest chain carousel or dash around the curve with the Dizzy Mouse. The child-friendly restaurant Kolariks Praterfee is ideal for refreshment.

In the Tiergarten in Vienna

The Schönbrunn Zoo is not an insider tip, but is always worth a visit. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) Strakus

Whether panda, penguin or horse – animals are always a big highlight for kids. But it doesn’t always have to be Schönbrunn Zoo. The children’s farm at the Vienna Cobenzl estate houses sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and geese that can even be fed and petted. You can also take a guided tour and learn more about the residents of the farm. In the Lainzer Tiergarten in the 13th district you can marvel at deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar and enjoy the fresh air in the forest.

In the motor park in Vienna

in the Motor park in the Danube city there is a spider web, an obstacle course, a standing rope swing, a fairy tale character path and many other practice stations on an area of ​​21,000 m². The exercises are not only fun, but also promote coordination, balance, orientation or stamina depending on the exercise. The park is designed for the whole family, so the little ones as well as the big ones find exciting and challenging stations. A second, a little smaller motor park is there in the Sonnwendviertel in 1100 Vienna.

We wish you a nice trip and a lot of fun!

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