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Dental practices sorted by Vienna districts.

Viennese dentists with addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and office hours, even with weekend consultations. Find the right dentist quickly and easily on Saturday, Sunday (weekend) at your request.

Specialists in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery in Vienna’s districts. The current urban area of ​​the capital of Austria has resulted from numerous incorporations of former suburbs and suburbs.

Dentist Vienna: How to find the right practice

We all know that: you just want to get your own phone number quickly Dentist in Vienna find out, but his business card cannot be found and the search engines spit out nothing – in other words: pure stress, for something that should only take a few minutes.

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Dentist Vienna Med.Rat.Dr. Winfried Dichtl

Dentist in Vienna, 3rd district, Med.Rat.Dr.Dichtl, specialist for tooth-mouth and maxillofacial medicine, all health insurance companies.

Wednesday November 10, 2010

Dentist Vienna, 3rd district, MedRatDr.Winfried Dichtl

Find a dentist in Vienna ?

Sunday February 14, 2010

Dental implants Vienna with Dr. Dichtl in Vienna

Dental implants are inserted as artificial tooth roots in the jawbone and connected with ceramic crowns or ceramic bridges. There is no difference to natural teeth in the cosmetically relevant area.

Of "Cheap implants" you should rather keep your distance. You also pay a lot of money there, but there can be more serious complications, which in the end cost more money than you might think.

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Where to go with children in Vienna? 16 eventful activities

Elke Obermayer | weekend & Leisure time 06.06.2019 weekend +% 26amp% 3B + leisure

Where to go with children in Vienna? We have numerous ideas for adventurous activities. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) nadezhda1906

When painting with crayons or building with Lego is bland and even the TV becomes uninteresting, it’s time to leave the house with the kids. Especially on weekends or during the holidays, it is good to occasionally escape the madness of everyday life. But where to go with children in Vienna? We have 16 exciting activities in Vienna in rainy weather and in sunshine.

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Tips and offers for children in Vienna and the surrounding area

Children’s events, as well as tips and offers for children in Vienna and the surrounding area – exhibitions and workshops in museums, adventure visits to the zoo, boat trips on the Danube, action and fun in Austria’s largest amusement park. So your child spends his free time without boredom!

© Dieter Schütz / | Children playing

Vienna offers great activities in various locations in and around Vienna, from exhibitions and children’s workshops in museums, to experience visits to the zoo, to boat trips on the Danube and action and fun in Austria’s largest amusement park.

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Children's dentist in Vienna, dentist in Vienna - ordinations in 1100 and 1010, dr

The pediatric dentist in Vienna!

So that our little patients feel comfortable with us, we take a lot of time during the first dentist appointments. If your child feels taken seriously, everything is shown and explained, there is no fear at all. Of course, we usually do not carry out any treatments on the first visit, but only examine the level of development and health of the teeth. Based on these findings, we create a preventive and treatment concept with which your child’s dental health is in good hands right from the start.

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Orthodontists & Find specialist dentists in Vienna

Top orthodontists & Specialist dentists presented in Vienna

Dr. Reza Homayuni, M.Sc.

    Orthodontist Kärntner Ring 9-13 – 1010 Vienna

GDR. Zsigmond Hanzely

    Specialist in orthodontics Portnergasse 13/2/1 – 1220 Vienna

Dr. Doris Leukauf

    Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Rodlergasse 8 – 1190 Vienna

Dr. Klaus Bliemegger

    Specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine Reisnerstraße 14/5 – 1030 Vienna

Dr. med. dent. Jörg Hannesschläger

    Dentist Tarviser Strasse 11 – 9020 Klagenfurt

Dr. Christiane Baumann

    Specialist in orthodontics Borschkegasse 7/9 – 1090 Vienna

Dr. med. univ. Ewa Siejka

    Specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine Dornbacher Straße 1 – 1170 Vienna

GDR. Karin Vornwagner

    Dentist Elterleinplatz 1 – 1170 Vienna

Dr. Michael Ernst Meissl

    Orthodontist Sechskrügelgasse 8/7 – 1030 Vienna

Dr. Birgit Praschniker

    Orthodontist Breitenfurter Straße 360-368 – 1230 Vienna

Dr. med. Univ. Irene Burian-Bohm

    Specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine & Orthodontics Schleifmühlgasse 7/12 – 1040 Vienna

GDR. Gabriela Eisenmenger

    Specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine Billrothstraße 49a / Top 6 – 1190 Vienna

Dental clinic Margareten

    Dental clinic Ramperstorffergasse 68 – 1050 Vienna

Dr. Roxana Rominu (dentists at the city park)

    Orthodontist Salesianergasse 4/3 – 1030 Vienna

Dr. Florian Wruhs

    dentist & Orthodontist Martinstraße 1/32 – 1180 Vienna

Dr. Maria Theresia Kirschner, MSc

    Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Lazarettgasse 3 – 1090 Vienna

GDR. Kristina Hadwig

    Orthodontist Kolingasse 20/3 – 1090 Vienna Svitlana Pokornik

    Specialist in teeth and mouth & Oral medicine Rögergasse 32 – 1090 Vienna

Dr. Ulrike Müller-Hofbauer

    Specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery An der Oberen Alten Donau 187 – 1220 Vienna

Dr. Carina Eder

    Akkr. Elective orthodontist Wiedner Hauptstraße 18/9 – 1040 Vienna (ordination DDr. Marcus Vachuda))

Dr. Diana Atassi, Msc

    Orthodontist Währinger Straße 70/6 – 1090 Vienna

Dr. med.dent. Marie-Therese Brenner

    Specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine & Orthodontics Franzensgasse 22/1 – 1050 Vienna

Dr. Daria Knyrim-Mager

    Dentist Buchengasse 133 – 1100 Vienna

Doz.DDr. Kaan Yerit

    Specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery Wiedner Hauptstraße 49 – 1040 Vienna

Braces Guide: Browse through topics in orthodontics

Why hire an orthodontist or specialist dentist at

Specialists in braces & Find Orthodontics in Vienna

a Orthodontist in Vienna you’re probably looking for a reason. Beautiful and straight teeth are not only important from an aesthetic point of view. Misalignments of teeth and jaws should be treated quickly from a medical point of view, otherwise there is a risk of plague, caries or, in the worst case, even tooth loss.

The best thing you can do is to visit a specialist in orthodontics in Vienna to find out about the right braces treatment. Specialists in orthodontics advise you comprehensively about possible orthodontic therapy options. offers an orthodontist directory, as well as all important information and tips about braces and teeth regulation for children and adults in Vienna.

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Hypnosis at the dentist: how it works, what it brings

Gabriela Gerstweiler | health & Wellbeing | 04/26/2019 Health +% 26amp% 3B + well-being

Hypnosis at the dentist: For patients with fear of treatment, a good way to reduce these fears. Adobe Stock, (c)

Panicked fear of the dentist often prevents necessary dental treatment and therefore costs some valuable teeth. hypnosis can help there. In any case, most afraid rabbits take pain away from hypnotizing dentists. Often without any anesthetic. HEROLD reveals how hypnosis works at the dentist and what Viennese dentists offer this slightly different form of sedation.

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Smile design

It is a real art to create a smile that harmoniously combines the personality and facial features of a person. With Smile Design we can realistically visualize the result in advance!

Computer-navigated implantology

Using computer-navigated implantology, it is possible to simulate the actual intervention in advance and plan it precisely.

All – on – 4

In certain cases, this method makes it possible to make a complete fixed denture with 4 implants without bone structure.


In the treatment based on Ayurveda, we combine modern dentistry with alternative methods and natural remedies.

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10 destinations with children around Vienna

for a family outing with children around Vienna

There is a lot to discover for families around the city of Vienna. If you are looking for excursions with children around Vienna, you will find it relatively quickly. Depending on the age and interest of the children, there is not only something to discover with the museum village, in the Römerland Carnuntum or at Schloss Hof, this is also associated with a lot of exercise for children.

Children who prefer to marvel at animals will find many creatures in the Ernstbrunn wildlife park, in the Sparbach nature park or in the Orth castle. Adventure and excitement are provided in the fossil world, at the Myra Falls, in the family park or in the railway museum.

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