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United Kingdom Travel Blog A decent cup of tea

A decent cup of tea is the UK blog for anyone who loves the UK as much as I do.

Hello darling, cup of tea?

  • You find that a cup of tea can save almost any situation, however odd
  • a fine drizzle will not whet your appetite
  • It is not a question for you that the best music comes from the island
  • you consider Kate Moss the coolest sow in the world
  • Rubber boots represent an adequate footwear for you and
  • you just can not get enough of expressions like mate, bugger, rubbish, bollocks, brilliant, ta and bloody

…Then you are exactly right here! Welcome to the UK Blog A decent cup of tea!

A decent cup of tea is a blog for anyone who shares my love for Britain and the British. So to speak an England blog, a Scotland blog, a Wales blog and a Northern Ireland blog summarized! What awaits you here:

Travel tips for Great Britain

I travel to the island as often as I can. Here I tell you about my trips to the UK. One focus of my travel tips is on the North of England and Scotland – I feel at home here and I’m almost certain that in a past life I must have lived somewhere. In 2019, the travel tips will hopefully and finally include Wales!

Scotland Travel Tips and Inspiration

I’ll tell you why Edinburgh is the most beautiful city in the world, even in the rain, and where I like to have breakfast in Glasgow. I’ll tell you my personal travel tips and why you should travel to the Scottish Borders. And of course, I do not want to deprive you of my very own Happy Place in Scotland.

England Travel Tips Inspiration

In my UK travel blog, you’ll learn why it’s been pulling me to London at least once a year for over two decades. I’ll take you to the English coast, to the Scottish Tea Time and to London’s bakeries. I’ll give you my best accommodations, insider tips to get to know the country and its people and, of course, where to drink the best cup of tea.

British food

At least since Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay you know outside the UK that the British cuisine can be really delicious. Here you will learn a lot about typical British dishes, be it the traditional Sunday Roast, the ingredients of a classic English afternoon tea as well as British pastries, British desserts and British main courses.

Porridge recipes and scones recipes

A culinary focus is on porridge (I love, love it!) And scones – for both British classics you regularly receive new prescription inspirations.

Britain and the British

What exactly is the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom? Will everything really be left standing and drinking tea at 5 pm? Do Britons like to queue, are always polite and can not shoot a penalty? And why do not Brits seem to freeze even in the dead of winter and dress appropriately for the temperature? Questions about questions that I answered (admittedly quite subjective). In addition, I tell stories about the small and big things that I encounter on the island.

British pop culture

From Atomic Kitten to Bridget Jones, Benedict Cumberbatch, Damien Hirst, Eurovision, Harry Potter, Nick Hornby, Madchester, to Pete Doherty, Rolling Stones and The Smiths – British pop culture has shaped me since I can remember. How did a wise man once say? “Fuck me, I love Keats.” (Daniel Cleaver)

Great Britain in Germany

I would like to travel to the UK all the time, but because that does not work, I like to settle my Great Britain longing in Germany. For example, on the UK blog you can find out where to shop in Scotland for Scottish or English products (check out ‘British Shops in Germany’) where in Germany you can enjoy an original English afternoon tea (‘Afternoon Tea in Germany’) where you can have the most delicious English breakfast or the best whiskey selection. You will also find out everything about British events in Germany here.

Before you start, you first want to know who actually writes here?

Understandable! You will find out on the page Tea with me.

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