Can you prevent hair loss?

Can you prevent hair loss?

Can you prevent hair loss?

Basically, and for most types of hair loss, you can do nothing before that prevents the hair from falling out. Especially the morbid phenomena, such as the circular and hereditary hair loss can not be prevented. The only thing that can be done here is to go to the doctor immediately when the first signs appear, and to get ahead with treatments to continue advancing the hair loss.

But what you can prevent, is hair loss, which occurs due to deficiency symptoms, improper diet or overuse by too much care.

Healthy eating

In a sense, you can prevent hair loss so, for example, with a healthy diet. Women or men who frequently go on a diet will experience hair loss more than others. Reason are the missing vitamins and minerals.

  • Fish is a good growth source for your hair because it is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and protein. In addition, vitamin B ensures that her hair becomes strong and shiny.
  • Biotin does the scalp well, promotes their circulation and strengthens the hair roots. Liver, nuts, spinach and mushrooms should not be left out of their diet.
  • If it comes to mineral deficiencies so this can be compensated with dietary supplements. Zinc tablets are especially recommended for cell regeneration of the hair.

avoid stress

Stress affects our body in any form, including the hair. Here it is important to fight the cause in the first place. You can not make everyday life completely stress-free, but you can do a lot to live more balanced. Sufficient sleep counts as well as regular relaxation phases. How about a yoga class or a relaxing wellness weekend??

The right hair care

Excessive stress can cause the hair to break or fail. Anyone who works every day with curling iron and straightening irons has to reckon with sick hair. Reduce, if possible, this type of hairstyling. But you can also buy preventive care products. When shampoo, conditioner and conditioner take care that they do not contain silicones.

  • Daily hair washing does not have to be – 2-3 times a week is enough.
  • Never wash your hair too hot and rinse with cold water before drying. That brings shine in a natural way.
  • Wild dry scrubbing is also harmful. Wrap your hair in a soft terry cloth and then gently squeeze out the moisture.
  • If time allows, let her hair air dry. Excessive drying heat dries out the structure.
  • Those who can not do without dyeing should resort to natural colors like henna.

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