Car hire – abu dhabi travel tips, your honest – detailed travel guide

Car hire - abu dhabi travel tips, your honest - detailed travel guide

Abu Dhabi Travel Tips | Your honest & detailed travel guide

Tips from vacationers to vacationers looking for Abu Dhabi? On my travel blog you are absolutely right! Come with me – I’ll show you everything about the fascinating Emirate!

rental car

For almost all holidays in Abu Dhabi, I have hired a car so far. Only a small car, nothing exciting.

I always booked in advance via an online portal with cancellation option. Sometimes for the whole stay, sometimes only for a few days. The pickup location was either at the airport or at a rental car branch in the city center. Once the car was also brought to the hotel – but this type of booking was made together with flight and hotel through a specialized travel agency.

The rental car: My companion in Abu Dhabi

My The main reason for the rental car is that I have a lot of spots on my list before every single trip, which I would like to “rummage”. My days on the ground are often crammed and I have to get from A to B as fast as possible, if I want to find some time to relax afterwards. In addition, I spontaneously come to mind during my stays, things that I always wanted to check in and around Abu Dhabi.

And with your own moving pedestal you are naturally faster on the go and more flexible, when plans change or an activity takes longer / shorter than originally expected. And never underestimate the fact that you are Naturally from time to time on unfamiliar territory.

The fact that I Almost always book a rental car, so it is mainly to explain that I spend my time in Abu Dhabi in my capacity as a blog operator allegedly something different than the “normal” vacationers. I am sure that someone who is going for the first time and just wants to relax or visit the main attractions, quite good without a rental car gets along. More on that below.

advantages and disadvantages

Some of you will now breathe a sigh of relief … Believe me, I can understand that for some it is an overcoming to hitchhike in a foreign country with a rented car. The sense of responsibility weighs on one and the organizational effort from the booking on the pickup and return process is definitely given. If you are unsure anyway, be sure to check out the Peculiarities of the Emirati road traffic before you decide on a rental car.

Another potential disadvantage: the Parking space (although I never had any problems here). In addition, you should necessarily own a credit card, otherwise the car may not be handed over. A debit credit card does not count!

On the other hand, I do not want to deny that the UAE is a motoring nation. And although there is a lot going on in the field of alternative modes of transport right now, and even setting up bike paths, cities are anything but pedestrian-friendly. So, if you thought that you could cover your ways constantly, this is usually not a good idea. Public transport is limited to buses, but in my opinion the system is not yet developed to be tourist-compatible. Add to this the heat from April to November, which inevitably turns every walk into a violent march. That’s why you are in many cases by car faster, more comfortable and safer on road.

Other potential benefits: The Gasoline is so cheap, that the refueling process can become a positive holiday experience. Also a new experience: in many places there is Valet services, where a butler takes the car from you and parks you – you do not really know something luxurious from home.

Who needs a car in Abu Dhabi??

This question, whether you should take a rental car, I get asked quite often. If you want to see more than the most important thing and at the same time be as intrepid as responsible motorists: Go for it! There are also a few scenarios in which my own car in my opinion, even with not so much program for significantly more comfort would provide.

  • You travel with children who need a child seat. Otherwise you would need to make sure that the taxi is equipped with the necessary equipment before every taxi ride.
  • Your stay falls on Ramadan. As it turns out, a car (with tinted windows) is the perfect retreat to quickly have something to eat / drink between two activities without anyone having to see it.
  • You have planned a stay in a desert hotel. Of course, the hotels offer pick-up services, but it is nicer to drive alone into the desert and stop and enjoy the view on the way.
  • You are interested in other cities (like Al Ain) or islands (like Sir Bani Yas) in the emirate of Abu Dhabi or you want to pay a visit to other emirates like Fujairah. Adventurers may even want to move on to Oman.

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