Children in berlin – leisure offers for vacation with children

Children in berlin - leisure offers for vacation with children

Children in Berlin

Berlin for children – leisure activities, sights & Culture

In Berlin nobody really has to suffer from boredom, not even children!
There are numerous leisure activities for children or the whole family in the capital! Tips for families with their kids on vacation in the capital!

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Planning a vacation with children in the capital:

Berlin is an attractive city. After the German capital also became the capital of German city tourism, it is now becoming increasingly interesting as a place of residence. 2011 was the fastest growing population since unification in 1990, despite a high death rate. The 3.5 million mark is now clearly exceeded. It is not just for professional or educational reasons that many people are drawn to the city – the proportion of people in families is significantly higher than that of people with single status. Over 30,000 children are born in the capital every year. In total, well over half a million people aged 0 to 17 live in the city. The nationwide demographic development does not stop at Berlin, but in Berlin many people from different areas work to make Spree-Athens child-friendly. Here you can find out what you can do with children in Berlin!

Urban environment for children

The days of Zille’s backyards are long gone. Refurbished old buildings not only offer attractive living areas throughout the city, but also an environment that is designed for children. Today there are many parks, playgrounds and other opportunities for children in the Berlin boroughs. There is also a family-friendly infrastructure. In Berlin, the number of daycare places and their occupancy are increasing steadily. At the end of August 2012, the Berlin Senate adopted a program to build family centers. Since 2008, there has been a program to support families living in the city center, on the basis of which so-called assemblies for family-friendly living are identified and the space is made available at fixed prices from state ownership. There are also a number of action programs for children and young people. So there is one "Advisory board family" and the "Alliance for family". Also often unfairly negative and as "housing estate" classified suburbs such as Lichtenberg-Hohenschönhausen or Marzahn-Hellersdorf offer children a pleasant environment. Since they have already been designed for sufficient green spaces and complex supply centers, they fulfill many basic functions that inner-city areas cannot offer to that extent. Such residential areas may not be very exciting for the urban experience audience – they are ideal for children, especially since many new leisure activities have been added in the past 20 years. (Also read our tips for a school trip to Berlin!)

Spending free time in Berlin with children:

The greatest contribution to the child-friendliness of the city is made by the many educational, leisure and recreational facilities. In addition to the state-owned facilities such as swimming pools, sports facilities, museums or club offers, there are a large number of privately operated sites for children’s and family offers, which are also oriented towards the needs of families with the admission price.

Children in Berlin have a lot to discover
It doesn’t matter whether they uphold old Berlin traditions like that "Relaxation in the Jrünen" in the water-rich districts of Köpenick-Treptow, Spandau or Zehlendorf, lure with leisure trends such as climbing gardens or go-kart tracks or realize complex offers such as the children’s and family center in Wuhlheide – in the family leisure facilities in the city on the Spree there is hardly anything left to be desired. There are also cinemas, theaters, animal parks, exhibitions, showmen, circuses and trips to the surrounding area. But the children from there prefer to come to Berlin. You can also see children can have a nice vacation in the city!
In 2019 there are again many events for kids in Berlin. For example, the Children’s Carnival of Cultures in mid-May.
There is also a lot to discover for families with children in the outskirts of Berlin! A trip is very popular too Karl’s adventure village in Elstal or in the Mini monkey climbing forest Birkenwerder.

There are many good educational institutions for children and young people in Berlin in the capital!

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