Cracks in the tooth – 19 answers, tooth split 2020

Cracks in the tooth - 19 answers, tooth split 2020

All questions and answers about cracks in the tooth

The essentials in brief:

»Cracks in the tooth are caused by a strong force, such as a fall on a hard surface or an accident.

»If there are cracks in tooth fillings, they result from material fatigue or too early stress on the filling.

»The dentists fill or splinted a cracked tooth, a root canal treatment with a subsequent crowning is often suitable.

»Cracks in the enamel result from grinding your teeth or eating acidic foods, but are considered harmless.

»How long a tooth with a crack lasts depends on its position, its load and the severity of the crack.

»Whether the health insurance company pays for the treatment of a broken tooth depends on the diagnosis and the resulting dental treatment.

A crack in the tooth is a painful tooth fracture and, if not treated, tooth inflammation or tooth loss is possible.

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What causes a tooth crack? ? On Crack in the tooth can occur, if someone has an accident, falls or unhappily hits his teeth on a hard surface. Even with a dentist treatment with the typical tools, cracks in the tooth can be accidentally caused, with a tooth root treatment or if a tooth is filled with too large a filling.
How do cracks appear in dental fillings? ? Cracks in the tooth filling can occur, for example, if the filling is chewed too early after the appointment with the dentist. Older fillings can crack because they suffer from material fatigue and, for example, can no longer cope with biting / chewing hard nuts.
How can the tooth crack be treated? ? Depending on the type of crack, the dentist has the options of splinting or filling the tooth. In many cases, however, root canal treatments including crowning are recommended to prevent tooth loss; In severe cases, a cracked tooth rarely has to be pulled completely.
What can cause cracks in the tooth enamel? ? Sometimes melt cracks occur, when people grind their teeth. By enjoying aggressive substances such as fruit acids, for example, the enamel is attacked and reacts with cracks, which are harmless.
A tiny crack is dangerous ? No, one tiny crack in the enamel is not dangerous, but completely normal; usually it closes itself over time. A crack in the tooth is dangerous, however, and should be treated for a short time to prevent worse.
How can a crack appear in a denture ? There are several reasons why the denture may crack. For example, it could be material fatigue or the consequences of an accident in which the denture was subjected to strong forces.
How do I repair cracks in the denture ? One way is Crack in the denture with a repair kit from the pharmacy. The best option, however, is to see the dentist so that he can decide what to do because in many cases he can repair the denture with little effort, which initially saves the patient from higher costs.
How long does the anterior tooth with a crack last? ? There is no general answer to how long the anterior tooth will last with a crack. An anterior tooth with a tear can still last a long time, but caution is advised in the case of deep cracks and those affected should ask the dentist for advice.
How does a crack develop after root canal treatment ? A tooth is heavily used after root canal treatment and the tooth becomes brittle. A root-treated tooth therefore tears more quickly under mechanical stress such as normal chewing and biting.
If teeth become cracked and broken, what to do ? If teeth become cracked and break, those affected should visit the dentist for a short time. Sometimes the teeth can be covered with a protective layer, but it can also be necessary to crown or even pull and replace a tooth.
What if the tooth crown has a slight crack ? If a tooth crown has a slight crack, you should Affected people go to the dentist, this checks the depth of the crack. If the crack is continuous, food remnants can get under the tooth crown and promote tooth decay, so it is possible that the tooth crown must be replaced.
What are the consequences if cracks are not treated? ? If a crack in the crown is not treated, caries may develop and, in the worst case, the tooth under the crown may start to rot. This can have the consequence that the entire tooth has to be extracted and replaced.
What does it cost Bonding in case of melt crack ? Bonding is a private service and costs between € 100 and € 120 per tooth, depending on the effort involved.
What can you do to prevent a deep crack in the incisor? ? As soon as the crack in the tooth becomes too deep, those affected should go to the dentist to check the tooth for vitality. If in doubt, he takes measures to get the situation under control.
Different treatments for small and large cracks ? Yes, the treatments are different. Small cracks that are only in the enamel are harmless and do not require medical care, large cracks should be checked regularly by the dentist and, if in doubt, treated medically.
The cracks always cause toothache ? No, Cracks don’t always cause toothache, it depends on how deep the crack is. If there are only fine cracks in the tooth enamel, those affected usually do not notice anything. If a tooth tears through, it can lead to very strong and persistent pain, which only the dentist can get a grip on.
Crack in the tooth – how to proceed ? A crack in the tooth should be a reason to make a dentist appointment. The doctor checks whether the jump is so deep that it needs medical treatment.
Cracks in the teeth after ultrasonic cleaning – how can this happen? ? Improper handling of the ultrasound device for cleaning can damage the teeth. However, the damage is usually self-regulating within a short time by brushing with fluoride toothpastes if the damage caused is only superficial.
Who pays for the treatment of cracked or cracked teeth ? Depending on which diagnosis the dentist makes and how the treatment is carried out, these are private services that the patient has to pay for themselves or services that are fully or partially covered by the health insurance fund. A case-by-case assessment of the situation is always necessary to clarify who is responsible for the costs.

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