Cut orange peels instead of biscuits and make christmas decorations yourself

Cut out orange peel. Make your own Christmas decorations while snacking on the healthy contents.

Mmmmmhhhh, delicious vitamins: first eat oranges and then tinker with the orange peel

The Christmas decoration idea I have already discovered last year and this year I thought, now! Now I would also like to cut out orange peels instead of cookies. Juhu! It worked. I’m still in the Gyro Gearloose mode and try something different with the bowls every day. Sometimes there are napkin rings (December issue magazine, garlands or gift, which are packed even more beautiful. Can you think of something else? Then write me.

What do I need for an orange peel garland:

  1. oranges
  2. knife
  3. cutting board
  4. cutters
  5. Ribbon, if it is to become a garland
  6. Pipe cleaners, for Christmas pendants, napkin rings or gift decoration
  7. Beads, bells to decorate

How to make an orange peel garland:

First, you can eat the oranges, because we only need the shell. This is a great job, right? The whole family first eats delicious oranges before they start the big craft afternoon. They are healthy and strengthen your immune system from dumb influenza viruses. If you have eaten everything, you can put the bowls on the chopping board and off you go.

Push the cookie cutters as hard as they can onto the orange peel. The little ones can also put a rubber flap on the shape, then you can cut out better. Sometimes they are quite sharp-edged.

You can do that with all forms that you can find in the kitchen. I have chosen a small, a big star and a Christmas tree. I am very proud, they look really great!

Now let your works dry on a kitchen towel for a day.

When your stars, Christ children, hearts and fir trees are dried. Then you thread them to your heart’s content with different beads and bells on a colorful pipe cleaner of your choice. This is fun and is really a nice crafting idea for every age.

Fold your napkins and put your homemade napkin ring around. Turn the two ends together until the wire closes. You can also use scissors to cut off the ends if you like.

Have fun with the table cover. I’m curious which family member calls first: “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, who made the napkin rings? They look great. “

Are you writing me who has discovered your artworks first? Good Appetite! Your bloggi

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