Dentist regensburg, dr

Dentist regensburg, dr

In our dental practice in Regensburg, we attach great importance to introducing innovations when they bring enormous benefits for you as a patient.

CEREC is innovative because you now only need one session for a partial crown or inlay. They come with a tooth in need of treatment and leave our dental practice in Regensburg completely treated. Who of us doesn’t know the uncomfortable feeling of an imprint? Cerec saves you from this unpleasant procedure. Using a digital camera, we can transmit the “digital impression” directly to the device so that the CERamik REConstruction can be used within a very short time and has a high accuracy of fit. Cerec is a high-quality alternative to gold restorations – with the same or even better durability. This solution gives you a metal-free denture and a natural appearance with tooth-colored ceramic restorations.

CEREC uses the modern technical requirements

Under these conditions, we can offer you fillings, partial crowns and crowns at prices that are up to 50% below the current price for laboratory products. A perfect and gentle care for your teeth, also from the point of view of aesthetics, is in just one session.

Dentist for children and adolescents in Regensburg

“Our practice has existed for 17 years. Many of our “tots of the first hour” are now young adults. Most of them have never met our drills. We are proud of that, but at the same time grateful for the loyalty. ”

Regular visits and good contact

The focus of our work with children and adolescents is similar to that of the known pediatrician. Each child receives their own dental child’s passport and with you as parents in our Regensburg dental practice. The good contact, the easy dealings with us and the basis of trust ensure sustainable and long-term motivation. We can identify impending damage in good time, correct mistakes in oral hygiene and actively support and advise you as parents.

From sponsors, helpers and role models

How can we motivate and successfully treat your child and accompany them carelessly into adulthood? The most popular helpers in our practice are the DentDogs, our dogs, who almost always reach the children.

But people from everyday life can also help. As a rule, we can even motivate older siblings who have been with us for a long time to make their little brothers and sisters positive. Many grandmothers, who have long been our fear-free and satisfied patients, have been able to convince their grandchildren of the harmlessness of the dentist.

We take the great influence that role models have very carefully. In the many years of our professional life and in the role of family fathers, we have recognized that the actions of their everyday caregivers and role models have the greatest impact on children’s behavior.
Transferring this means: If you manage to come to us in a normal, confident, regular and fearless manner, have well-groomed and healthy teeth, and bring your offspring into practice right from the start, the most important step has been taken. Children trust parents. If parents trust us, the children will weigh themselves up safely. The healthy teeth of the parents and trust in the practice team are more formative than all "child-friendly" toys and materials.

Children’s creativity

Crucial resources that we urgently need to treat children are creativity, spontaneity and courage. You can rely on children at this point. Everyone has these abilities, they sleep in every child. Your regular owner also brings these talents with us and shows them to us. My helpers, helpers on four legs and I just have to take up and shape it. We take great pleasure in this and learn a lot from your offspring.

Root canal treatment in Regensburg

With root canal treatment, we can “save” inflamed or even dead teeth and thus preserve them. Special tools and innovative technology are used to restore the function of the tooth and the tooth root.

As experienced dentists in Regensburg, we have already carried out numerous root canal treatments for children, adolescents and adults and have made it possible to heal painful, diseased teeth and save them for many years.

If you are looking for a professional dentist in Regensburg who can perform a root canal treatment, you have come to the right place. Please contact us. We would be happy to advise you and provide you with information about our range of services.

Treatment of periodontitis in Regensburg

Periodontitis is a gum disease that can attack the jawbone over time. So that your teeth do not lose their hold and tooth loss occurs, professional treatment of periodontitis is absolutely essential.

We are at your side to treat the dental disease preventively. On the other hand, we advise you in detail about which individual measures are suitable for you after a diagnosis.

by the way: Smoking increases the risk of developing periodontitis.

Professional teeth cleaning in Regensburg (PZR)

"After that, the teeth feel like new."

In our practice we offer professional tooth cleaning. This is carried out by specialized and trained assistants. Personal advice and matching the options to your person and teeth in a pleasant atmosphere are waiting for you. We are happy if you can enjoy the freshness of your breath and by the way your teeth are in top shape.

oral hygiene

"We are also constantly learning. The toothbrush alone was yesterday. ”

Much has developed in the past few years on the subject of oral hygiene. Our practice team keeps up to date with the latest findings and developments. We too are surprised at how many outdated ideas and old “wisdom” lead to dental problems. Many people think that they take good care of their teeth and are unfortunately not properly informed. Our goals are to get rid of the outdated and to develop the best possible oral hygiene for your dental and living situation.

Whitening in Regensburg

Brilliant white teeth lead to a doubling of smile and laughter. Who wouldn’t want to laugh twice as much as before?

In our dental practice in Regensburg we offer gentle bleaching. White teeth, that is possible for everyone. You can choose between treatment with us or treatment under our care at home. We would be happy to advise you on what is the right path to whiter teeth. This procedure is carried out by specialized and trained assistants.

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