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Drill-free zone and children’s fillings

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Halli Hello – I am the moose , and I know!

Yes, you heard that right – there are different ways to treat your teeth without a drill and completely painless! And believe it or not, there is no real drill in our dental practice, which is only set up for children!

Of course, it is important to start treatment, before A large tooth-devil cavity has formed – because if you wait too long, the only treatment option left is to drill out the caries cavity.

In spite of good dental care, black discoloration sometimes develops on the occlusal surfaces of the molars, which the pediatric dentist should treat immediately so that the tooth devils cannot dig deeper into the tooth at these points and proper tooth decay occurs.

However, treatment does not always mean drilling!

Today there are several ways to stop caries or to treat it with "minimally invasive" treatment.

I will now explain to you how such minimally invasive caries therapy is possible without a drill:

First, the tooth is cleaned thoroughly, and if small black spots have formed in the dimples and fissures of the chewing surfaces that cannot be polished away, it means: be careful, the tooth devils are already at work!

The caries detective – FOTI

The caries devils can also nest between the teeth, and small tooth devil caves cannot be seen there at all..

Now our caries detective is immediately deployed. His name is FOTI and can detect caries even before a real hole is created in the tooth!

For parents :

With the normal examination of the teeth and the dental probe, a beginning caries is usually not recognizable, even if it already spreads in the dentin. In order to be able to do without repeated X-ray examinations as far as possible, this comes in our children’s dental practice F aserOptischen Transillumination (FOTI). This procedure takes advantage of the different light refraction properties of healthy and cariously diseased tooth substance.

For fiber optic transillumination Cold light probes used. In cold light, the infrared portion of the light spectrum and thus the heat development is greatly reduced. It is therefore a non-invasive pain-free procedure with which caries between the teeth can be easily recognized without exposure to radiation.

With the cold light probe, it can be determined relatively accurately whether caries is spreading by carrying out this examination at regular intervals. If the carious area enlarges, the tooth should be treated immediately.

Powder blasting method

If the caries detective FOTI indicates that a family of tooth devils is already tampering with your teeth, it must be chased away as quickly as possible. And the best way to do that is with plenty of water – because you know, toothed devils are afraid of water!

For this we use a "powder jet device" in our practice:

It has a nozzle from which a water jet with very fine powder and a lot of compressed air is blown onto the tooth. The tooth is not touched by the nozzle, so you only feel a slight tingling sensation. The powder tastes sour – something like lemon water.

And the great thing about it is that the powder blasting device really only takes away the tooth substance that has already broken down, i.e. broken tooth substance. The rest of the tooth remains completely healthy – in contrast to the drill, which with all caution always removes part of the healthy tooth.

If the tooth is blasted cleanly with the powder jet device, our "caries detective" can be used again.

But because even after thorough cleaning some caries devils are still hidden in the niches of the tooth cavity, our ozone device can still be used.

Only when there is not a single caries devil left in the cave is it sealed and sealed with a small “mini filling”.

Enamel regeneration with Curodont

Recently there has been a fantastic way to repair tooth decay between the teeth without pain.

This means that it can no longer spread and the tooth remains healthy.

The Curodont treatment is a regeneration of the tooth enamel with peptides from naturally occurring amino acids (Curodont Repair).

This completely pain-free method can be used when enamel caries is starting, which has not yet spread to the dentin, but which can no longer be stopped with other options.

If you consider that this prevents the spread of caries and thus all unpleasant consequences (pain, filling treatment) can be avoided, the time and financial expenditure for this treatment is certainly justified.

Well, did you understand everything??

Your parents can certainly explain the many difficult words to you again!

RöhrRöhr! Your moose

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