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Fixed denture with low bone mass

Some time ago, we reported how fixed dentures are feasible with low bone mass. And with very short implants from the USA. These allow artificial tooth roots even at 5 millimeters bone height, sometimes less. Rudolf von Eckartsberg and Nina Hemmelmann are two of few dentists in Munich, use the short implants. Even for Fixed dentures can be used short implants. Like, the following checklist shows.

Fixed dentures: The method

In principle, this solution with the short implants is not new: On a few, few implants, we fix fixed dentures, e.g. Bridges or a full denture.

This is, so to speak, an “intermediate” between removable denture and fixed dentures by implants. A aesthetically pleasing, very practical and relative cheap alternative for conventional removable dentures and full supply of implants.

New is now, that we use the mini-implants from the USA for this. That allows fixed dentures even with little bone, partly already at 4 to 5 millimeters bone height.

How does fixed denture work with short implants??

For this purpose, we put 4 mini-implants in the jaw per jaw. On this we put the provided crowns. These also serve as a holder for bridges. We put these bridges between the implants.

Can the denture be taken out??

Yes, but only in the dental office. For the patient, this solution feels like real teeth on.

For which patients is the short implant solution suitable?

All patients who can not cope with a removable denture. Mostly the palate cover disturbs. In the Short implant bridges solution There is no “foreign body” on the palate.

Can this method be applied to any (edentulous) jaw?

Yes, when the jaw is healed and there is enough bone.

Only works with short implants?

No, but the short implants, for example, also allow a supply of a edentulous jaw with few bone mass. This is not feasible with “conventional” implants.

How much does the fixed denture with mini-implants cost?

It is more expensive than a removable denture, but cheaper than a “pure” implant restoration.

How long will it take for me to get my “new, fixed teeth”?

The implants are placed in the jaw and “grow” over the next 3 to 6 months. Then we put the crowns on and fasten the bridge.

How durable is this method?

In principle, a lifetime.

If you have more information about this method, we look forward to hearing from you.

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