Flight search and flight booking online, otto travel

Flight search and flight booking online, otto travel

book a flight

Book your holiday with the cheap charter flights of our tour operators. In contrast to regular scheduled flights, places for charter flights are bought in large quantities by tour operators. Thus, the organizers offer their customers a convenient way to get to their destination. Mainly charter flights are used to put together an attractive package holiday together with a hotel stay. If seats remain temporarily unused during a charter flight, these can be booked separately and are often much cheaper than scheduled flights.

Book cheap flights

a flight It’s worth booking for your vacation if you reserve your flight and accommodation independently of each other. If the offered flight is residual, these are cheaper than regular scheduled flights. In addition, charter flights are exempt from certain taxes and duties in comparison with scheduled flights. Take advantage of this benefits in your flight search and when booking your flight online. However, charter flights often do not have the same range of services as scheduled flights: you may only get a large selection of flights in the main travel season and the most popular holiday destinations.

Advantages of charter flights

  • The places are usually very cheap bookable
  • The connections are optimal, because on worthwhile routes a non-stop flight is offered
  • There is no rigid connection to regular flight times

Destinations of charter flights

The travel offer on charter flights is extensive. The best conditions for your flight search can usually be found for high traffic holiday destinations. For very exotic holiday wishes, a little flexibility in flight search will help you. If you vary the departure airport or time of travel a little while you book your flight, you often get much better deals.

Differences to the scheduled flight

These days are the Differences between charter and scheduled flights vanishingly small. The destinations of charter flights are often a little less flexible, as mainly popular tourist destinations are served. Depending on the holiday period, however, the range of flights is still extensive; You can start from most major airports in Germany. Different booking classes do not usually exist on charter flights.

Book a charter flight

a book cheap flight online is uncomplicated and clear at OTTO Reisen. We have highlighted special top offers for you. If you are looking for a specific flight, enter your holiday data in the booking engine. The reservation You can make your flight fast, easy and secure on our site. If you have a question in between, or need assistance, our call center is at your disposal.

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