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Whiter teeth with whitening

Information about professional teeth whitening by the dentist

Many people wish White teeth and for good reason: it’s fun to show them. Bright teeth make you look youthful and vital. Who has beautiful white teeth, attracts.

The best part is that almost everyone can have such white teeth in no time. How sure professional Bleaching at the dentist how it works, how much brighter your teeth are and how long they stay, you can read here:

The most common questions and answers about bleaching

How much brighter are the teeth through a whitening?

That depends on various factors. On average you will be up around 7 to 9 color levels brighter. We measure this in practice with a so-called color scale (see photo below).

Most people have an average tooth color that is on the scale with A3 is designated (black arrow). With whitening can the color B1 (white arrow) or even lighter.

Click on the photograph to enlarge!

How long will the teeth stay whiter??

After our experience between two and five years. Whether and how quickly your teeth turn a little darker depends on how you feed yourself and which stimulants you consume. If you smoke, drink lots of tea, coffee, red wine, or cola, the brightness does not last as long as you do "abstinent" Life.

Is darkening a problem? Not really! The Teeth can be lightened again at any time. This is much faster than the first brightening and costs less. Many patients have their teeth lightened every few years and enjoy their white teeth for a long time.

What whitening methods are there?


Brightening up at home


Brightening in practice



For home bleaching, you will receive the necessary aids from the dentist.

He checks in advance if your teeth are suitable for bleaching. And your teeth will be professionally cleaned before lightening.

It takes about 2 – 3 weeks. The daily application time is 30 minutes to 6 hours or one night, depending on the concentration of the bleaching gel. During this time you are only limited in speaking.

Your teeth will be visibly whiter by the home bleaching and the brightness may last for several years. You can whiten your teeth again at any time.

Apply the whitening gel

During power bleaching, the gums are first covered with protection. Then a high-concentration bleaching gel is applied to the teeth for about 10 minutes.

Then it is sprayed and applied a new layer. This process is repeated 3 to 4 times until the teeth reach their desired brightness.

Then the protection is removed from the gums. The patient can rinse and see the result for the first time: whiter teeth! Power bleaching takes about one to one and a half hours. The whitening gels used even harden the enamel!

Exposure of the bleaching gel

This method basically works the same as power bleaching. The difference is that the whitening gel is additionally activated and heated with a special UV light or laser.

This makes it faster and more intense: After just an hour, your teeth are much brighter and you can show the world your best smile again!

Does not harm teeth whitening?

When done under the supervision and supervision of the dentist, whitening is very safe. Professional brightening agent even harden the enamel. The use of pH-neutral bleaching materials protects the tooth.

It can be different with funds from the drugstore or the Internet. Here, the composition is often unknown. If teeth have holes or cracks, these agents can lead to tooth damage.

Conclusion: letting your teeth brighten up with the dentist makes you feel safe and gives you visible results: Significantly lighter teeth!

Can even a single dark tooth be lightened??

If a single tooth dark is, it is because the tooth nerve has died. The tooth nerve decomposes. Degradation products penetrate into the tooth and discolor it dark.

For whitening, the tooth is opened from the inside. Since he has no nerve, you usually do not feel anything. The bleaching gel is filled in and activated with light. This process is repeated 2-3 times. After that, the tooth often has its previous brightness again.

In difficult cases, the dentist must leave the bleaching insert in the tooth for a few days (which will be provisionally closed during this time). The insert must be repeated 2-3 times until the tooth has the desired brightness. After that, no one sees him anymore "dark past" on.

If you want to play it safe while bleaching .

. and if you clearly whiter teeth you want to have the whitening done in the dental office.

There, tested and pH-neutral brightening materials are used, which are the Protect and strengthen teeth.

The dentist also checks the teeth for any damage before bleaching to eliminate any risk. And he oversees the whitening of your teeth with his team. So you can be sure that the whitening of your teeth is in good hands.

If you want to have whiter teeth in just a few days: Arrange your personal consultation and let us show you which whitening results are possible. We are happy to help!

What if there are still dark spots on the teeth despite cleaning and whitening? These are mostly old plastic fillings that have darkened over the years. Read on the next page how old fillings can be aesthetically perfectly exchanged with modern and tooth-colored composites.

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